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7 May 2018

Multnomah March (A)
Chorus Jig (D/G)
Dedicat à Jos (bm/D)
Oyster Girls Jig (G)
Virginia Reel (D)
Lamplighter's (A)
Lady of the Lake (G)
Paddy on the RR, aka The Merry Blacksmith (D)
Spootiskerry (G)
The Gale (am)
Quail is a Pretty Bird (D)
Old French (D)
Little Burnt Potato (D)
Fair Jenny's (G)
As I Went Out Upon the Ice (am)
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Repertoire Op. 4

“A star can burn for billions of years, but it dies just once and quickly, and only a few dying stars explode. Most expire quietly, like a campfire at dawn.”

27 more words
Creative Writing

PTH 2 May 2018 - Debussy & 'Impressionist' style works

For this #pianoteachershour session we were looking at teaching Debussy’s work and, works from other composers in a similar style. As far as I understand it, Debussy didn’t consider himself an ‘impressionist’ or at least wasn’t keen on the term, but for ease of typing and reading we’ll use the term here! 252 more words


30 April 2018

Reel St. Antoine (A)
Gigue du Salon (A)
Little Billy Wilson (A)
Speed the Plow (A)
Repeal the Poll Tax (A)
Fleur de Mandragore (A)
Rainy Night in Montague (D modal)
Rose Tree (D)
Pressley Manor (D)
Porthole of the Kelp (D)
Quail is a Pretty Bird (D)
Walk Old Shoe (D)
Reel de Rémi
Pipe on the Hob (D)
L'aire Mignon (A)
Da Auld Restin Chair (D?)
The Old Rocking Chair (A)
Union Street Session (D)
Ora Lee (G)
Telephone Tune (A/D)
Cold Frosty Morning (am)
The Crested Hen
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An Autumn Sonata - the finale

The final instalment in a series of essays exploring my personal independent study of Schubert’s penultimate piano sonata. This essay first appeared in The Schubertian (April 2018) 1,306 more words


23 April 2018

Rose Tree (D)
Over the Waterfall (D)
Hollow Poplar (G)
The West End (D)
Silver Bells (D)
Silver & Gold Two-Step (D?  I don't remember for sure.)
Tobin's Favorite (D)
Pressley Manor (D)
Quail is a Pretty Bird (D, sort of)
Cliffs of Moher (am)
Home with the Girls in the Morning (dm)
Trip to the Cottage
Blue Mule (G)
Bill Cheatham (A)
La Bastringue (D)
Lucky Trapper (D)
Sheehan's (G)
Swallowtail Jig (em)
Kitchen Jig (gm, sort of)
Round the Horn (G)
. . . more, unwritten