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April 24, 2017… Day #95

This last week before day 100 is dizzy. Day 100 is also potential government shutdown day to boot. It’s like this circus doesn’t realize I’m trying to hold down a job, maintain relationships, and get better at sleep hygiene. 2,380 more words


Hezbollah gives reporters grand tour of new Israeli defenses

An officer in the terror group Hezbollah gave a field tour to Lebanese journalists Thursday along the Lebanese border with Israel, detailing the Jewish state’s new defenses and claiming Israel had switched to a “defensive” doctrine for the first time in its history. 719 more words

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Since the start of 2017, many changes within the world have started to happen. Donald Trump becoming the new president of the United States came with many upset people across the globe. 693 more words



April 17… Day #88

Crawling toward Day 100. It used to seem like every day was 10 days. Now it’s down to about two days per day. 1,900 more words

What were Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway doing amidst the enemies of the American people?

Both Sean Spicer, White House press secretary, and Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president, had one-on-one conversations at mid-week at the Newseum event “The President and the Press, the First Amendment in the First 100 Days.” They shared the agenda, if not exactly the stage, with numerous folks their employer has categorized as the “enemies of the American people.” That included White House correspondents from a wide range of media, from the New York Times to Breitbart. 707 more words