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Why is the Bible So Hard to Read?

Let’s all be honest with one another: The Bible can be hard to read. We wake up some days and the last thing we do is read the Bible. 324 more words


Unsearchable Riches in New Jerusalem

The riches of God’s glory are for us from now unto New Jerusalem. The New Testament also presents other aspects of God’s riches, for today and for New Jerusalem. 303 more words

Characteristics Of New Jerusalem

Navel-Gazing vs Finding the Real Cause of it All!

“But whatever things were gain to me, those things I have counted as loss for the sake of Christ.” (Paul)Philippians 3:7

Grace takes natural gifts, and even spiritual privilege, spiritual pedigree and all zealous works and shifts them in total to the liability side of the balance sheet, from our perception of the asset column in which we had placed them. 372 more words

What God Taught Me Today

The Art of Repentance

You have to renew your mind if you find your self thinking the old ways. The old ways of thinking will lead you to astray and miss out what’s in the moment right before your face. 248 more words


Why Does God Seem Far Away?- Part 2

Why does God seem far away?  When I struggle with this feeling one question that I ask myself is, “Do I think God’s presence must be super sensational?”  Am I looking for a quiver in my liver? 1,410 more words


America the Battlefield

Recently there were protests in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was the second day of these protests. While they were often peaceful, there was at least one person who was critically injured. 1,038 more words


Intentional Intimacy

Intentional intimacy…doesn’t sound very romantic or spontaneous. In fact sounds kind of canned, but is it yet delightful? I think it is! In fact it’s good news! 873 more words