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Today’s Journalism

Listening to all the discussions resulting drom the Hannity – Cohen relationship disclosure. What is a journalist, and what responsibility do they have? An outcome of Watergate is that too many people expect every person reporting any tyoe of news to be Woodward & Berstein. 295 more words


Trey Gowdy - I like What This Man Had To say

This was on Twitter this morning and this was such a common sense response to the never-ending stupidity of reporters questions.

I for one am not in favor of war of any kind but do realize a strong military is essential to a countries security. 130 more words


Epic Reporter Fails - Compilation of epic reporters fail

This is one of the best compilations of Epic Reporter Fails on

the internet :

This video shows that even the TV reporters are also human and many bloopers take place on the TV screen as well. 52 more words

April 18th National Columnists Day

This is National Columnists Day. It’s all about those people who write columns in newspapers, magazines and other publications.

Believe it or not, sometimes it can be a dangerous job. 103 more words

Unboxing The Bizarre

Want More PR? Show Them You're an Expert!

Recently, I gave myself another try with what is probably the most effective PR service for business owners and Freelancers,  Help A Reporter Out . I originally signed up with HARO about five years ago, but quickly discontinued when I felt overwhelmed by the thrice-daily emails that arrived Monday – Friday to inform subscribers of 20 or so potential opportunities to be interviewed. 850 more words


Press, police & femme fatale


It has been a while since I have written about old-time radio’s portrayal of the relationship between newspaper reporters and police officers.

This 1944 Green Hornet episode goes beyond the series’ usual scenes of camaraderie between the cops and former policeman Mike Axford — who was part reporter and part bodyguard for Daily Sentinel publisher Britt Reid without being sharp enough to figure out that read was also the Green Hornet. 194 more words