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Politics in America 22: Big Al's Big Al Day

Big Al Fresco rose early that Election Day. He rose with a big grin on his face. It was the grin to beat all grins. When Al grinned, his grin was the grinningest. 532 more words

Politics In America

The Wretched State of News Reporting

by Leslie Jones

In bygone times, newspapers printed news stories based on triple-checked, verified facts. OpEd pieces were also based on proven, validated facts, though shaped by the well-thought-out opinions of subject matter experts. 860 more words

Leslie Jones

Channeling Voltaire - Report From Death

There are many who live in this world of ours who both embrace and fear Death. Some have even come and gone, returned, sojourners, and have testified to a life beyond life, a passage, filled with intense visual imagery, weaving their connections into an encouraging and gratifying mosaic of what comes. 21 more words


The News: We are what we Read

As a follow up to the last article about the news, Bob Hill commented that newspapers, television broadcasters and bloggers are first and foremost out to make money. 574 more words


Telling a Good Story

Storytelling has, to some degree, been something I’ve had to do a lot of thinking about on my own.  Its not an easy part of a photographer’s job but its an essential one.   451 more words


Reading Post 1

Eloquence in an Electronic Age touches on communication’s evolution over the centuries. There are many ingredients in communicating a message that will reach one’s audience depending on if the speaker wishes to simply inform, inspire or influence them. 420 more words

The View From the Bottom

The view from the bottom, also known as the trenches, is very interesting these days. Reporting by the media is very dismal. For those of us in the rank and file, we’re keeping an eye on what is happening and most of us are dismayed at what we are seeing. 378 more words