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BYINGTON & FELPS: On Resolving the Social Dilemmas that Lead to Non-Credible Science

In our forthcoming article “Solutions to the credibility crisis in Management science” (full text available here), we suggest that “social dilemmas” in the production of Management science put scholars and journal gatekeepers in a difficult position – pitting self-interest… 1,363 more words

SSH/SCP connection error: Lost connection - Double Take Availability for VMWare Infrastructure

Jadi kan skenario nya di tempat ane kerja sekarang ada 2 buah ESX yang saling replikasi menggunakan DTAVI , sebut aja ESX01 to ESX02

Nah karena kemarin ada insiden mati listrik tiba – tiba dan UPS juga keburu  381 more words


Changing replication job names

After configuring replication,bunch of jobs are created under SQL server agent. The job names can some times be vague and you may have to check the Tsql step code or job category to determine what type of job it is. 220 more words


Open Software Defined Storage takes an Object Storage Step

Red Hat Ceph Storage 2 Briefing Note

Software Defined Storage (SDS) continues to attract the attention of IT professionals, but broad adoption is not meeting the expectations IT professionals. 624 more words


Everything is F**KED: The Syllabus

Come on, admit it.  This is the course you really want to teach.  Professor Sanjay Srivastava’s PSY607’s weekly topics include:
–Significance testing is f**ked
— Causal inference from experiments is f**ked… 54 more words

Veritasium on the Reproducibility Crisis

It’s a great summary, going into much more depth than most. I really like how Muller brought out a concrete example of publication bias, and found an example of p-hacking in a branch of science that’s usually resistant to it, physics. 271 more words


Advanced Data Protection for MongoDB, Cassandra and Hadoop

Datos IO Briefing Note

Customers with massive petabytes sized cloud databases are exactly who Datos IO is looking for. Companies creating giant product catalogs that thousands of people a day are simultaneously accessing and updating find that they cannot meet their needs with typical SQL databases. 452 more words