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Mondays in Paris

So I just have to write about Paris one last time, at least as part of my expat life! Just to make it even more clear how upset I am about not being able to hop on the train for a daytrip there anymore (I know, spoiled expat wife and all that, but still). 292 more words


Singapore issues request to repatriate StanChart bank robbery suspect

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

SINGAPORE – The Singapore authorities have written to the Thai government for its assistance in repatriating Canadian bank robbery suspect David James Roach to Singapore. 316 more words

Current Affairs

Contradictory elements

“A state characterized by contradictory elements”. This (part) definition of schizophrenia could just as well have been about repatriation. I might have fooled myself into believing I had prepared myself so well for such a long time that I’ve dealt with every emotion gradually and that leaving would actually be quite smooth sailing. 117 more words


Freaking nostalgia

Being nostalgic to the point of the ridiculous might just happen to get somewhat in the way when you’re leaving a country after 11 years. But hey – you decided to move away, you deal with the freaking nostalgia! 345 more words


13 steps to packing

OK, so it’s sorting & packing time. Every bit as much fun as the last time. These are my 13 steps: 356 more words


Should I Stay or Should I Go? (how it all began)

This was written on another blog, back in the day when thoughts were tumbling and decisions postponed:

I am quite an experienced Luxy expat by now, but I still ask myself –frequently – the question that is almost as famous as «to be or not to be»: … 401 more words



Which format to choose when you move home?

A4. The standard format. The safe format. The expected format. The approved format. The one we print every day yet try to print less of – to be eco friendly, not to avoid A4 – and the one we copy the most. 405 more words