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World’s most life-like robot also the world’s most fugliest…

Scientists at Osaka University’s robotics department in Japan recently unveiled what they claim is the world’s most lifelike robot. With flexible silicone skin and 50 sensors and motors inside, Repliee R-1 can move more like a human than any robot has done before. 85 more words

Random Silliness

Talk About Uncanny Valley

Two seasons in and “30 Rock” has had more than its share of quotes and one-liners.  One of my favorites came in the form of Judah Friedlander’s Frank explaining “The Uncanny Valley” to Tracy Morgan’s Tracy Jordan in “Star Wars.”  Basically, the theory states that as an artificial lifeform approaches a more lifelike appearance, the creepier it will get. 75 more words


Kirameki Project - Robot Girls (Vol. 1)

On the Mediterranean Sea there lies the beautiful kingdom of Genes. It is ruled by three lovely mostly innocent princesses and the power of technology. The surrounding kingdoms all fall one by one to a mysterious Giant Robot (TM). 154 more words

Creepy Japanese Android

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Named as the Repliee R-1 robot, this robot is described to have “50 sensors, and a number of motors to allow her to move more like a human than previous robots.”   The robot was engineered at the University of Osaka, Japan and is modeled to look like a five-year-old Japanese child. 67 more words

Random Musings

Robot Girl, Scary More Ways Than One

One of the world’s newest and most sophisticated inventions was unveiled this week at Ceatec, a cutting edge IT and electronics exhibition in Japan.  Developed at Osaka University, the Repliee R-1 is being called the most realistic robot ever created. 287 more words


and now for something completely different

C’mon, really?” I asked the Id when it prompted me to write another weighty treatise on political injustice, “But haven’t we all had enough of that already?”

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