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Sanders repeats call for ‘more balanced’ US position on Israel

In a Sunday interview with CNN’s “State of the Union” talk show, Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders said he was determined to take a “more balanced position” on Israel than other American politicians, rejecting the notion that he is more critical of Israel. 565 more words

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Run Faster 101

I have just started really trying to implement speedwork into my weekly running.  I guess I use the term ‘speedwork’ loosely.  I really just mean running at a harder pace than normal. 964 more words


Stop of the Pops

I love Top of The Pops (BBC Four). I realised how very much I loved it when, a year after Jimmy Savile’s death, the nauseating truth began to unfold and any editions of the nation’s favourite chart show presented by the grim reaper were understandably taken out of circulation. 968 more words

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Detecting and Masking Repeats

The daligner was specifically designed to find local alignments (LAs) between reads as opposed to overlaps where in each end of the alignment reaches an end of one or the other read.  1,909 more words

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larks [TDC740]

Early morning 9 mile trot. By personality I am a night owl so runs first thing aren’t great, however I’m reading Marathon Running by Richard Nerurkar at the moment and the thing that struck me was the talk of his 6am runs with the Kenyans, and how therefore in comparison if you set your mind to it, running early morning could make you feel like an elite even if your times / distances / paces are much more modest. 41 more words


Hill Repeats

Let me start by saying Monday was a rest day. I did walk a mile and a half but still, it was a rest day. Tuesday afternoon I mit up with my running buddy for our daily workout. 147 more words


12 x 400m

Three weeks and three interval sessions!  I think this is a first for me.  I just need to keep it up.  I also want to make sure I post each of my interval/speedwork sessions on here.   168 more words