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Quote of the Day | 2 March 2015

“To repent of sin is as great a work of grace as not to sin.”

Thomas Brooks



Regret or Repentance

What do you see when you look in the mirror?  I don’t mean the reflection staring back at you.  I mean what kind of person do you see?  323 more words


Scolding Unto Repentance

Above:  Paul Writing His Epistles, by Valentin de Boulogne

Image in the Public Domain


The Collect:

 Loving God, by tender words and covenant promise… 448 more words

St. Paul The Apostle

Good Morning March 2

Our greatest blessing is the forgiveness Christ has purchased for us at the cross. In His shed blood we have forgiveness and new life. Because of what He did we know that anytime we sin we can turn in repentance and receive forgiveness. 169 more words

Good Morning

O Merciful Creator, Hear

O Merciful Creator, hear;
To us in pity bow Thine ear:
Accept the tearful prayer we raise
In this our fast of forty days.

Each heart is manifest to Thee; 92 more words


Mixed Blood and Good News

I read too much news, most of it bad news. News works you like a drug addiction—you crave even the bad stuff. It’s chemical, but also spiritual. 815 more words



Mondays are great do over days.  We’ve been refreshed through worship and praise.  We have a new week ahead of us – new challenges to face – dreams to fulfill.  277 more words