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Office 365 Hybrid Mailbox Move stuck in 'Removing' state

This is an issue I’ve come across more than once now. An attempted mailbox move from Exchange 2010/2013 to Office 365 has failed and you want to remove the migration batch and try again.  409 more words

Office 365

mysql - GTID replication

GTID replication is new in mysql 5.6 and adds an unique ID to every transaction on the database. That transaction ID is then used to ensure the transaction is applied on the slave. 549 more words


Focusing on what works, not just on what’s new

In this blog, Tim Hobbs and Cassandra Ohlson of the Social Research Unit, look at how organisations can successfully replicate the services that work for them. 391 more words

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Corrections and Refinements to the Database of Political Institutions’ yrcurnt Election Timing Variable

The yrcurnt variable in the Database of Political Institutions (Beck et al. 2001, updated in 2013)1–DPI–is a regularly used measure of government election timing. 1,072 more words


Designing Primary Storage to Ease the Backup Burden

When IT planners map out their primary storage architectures they typically focus on how well the system will perform, how far it will scale and how reliable it will be. 1,509 more words


In Defense of Paranormal Debunking – Part IV: Psychic Powers

So far, we have seen how paranormalist Winston Wu misunderstands core skeptic principles such as extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, parsimony, burden of evidence, the perils and pitfalls of anecdotal evidence, and the fallibility of human memory. 2,311 more words