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The 5 best states to live in if you're paying off student debt

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Adjusting to life post-college can be tough — paying rent and bills, financing a social life, and earning an often meager salary is hard enough.  206 more words


Beta Hero Speaks His Mind

She stared deeply into his eyes

And, sultry, licked a cube of ice.

“However can I repay you?”

“Well, repayment would be nice?”


Mistakes of a Photographer - Ben Briones Studios

As a business owner without any formal education you tend to learn things the hard way. In my career as a professional photographer I have made many mistakes. 972 more words

Personal Story

Will Your Student Loans be a Burden?

Whether you’re an incoming freshman looking into financial aid or in the midst of senioritis ready to graduate from college, student loans have probably crossed your mind. 384 more words

Student Loan miniseries just in time for for your college plans: #MyCollegeCorner

Students and parents are already gearing up for college payment decisions, so we put together a student loan miniseries on our Youtube Channel to help get the knowledge out there. 31 more words


Making Restitution

I’ve marked all the times in the ESV in this passage that the Hebrew verb שָׁלֵם   is used. It is a verb that can mean many different things:  “to restore, to repay, to make restitution; to reward; to make a covenant of peace.” In this passage it means “to repay, to make restitution.” 454 more words


Returning Borrowed Stuff

A couple of days ago, while waiting in line to check out a couple of books from the library, I couldn’t help overhearing the patron in front of me getting chewed out.  791 more words