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SlideShare: Is Your Storage Ready for Disaster?

The recovery expectations of users and organizations is changing and their tolerance for downtime is lower than ever. IT professionals can no longer rely on the traditional backup and recovery process to meet these new requirements. 98 more words


Why you Should Back Up Hyper-V to the Cloud

If data in your Hyper-V system is worth backing up, it’s worth copying and storing off-site. Too many things can go wrong to a data center that can damage both the servers and backups – if those backups are stored in the same location. 680 more words


The parable of the NBA replicators

The normal players in the NBA could see the michael jordans and kobe bryants had once made 80 points in a single NBA game (20 years ago), and wanted to replicate such results for themselves. 342 more words


The Importance of Protecting Cloud Hosted Applications

Anyone who thinks you don’t need to back up cloud applications such as salesforce, Office 365 and Google Apps clearly has some thinking to do. There is no such thing as the cloud. 773 more words


The format of the schedule attribute of the following object is unrecognizable

Knowledge Consistency Checker logs “The format of the schedule attribute of the following object is unrecognizable. ” error in Directory Service log on a Domain Controller. 198 more words

Active Directory

Is it Time to Reboot Primary Storage?

Primary storage has remained the same for quite some time. It comes in two primary forms: block or file, also known as SAN or NAS. Yes, each of these two forms can be filled with a mix of ingredients, including SATA drives, SAS drives, and flash drives. 1,530 more words


A Thousand Reps

Amy Ireland and Linda Dement, ‘A Thousand Reps’, 2016


The unacknowledged status of reproductive labour has traditionally been connected to socialist-feminist responses to capitalism, identified as a site from which protest against the system as a whole can be activated, without necessarily questioning the logic of reproductive labour itself—as a form that reinforces a single, heteronormative mode of creativity.

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