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DR Strategies for Hyperconverged Architectures

Hyperconverged infrastructure products promise to bring the best of virtualization to an easy-to-manage platform. The question is do they help solve one of the greatest challenges modern IT environment have: DR? 343 more words


Serving Mother Earth through recognition and appreciation

When you look at the branches of a tree, do you also see a river and its tributaries, or the foraging paths of insects or beavers, or the arteries and veins of your body, or the nerves branching, or the neural pathways of thought and emotional processes? 296 more words

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Oversubscription Perils

How to kill an all flash VMAX in 1 easy step….

Oversubscribe by 4:1.

Watch your system cache evaporate……

And RDF fail…


Bringing Copy Data Management to Pure Storage

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The goal of a copy data management (CDM) solution is to limit the number of secondary copies of data by combining advanced snapshots and replication with orchestration to automate how secondary copies of data are presented to the applications needing them. 441 more words


How to setup a shard in MongoDB version 3.2 - part1 - Setup

Sharding and Replication are two very important features of mongodb which allows it a very good HA and scalability. In this blog we will explore the setup of a shared  cluster with 2 shards and replication factor on 3 on a local machine . 695 more words


Efficient Replication using Multicast Protocols

By Oscar Wahlberg, Director of Product Management

Replication as Data Protection

The use of replication as a data protection method is not new. Historically, it was relegated to disaster recovery for tier-1 applications and did not have a role in day-to-day backups. 504 more words

Software-defined Storage