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How does Data Loss Happen and How it can be Stopped?

A recent blog by B&L Associates brought to light the problem of data loss. The entry cites surveys from Kroll Ontrack and EMC, which indicated that organizations see data loss as their single most significant risk and that the cost of losing data is almost two trillion dollars worldwide. 925 more words


Failed replication or flawed reasoning?

A few months ago a study from EJ Wagenmakers’ lab (Boekel et al. in Cortex) failed to replicate 17 structural brain-behaviour correlations reported in the published literature. 4,485 more words

Improving Science

Crowdsourcing Data to Improve Macro-Comparative Research

by Nate Breznau, University of Bremen

Early in my studies a supervisor recommended that I replicate a key publication in my research area on the relationship of public opinion and social welfare policy. 564 more words

Research Methods And Processes

VMware vCenter SRM: Concepts, Architecture

Disaster Recovery at Half the Cost

Lower the cost disaster recovery by up to 50 percent by reducing the DR footprint through hyper-converged infrastructure that runs on any x86 platform, simplifying protection through VM-centric policy-based replication and decreasing operational expenses through DR automation… 149 more words


Object Tombstone Found Cause Event ID 8614 & 2042

In this post, there were problems appeared last few months, where the AD replication issue and cause tombstone.

In my example, there are two domain controllers which are NOM-DC1.netoverme.info and NOM-DC2.netoverme.info and one child domain (north.netoverme.info) which is nom-ndc1.north.netoverme.info. 321 more words

Active Directory

Improvements to vCloud Air Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

When DRaaS was launched by VMware the backend of last year, everyone was pretty excited about the ability to ‘get rid’ off their secondary/DR site and offload it all into the cloud – A subscription based DR solution which would allow customers to decrease their Capex and offset it with an Opex model. 619 more words


Configuration Manager Replication queue backlog clearing

I recently experienced an issue with a very large number of ConfigMgr 2007 package updates (400) to a large number of sites (1700). It turns out there was already a distribution job that was “stuck” in the queue and when the large update went out it resulted in a massive backlog. 899 more words