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What’s HOT this week in our Underground Knowledge global discussion group

For immediate release 23 August, 2017:  Hot topics being aired this week in our Underground Knowledge group on Goodreads include the (unbelievable) declassification of Operation Northwoods —  271 more words

Underground Knowledge

Maggie Haberman Has No Mouth And She Must Scream

Maggie Haberman oozes.

She has no choice; she is a gelatinous mass, a bubble of viscous cytoplasm with an anus, lacking sense organs, appendages, cilia.  Animated by some dark curse that also grants her cognition, so that as she lurches – obscene, rancid, staining her path with a sickly-sweet residue – she pontificates.   304 more words

Exploring The Tortured Psychology Of The Centrist Pundit

Trump’s Press Conference Leaves Reporters ‘Shaken,’ ‘Rattled’ | NewsWars

Trump’s Press Conference Leaves Reporters ‘Shaken,’ ‘Rattled’ for attributing blame to both “Alt-Right” AND “Alt-Left”.

Does Trump Think Both Sides Were Responsible for World War II ?


This is no long just an “adversarial relationship” between President Trump and the news media. Trump has mounted an all-out assault on anyone who disagrees with him, including when he is provably wrong and especially when he is lying. 206 more words


Eric Bolling Is Suing A Reporter For Detailing Alleged Sexual Harassment, And That Reporter's Lawyer Isn't Messing Around

Fox News host Eric Bolling is suing Huffington Post reporter Yashar Ali over an article covering sexual harassment allegations against Bolling that claim he sent unwanted photos… 442 more words

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Freedom of the Press...

Free movie online (a little choppy, wavy).

Almost a bygone era. One of the best films about the newspaper biz.

During these new Dark Ages, it is a great reminder of why a Free Press is important, scratch, essential, ABSOLUTELY essential.


The 411 on Q&A

Every day, business executives answer questions from reporters, public officials, and audiences of various types. However, years of observation tell me that few have given thought to what they can do to properly manage those responses. 1,016 more words

Communications Strategy