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Please Stop...

I understand that television stations and reporters have the responsibility to report news to keep the public informed. I have no problem with that. I think that they should stop mentioning the suspect’s name. 72 more words


Recipe For A Journalist

By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric


1 pkg. thick skin

1 bag tenacity

3 c. integrity

2 c. resourcefulness

2 c. discipline

1 c. 294 more words


Politics in America 15: Podunkitis

The reporters descended on Weazel Sneeze in the fives. In the tens. In the fifteens. Geraldo Geraldo. That woman on Fox. The CNN guy. MSNBC’s liberal in residence. 607 more words

Politics In America

Define Reality: Psychic

I finally posted the first chapter of my novella on Wattpad! I wouldn’t say it’s the first draft but I don’t know if it’s perfect yet either, so let’s say it’s done for now. 243 more words


The Fallibility of Journalistic Memory, a Play in Three Acts

If you’re looking for a little fun reading on this long holiday weekend, I would like to point you to a series of posts Ann Althouse has put up over the past couple of days. 677 more words


Building a Resumé

(Chicago, Illinois) Natalie was offered a job as a business reporter by the Chicago Tribune in 1978 and took it.  But then they called back and said she couldn’t take it.   322 more words