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Favourite you tube videos featuring clarinet or alto sax not necessarily in this order. This is the short list.

  1. Walking the dog with Gershwin also known as promenade…
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Current Repertoire

Nocturne op. 48 no. 1 | Chopin

Fairy Tale op 20. no. 1 | Medtner

“Les Adieux” Sonata op. 81a 1st movement | Beethoven

Scherzo 3 | Chopin


How to Study-Practice: Study-Practice Session Guidelines

Every growing musician should be doing two things simultaneously:

  • Adding music they love to their REPERTOIRE by appropriate study.
  • Developing the MUSICIANSHIP and TECHNIQUE that supports the above.
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Music Lessons

Facing Fears

Thank you for my courage–the ability

to go forward with the scarier option–

and usually the most fun and


Playing it safe the same old way seems… 130 more words

Keep On Learning & Growing

I know firsthand how important it is as an artist and as a human being to continue to learn, grow, and never become complacent. I teach students of all ages and levels and I’m constantly encouraging them to seek out new repertoire, expand into different musical genres, and discover new meaning in each song. 255 more words


As a newbie busker  I started with tunes I knew well like Take Five,Just Friends Autumn Leaves,All of me  and Sweet Georgia Brown. They are easy and easy to do some improvisation around.I just found a spot and played what I knew without thinking it through.Then after my first few tries at busking I got in my back room checked out you tube and came up with some ideas. 359 more words


Beyond Your Comfort Level

In almost all cases, it is more rewarding, interesting and enriching to challenge yourself instead of maintaining some sort of familiar routine. At the same time, it’s common to feel safer and more comfortable when keeping familiar routines, avoiding new experiences, people and places. 836 more words