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atonement - August 22


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the day of debts


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Was it Worth It? Thoughts about private school and loans

There are many times that I look back on my college career as I am paying my bills each month. Was my 4 year private college education worth it? 722 more words

Discovering my Student Debt

In May of 2014 I graduated from college with a BA in graphic design. I was so excited to begin the next chapter of my life. 727 more words

Student Loan Counseling

Student Loan debt has surpassed our nations credit card debt and is second only to mortgage debt.

Changes have been made to help students understand the financial obligations they commit to by using financial aid and life after graduation dealing with repayment. 354 more words

5 Simple Tricks to Ease through Your Loan Repayment

Have you applied for a loan to buy your dream home? If yes, then read on to discover how you can repay your home loan easily. 154 more words

And So It Begins...

Hello, my name is M, and I have a lot of debt…

As of today, I have the following debt to pay off:

Banks reopen, first repayments start as Greece aims for return to normal


Greece reopened its banks and started the process of paying off billions of euros owed to international creditors on Monday in the first signs of a return to normal after a deal to agree a new package of bailout reforms. 817 more words

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