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Term “Debt” – Meaning of

The term ”liability” has been defined as obligation, debt, etc. In First National Bank v. Sant Lal, AIR 1959 Punj 328, it is said that the term ‘liability’ is of large and comprehensive significance and when construed in its usual and ordinary sense, it expresses a state of being under obligation in law or in justice. 284 more words

Paying off Debt: Avalanche vs Snowball

Last week I shared my journey paying off credit card debt, prior to the days of my personal finance wisdom :). Luckily I’d always had this discomfort with debt (particularly bad debt), which served as motivation to clear the balance and keep any debt to a minimum going forwards. 754 more words

Financial Goals

Uruguay wins case against tobacco giant

An international arbitrator has ordered tobacco company Philip Morris to pay Uruguay $7 million in damages and court costs after losing a lawsuit that challenged government anti-smoking policies…

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Need a study loan? Read on

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Next to our home, forking out for our children’s tertiary education is probably the biggest financial hit we will take, particularly if they study overseas, so it’s vital that you do your homework. 2,540 more words

Money Matters

Student Loans

As I talk to other investors, the one thing that I realize is the heavy weight of student loans.  I have talked to people who have anywhere from 120k to 180k worth of student loans.   284 more words



God doesn’t want you to go back to what you once had but He wants you to be repaid seven times (Proverb 6:31). The scheme of the devil is to get you to wish you just had what was taken from you but God has aloud him to do certain things so that he (devil) has to repay you seven times. 250 more words


Getting a Loan

Getting a loan for real estate investing can be difficult.  Lenders are very use to lending money for houses that you will occupying.  However, lenders can be very hesitant to lend money to someone who is brand new to the investing game.  215 more words