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5 things you should know about the HDB Housing Loan

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Buying your first flat is one of the key milestones in your life and a major financial commitment as well. Do take your time to assess the options available to you! 370 more words

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Student Loan Borrowers Face Needless Hurdles When Trying To Reduce Payments

It’s a fact of life: if you take out thousands of dollars in federal student loans to attend college, you have to pay them back. While the government offers borrowers some relief through free income-based relief, a new report shows that getting that assistance is often a test of patience for consumers, with servicers providing incorrect information or creating difficult hurdles.  718 more words

Latest from FSA: How Long Until Students Start Repaying Their Student Loans?

With the variety of loan options available through Federal Student Aid, student borrowers often have a hard time keeping details straight – particularly when repayment begins. 40 more words

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Beware of Sharks...

Read Habakkuk 2
Focus on verse 6-7

The sign was large and well lit. “Get a cash advance on your paycheck!” it proclaimed boldly! It was not a large building, but it was brightly colored and conveniently located. 403 more words

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This is the damage 3% student loan interest will do to you

The new student loan structure introduced in 2012 has more than 5x the interest that graduates must pay over the course of a Big 4 grad scheme. 628 more words

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Term “Debt” – Meaning of

The term ”liability” has been defined as obligation, debt, etc. In First National Bank v. Sant Lal, AIR 1959 Punj 328, it is said that the term ‘liability’ is of large and comprehensive significance and when construed in its usual and ordinary sense, it expresses a state of being under obligation in law or in justice. 284 more words

Paying off Debt: Avalanche vs Snowball

Last week I shared my journey paying off credit card debt, prior to the days of my personal finance wisdom :). Luckily I’d always had this discomfort with debt (particularly bad debt), which served as motivation to clear the balance and keep any debt to a minimum going forwards. 754 more words

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