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BuzzFeed duo tries McDonald's Singapore food and comes away impressed

(Source: sg.style.yahoo.com)

A duo representing American media brand BuzzFeed recently tried Singapore McDonald’s food and were very impressed by the Asian flair of the dishes. 285 more words

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Trump ignored advisers' warnings and congratulated Putin

(Source: sg.news.yahoo.com)

President Trump did not heed the warnings of his own national security advisers Tuesday when he called and congratulated Russian President Vladimir Putin on his reelection victory. 349 more words

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Stips or Stipulations

It was asked online recently, and I am paraphrasing, “In New York, why does every agency seem to have a different stips page? We should all be the same.” 452 more words

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Write On Stenonymous

One of my long-term goals for this blog is to have people contributing to it and helping grow the knowledge base as well as the variety of opinions. 150 more words

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Interpreted Testimony In The Third Person

At times we face the challenge of a deposition where an attorney is asking questions such as: “Ask him where his mother lives.” Other times, the interpreter is answering: “He says the traffic light was yellow.” These types of issues can be very challenging because it tempts us to put the questions or answers in colloquy. 208 more words

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Sessions Fires FBI Official McCabe Two Days Before He Was to Retire


ByChris Strohm

March 16, 2018, 10:11 PM EDT Updated on March 17, 2018, 12:21 AM EDT

  • Bureau veteran became a favorite target of Trump, Republicans…

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For The Entrepreneur

Some have asked about how to go out on your own and start a company or client base. It’s a common enough question and I have enough basic knowledge to tackle it, so I am going to tackle it. 974 more words