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Missouri Bill Aimed at Block Censorship of Student Reporters

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) – A Missouri lawmaker is touting a bill he said will protect the state’s student journalists from censorship, written in part as a response to a recent confrontation between a University of Missouri assistant professor and a student videographer during protests on campus. 666 more words


Foreign Reporting is Another Bubble

Reading this made me realize just how bizarre the worldview of most foreign reporters is. It’s as if the major news organizations are staffed with churlish America-haters whose output is solely designed to remind someone they hate back home how smart and cultured they are. 137 more words

Guy says a vile, disgusting phrase on live TV, and this reporter tries to slug him into oblivion

Sports reporter Mike Zambelli of Bethlehem, Penn., wasn’t having any Jack Ruby spontaneity.

If some jackwagon wants to be a wiseacre and try to insert this infamous vile phrase in a live spot, be prepared to take one in the nose. 32 more words


Hot news reporter says she likes the bone as he eats a hot dog, and it doesn’t stop there

Um, she isn’t exactly Dan Rather combing through the jungles of Vietnam getting to the bottom of Lyndon Johnson’s war policy.

No, no. She seeking hot dog eaters because … she likes the bone. 11 more words


"It Ain’t Gonna Happen": No, There Won’t Be A Major Third-Party Candidacy In 2016 — From Bloomberg Or Anyone Else

Let’s face it: we in the media are suckers for any kind of political story that offers something unpredictable. And like clockwork, every four years someone suggests that there might be a viable third-party presidential candidacy in the offing, spurring legions of reporters and commentators to lick their lips in anticipation. 1,100 more words


Phillips Phunny: Reporter's Runny Nose

A reporter’s nose started running during her blizzard report.

Nashville’s Alexandra Koehn was out reporting on the blizzard the other day, when her nose started running. 58 more words