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Scientific Bean Counting

It’s easy to focus on the big flaws in science, like p-values, and forget about the little ones. Scientists are people, after all, but because of the technical nature of their analysis it’s easier for them to flub up. 656 more words


BOB REED: On Andrew Gelman, Retractions, and the Supply and Demand for Data Transparency

In a recent interview on Retraction Watch, Andrew Gelman reveals that what keeps him up at night isn’t scientific fraud, it’s “the sheer number of unreliable studies — uncorrected, unretracted — that have littered the literature.”  He then goes on to argue that retractions cannot be the answer.  719 more words

Legislative Power and the Representation of Ethnic Groups

In their 2014 article, Leslie Schwindt-Bayer and Peverill Squire show that the political power of legislatures can affect gender representativeness of legislatures. In the article they discuss likely mechanisms and suggests that the same result applies to ethnic groups. 174 more words

Didier Ruedin

How competition between APS and APA for prestige fueled the crisis of reproducibility in psychology

This blog post is truly a quick thought that needs refinement. I invite comments and criticisms, and particularly suggestions for more links and details to what I believe is an important message. 1,106 more words


We break things by growing 

As we get further along in life, the stuff that used to work for us gets broken. Sometimes it is a messy break. This message is to remind you that it is OK, natural, to be expected, and a sign of your growth!


John Oliver and Last Week Tonight on Replications and Scientific Reliability

How does one know when replication has hit the big time?  When JOHN OLIVER and LAST WEEK TONIGHT do an entire episode on it.  For readers of… 18 more words

PostgreSQL Replication II

Some findings around replication following an earlier blog post.

I have a simple streaming replication setup with 1 primary and 1 standby DB server. My reference DB is about 42GB in size. 181 more words