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Complementary Competencies

Image from www.flickr.com by yohann.aberkane

It is tenable to argue that in the new digitally-saturated, media-rich world that we are immersed in, the savvy use of technology is an important life skill.  458 more words


Four Considerations for Music Majors Transferring from Community Colleges

One peculiar aspect of teaching music at a university in Mississippi is that a large number of our students transfer here after spending one or two years (or more) at a community college. 1,711 more words


Conflict, Character, Perseverance, Hope

This Thursday began as so many have, with an early morning trip to the SHH choir classroom featured in the post Voices, Sunny Side Up… 791 more words


I am (perturbed)

Have you ever been in a situation where your parents or a teacher told you, ‘When you experience this later in life you’ll understand?’  Well, I am definitely got a taste of my own medicine today. 576 more words


A Higgledy Piggledy Christmas!

Music by Elena Cobb. Illustrations by Nathalie Chabelnik Wood.

December 2015 marked the end of my first year running Poco Piano Studio. During the busy month I found myself overwhelmed by the amount of gifts I was recieving from students! 355 more words

Music Teaching


Classical music has been one of my constant companions since childhood. Piano lessons initially mandated by my parents (but ultimately demanded by me) cemented a love for the timeless sonatas and symphonies of the master composers.  535 more words