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Amazing Replication Statistics

I think there is something “wrong” with this screen. Can’t really put my finger on it, just that it seems to be “off” by a bit. 8 more words


Azure Site Recovery Now Supports Hyper-V Generation 2 VM's

For those of you that have used or are using Azure Site Recovery, your probably aware that the service only supported replication of Gen 1 VM’s. 103 more words


The JP Morgan SCTO strategy

This strategy goes over JP Morgan’s SCTO strategy, a basic XL-sector/RWR rotation strategy with the typical associated risks and returns with a momentum equity strategy. It’s nothing spectacular, but if a large bank markets it, it’s worth looking at. 852 more words


Automatically Disable Query Acceleration when a Replicated Table is "Suspended"

When using the incremental update (replication) feature, there are several situations when a table may go into “Suspended”¬†state, meaning it is no longer replicated. Such a state is indicated by a red cross and the word “Suspended” in the “Replication Since” column of the accelerated tables view in Accelerator¬†Studio. 289 more words

How to add article to replication with out reinitializing snapshot


exec sp_changepublication
@publication = ‘replication_publisher’,
@property = ‘allow_anonymous’, @value = ‘False’

exec sp_changepublication
@publication = ‘replication_publisher’,
@property = ‘immediate_sync’, @value = ‘False’

By default when we create replication,the above highlighted properties will be true which means generate entire snapshot whenever snapshot agent runs.so change them to false.PFB link for more details… 143 more words


Replication myths

Myth 1:For Replication to work ,publisher should be in full recovery model


replication is not recovery model dependant,Tlog generated cant be truncated until the transactions are delivered to distributor,thats it… 66 more words




This stored proc is internally used by log reader agent to mark transactions as committed in publisher database.We can manually mark transaction as replicated using this sp. 123 more words