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As humans, sexuality is a significant element of our make-up. Unfortunately, it has done more harm than good to humanity and the society at large. Whenever I ponder on this subject, I am compelled to wonder if SEX is a SIN. 322 more words



Hello Lovely Family. We are back to our usual #Mondayposts and we are back to serve you better. This is a long read, so we suggest that you settle in and read. 1,086 more words


Daily Psalm Blessing #51

Blessed art Thou o Lord my God, for Thy loving-kindness and compassion towards me, a great sinner. Blessed art Thou, Who lookest for truth deep within, and purges me from my sin. 28 more words

The Effects of Gossip

A lady once went to talk with her minister about her troubled conscience. After some discussion, he said that her problem was gossip. She quite often maligned people behind their back, which is clearly prohibited in Scripture. 148 more words

Christian Living

Chapter 4. Repentance

Chapter 4.  Repentance

per — Capturing God’s Heart Volume #28

There is a time for celebration and rejoicing and for worshiping God, and then there is a time for mourning and grieving and laying bare our deeds before the Lord. 2,641 more words


Random Thoughts and Quotes

It is once again time for our weekly visit. After being home for a week, we are contemplating another camping adventure. I don’t suppose we’ll go any great distance from home, since any trip that takes much over an hour seems to turn into an unforgettable experience. 349 more words

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An Autobiography of Race

*This is one of the scariest things I’ve written, still not knowing if they are words of offense or healing. I’ve decided to risk mucking this up in favor of honestly embracing my failure and acknowledging my hope for personal change. 808 more words

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