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Why Do Point Products Break Backup

One of the most alarming trends in data protection is the number of different solutions data centers are deploying and managing so they can keep up with the organization’s recovery expectations and budget realities. 638 more words


MySQL HA options

Having been assigned a job for making MySQL Highly Available i’ve taken to writing down some of the solutions I looked at, not only to remind myself of each solution and its pro’s and con’s but also to rationalize our decision. 64 more words


MySQL Replication Setup guide (Windows)

Below is my documentation for setting up MySQL Replication. This is a simple Master-Slave setup that was tested and briefly deployed into Production. We found issues with the failback which stopped us going any further with the deployment. 235 more words


Weekly Response 4/15/18

This week in biology we learned all about DNA transcription and Replication occurs.  We did a couple packets to clarify what the processes were and we also took a lot of notes to better understand . 277 more words

Building Replicated Distributed Systems with Kafka

Just a few days I was having this conversation with one of my colleagues. The conversation went as follows:

Me: Why we are going ahead with Design Y and not Design X even though the later design could improve the performance by a whole lot. 2,069 more words


Week 12 Reflection

This week in AP Bio we learned about the central Dogma as well as Gene expression in prokaryotes. In biology the central dogma is essentially how DNA turns into proteins. 934 more words


Enterprises, You Want Object Storage But Not For Objects

The industry has been espousing the merits of object storage for years now and cloud providers have been quick to adopt the technology. The enterprise, on the other hand, is more cautious, partly because the object storage alternative, Network Attached Storage (NAS) serves the enterprise well. 1,530 more words