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Another lesson learned

Try not to repeat yourself when you talk and especially do not repeat adjectives or adverbs.

This tendency in me has been attributed to the fact that I work with younger kids and I taught lower elementary grades and preschool. 33 more words

Be Careful

quoting me

Don’t quote me. But you took the words right out of my mouth.


Too much!

Every day (yup, even the crabby teething days!), Logan says or does something that makes me absolutely crack up. Most of the time, he has no idea what he has done or said, but my laughing totally reinforces it. 323 more words

Everyday Ramblings

First Sestina (Posted as Encouragement) - "Vacuum"

In this morning’s post, I explained the rules of writing a sestina, a fairly complicated 39-line poem, which involves six repeating “end words” in a rotating/interlocking stanza form.   531 more words


Repeatable words that repeat themselves again

This post could be a continuation of the redundancy in words one, with a new twist.

 I was in KFC the other evening for dinner.  (They don’t call it Kentucky FRIED Chicken anymore)  Actually, it was packed because Oprah was giving away pieces of their new grilled chicken. 246 more words

Words Can Be Funny