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"Triple Standards": The Media Treatment Of The Clintons Never Improves

Let’s take a look at this Associated Press piece that is being prominently featured at the Fox News website. The headline writers certainly tried to make it appealing to those who are opposed to another Clinton presidency: … 835 more words

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For Jane Ryland, a reporter at the Boston Register, it started as a story about foreclosures. But as she waits outside the home of one of the properties, she soon learns that something more is afoot. 195 more words

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"Why The Media Can’t Tell The Truth About Donald Trump’s Lies": Fact-Checking Rains On The Parade Of Media Revenue Models

On Sunday afternoon, Donald Trump retweeted an objective lie. The lie claimed that 81 percent of murdered white people are killed by black people. In truth, 84 percent of murdered white people are murdered by other white people, almost the exact opposite the claim. 1,311 more words

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CNN Reporter Suspended

Elise Labott, the CNN reporter this post is titled for, got a two week suspension from her job the other day because of a tweet. In it she said, “House passes bill that could limit Syrian refugees. 613 more words

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Funny News Anchors And Reporters

Here’s a video compilation of news anchor bloopers and news reporting fails. Everybody loves funny and goofy moments of news anchors and reporters on live TV. 18 more words

Dez Bryant explodes on reporters, accuses writer of using racial slur

After Greg Hardy drew negative headlines this week for changing his Twitter bio to an ill-timed proclamation of innocence, he metaphorically went to the corner and swapped in Dez Bryant to become the Cowboys beacon of ignorance — a tag team of Dallas disgrace. 436 more words


A Cult of Happiness Part 46 (12th November 2035)

12th November 2035

After it became clear that the barrels Sophia left in Westminster Palace were not part of some terrorist plot but were instead part of an elaborate protest, people began clamoring to know what was in that barrels and why. 1,327 more words