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debussy and exoticism - pagodes: an impressionistic fusion

the above is the title of the paper i wrote first semester this year, in a music “history” course (not quite all history, it’s hard to explain) about debussy’s… 935 more words


A Repertoire of Moments

It is interesting to think about the thing that we accumulate the most of in our lives, but is also the thing we can forget the quickest. 630 more words

Events between a place and candy: Two reviews of spring in New York

“Event,” Robert Swinston and Compagnie CNDC Angers

It begins with a ripple of silk. Thirty or so panels in white, brown, pink yellow and red tossed out into the air as if an unseen dancer had suddenly run behind. 1,013 more words


Cranky luvs Jabbo

Many, many years before the origin of The Clown School Dropouts and the creation of Cranky. Ur-Cranky or Proto-Cranky, lets call him, discovered the early jazz trumpeter Jabbo Smith. 493 more words


How to improvise classical music on the flute

Improvisation used to be a big part of any classical performer’s job: cadenzas in concertos were improvised; ornamentation was improvised and often became much more, almost a variation; performers preceded the pieces they were playing with preludes which at times were almost as long as the pieces themselves; at other times they improvised variations on given themes to the delight of audiences or had improvisatory duels with other musicians. 573 more words

Add another string to your bow! 26 March 2015

Are you a band conductor standing in front of an orchestra or perhaps an early career string player and ensemble director?

If so, then this workshop on String Pedagogy is for you!   295 more words

Professional Development

Mother Sauces

There’s something about the perfect sauce that simply makes a dish and while they seem intimidating and hard to make, I’m here to show you how the basics that everyone should have in their repertoire.   1,928 more words