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'Great curve there professor dipsh*t': Logical minds confounded by Mark Halperin's GOP 'report cards'

Covering the full slate of GOP presidential hopefuls as they appeared one after the other at the “first in the nation” Republican Leadership Summit in New Hampshire this week was no easy task, but Mark Halperin, covering the speeches for Bloomberg Politics, had a novel approach: grade each candidate on a report card divided into letter grades for Style, Substance, and Overall. 1,044 more words


Don't be mad, but....

So midterms came out yesterday. It’s the halfway point of the semester, and the first report card that we send home with marks involved. It’s an early indicator of where you are, with plenty time to bring up a bad mark (or still bomb!) but it’s a good start, and usually the marks that colleges and universities look at for acceptances. 682 more words


Play BIG: What Showed Up On My Recent (51st) Birthday?

Who/what really matters to you?  Who/what is the true focus of how you show up and travel in life? Who/what is the focus of your existence?   915 more words


Train 'Em Up!

Insert a huge sigh right here…

It’s a content sigh that happened yesterday as we were leaving the mall.

This picture represents a successful shopping day for the cubs with no tears, no attitudes, and no whining! 629 more words


Proofing Report Cards

At my school, we write report cards quarterly. Each student gets a unique paragraph from each teacher. Of course, such lengthy writing needs to be edited, and so we have “buddies” who read through our work. 196 more words

What I Want to Write In the "Comments to Parents" Section of This Kid's Report Card

“Dad, keep being Jewish. Mom, keep being Asian. You have created the perfect hilarious, hard-working child.”


Report Card Routines

Today I am spending my entire day report card writing. They are due tonight. Yes, I have procrastinated the shit out of this task, because it’s the WORST. 267 more words