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The Children Are Beginning to Add Letters As Another Language in Their Repertoire

In this photo you can see one child studying an alphabet strip and transferring letters to a piece of paper on a clipboard.  The children are beginning to add letters as another language in their repertoire used to tell their stories.   59 more words

ABRSM "Piano Mix"

The latest series of new piano music books from ABRSM promises “great arrangements for easy piano”. Does it deliver? 1,248 more words

Piano Lessons

Building a Repertoire

Consistent flexibility is a unique trait of great teams. The ability to adjust when necessary is an advantage over teams that are limited to a narrow scope of skills and methods. 85 more words


The Old Man at the Music Store was Right!

Although this habit seemed mundane to me at the time, one of the greatest boons to my musical development as a teenager was driving to the nearby music stores and looking through the available sheet music. 954 more words

Teaching Low Brass

Music Making

Music Making

Beyond the Page

Always strive for the music that’s not seen.


Are they having fun?


The feet should be ready to run. 27 more words

Teaching Music Ensembles

playing music - improvisations and re-creations

Musical improvisation has been an essential part of me since early childhood, although it has become vastly more sophisticated (I daresay), since I “went professional” in my 20’s, through decades now of intentional nurturing. 65 more words