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Looking back at my life I feel really frustrated, angry, sad and confused thinking if I would be given a chance to change some events of my life then I don’t know which one to change first to make my now better. 693 more words


Minor sins

Do not disdain a minor sin as trifling / indeed, mountains are made of pebbles!

Minor sins are acts which are displeasing to Allah, but for which no specific punishment or severe warning has been issued. 196 more words


In the dust of the Rabbi- Day 32

Title: The Messiah’s authority to preach

Scriptures to Read: Read John 4:43-45; Mark 1:14-15; Matthew 4:17; Luke 4:14-15


Jesus acceptance in Galilee (John 4:43-45) 407 more words


Refining Us into His Image

Satan didn’t want me to release this post and tried to work against me publishing it so trust me, it needs to be said.  Please carefully read the following post! 1,458 more words


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Originally this post was Refining us into his image.  This is a testimony I shared a year ago but want to reshare it so in hopes it might help someone. First of all I wanted to share that as a Christian I fell from God's grace and I fell hard. I attended a Bible believing church for many years, taught Sunday school, read my Bible, studied my Bible and thought I was just where I needed to be. Oh boy, that is where I got into such a terrible mess. I thought I couldn’t fall. I thought only someone that isn’t a real Christian could fall. Thats when I seen how far I could fall. I was at a breaking point in my life where I couldn’t seen a clear way out. I felt abandoned by God; the reason was because Satan had taken such a strong hold of me that I couldn’t see clearly. I knew I was in trouble but didn’t know how I got there. Now I do. I wanted to get as close to God as possible but Satan attacked me on every side.  Don't ever ever think you are above falling.  Satan has been around a long time and he knows where he can creep in and confuse you.  Pray and keep praying that God would protect you and your family, and that he would keep you on the strait and narrow way.  Pray that he keeps your mind safely under his protection. Times are changing and more and more people seem to be turning from their beliefs and accepting things that are not Godly.  We really need to pray for our nation to turn back toward God.

Justice and Humanity's Innate Locus Imperium

Beniamin Pascut | Ph.D.

If you had a magical ring that would make you invisible, would you resist its use for personal gain? Would you not sneak in your professor’s office to change your grades or take a peek at the next exam assignment? 2,334 more words

Justice And Freedom

Nehemiah 8-9 We are slaves this day, in the land that you gave to our fathers, we are slaves

From Nehemiah 8-9

The people spend many days confessing their sin and worshipping the LORD. Today’s passage is a reminder of Israel’s sin, the mercy of the and his faithfulness to his promises. 2,004 more words

01 Old Testament

Discipled to Christ in a Post-Christian World

According to missional leader Mike Breen, a disciple is someone who is learning to have the character and the competency of Jesus. It’s about faithfulness and fruit. 3,146 more words