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flashbak friday in onner of ... mr spock!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay in kayse yoo hav not herd the sad nooz my old frend and gest star mr spock has passd away so in onner of his long and storeed kareer dada has grayshushly allowd me to reepost a kuple of his visits as a gest host to my blog chek it owt!!! 1,285 more words


Running : Hill Sprints

A great quote I often see on online blogs/articles about running is: Hills hurt, couches kill… Hills really do hurt but I definitely attribute my 10 minute improvement in my 10k race time (over 18 months) to them. 256 more words

Interval Night Wednesday February 11

Short and sweet intervals.

  • 800m warmup
  • 14x150m, jog the 50m in between
  • 2x100m all out
  • Agility/relays (box drills, ladder drills, jumping)
  • Strength (legs focus, some arms and abs/back)
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Interval Nights

Experimental Poetry Form: Stanzas, syllables and repeats

This experimental poetry form has three stanzas.  The form is based on three variables: the number of lines in each stanza, the number of syllables in each line and repeats. 483 more words


A Few of My Favorite Things - Interval Running Workouts

“Anyone who says a minute goes by fast has never been on a treadmill”

By this time of year, I think we can all agree spring can’t come soon enough. 550 more words

All About Running

Skrillex "Doompy Poomp"

Like something out of a warped Groundhog Day, the hero fails again and again and again as every day repeats itself. The Skrillex track builds as the antics become more and more ridiculous and hilarious while a strange Asian man looks on. Directed by Fleur and Manu.

Is there a discourse writing community?

Right at the beginning of “The idea of community in the study or writing” Harris makes a point of that during his time at the university, he was part of many discourse communities but was never a full member of one. 538 more words