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Paid In Full By Punching Debt in the Face

Don’t let the debt hang around. Pay up! When I check my student loans on Great Lakes, I love seeing how many balances are “paid in full.” It’s validity for all my hard work. 168 more words



I once read this Buddhist perspective of how we are linked to the people we meet in our lives based on how we interacted in our past lives. 181 more words


Second Mortgage vs Home Equity - Facts You Should Know!

IntroductionIt’s amazing how many people get confused between a second mortgage and a home equity loan. For all intents and purposes they are one and the same.The amount that can be borrowed on a second mortgage is based on the difference between your home’s current value and the outstanding principal balance on your first mortgage – this is known as your ‘equity’ – starting to sound familiar? 699 more words

Time to Use Savings

The first step I plan to take to tackle the $100k loan beast is knocking a solid $5k off through personal savings.  While that $100k is tacking on $18.67 in interest per day, my $5k in the bank is earning a measly $0.01 thanks to the 0.1% “high yield” interest.  26 more words

Student Loans

The $100k Challenge

School:  $100,193.84

January 23rd.  That was the last day I ever would set foot in a classroom.  It’s also the first day that it hit me:  graduate school had put me in a financial hole, and now it is time to climb out. 318 more words

Student Loans

Student loan repayment will become a hot employee benefit

Students loans had become a national problem in recent years. According to the Federal Bank of Cleveland, there were approximately total $1.2 trillion of outstanding student debts in the end of 2015, and student loans interests are not low. 159 more words


QT Vascular issues shares to bondholders in lieu of cash repayment

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

QT Vascular entered into a bond payment and share issuance deed for the first tranche of the US$13.14 million 8 per cent convertible bonds due 2017/2018. 203 more words

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