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The electoral dilemmas of third partiers and socialists

This is directed to a particularly type of person. Actually, two different types, but the two are closely related. The first type is the voter dissatisfied with the current electoral system, whether it be the choice in candidates, the rigidity of the two-party system, or the narrowness of those two parties. 942 more words


What Happened to Freedom of Religion?

I woke up to this story on the front page of my local paper today. A conference of the Muslim group Hizb ut-Tahrir was supposed to be held in Rolling Meadows this weekend. 210 more words

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The Left, Labor Rights and the Law

This brings about an ironic dilemma for activists on the left. An article from today’s Chicago Sun-Times reported that police officers who worked extra hours during the NATO summit have not received the overtime pay they deserve. 144 more words

Reporting And Commentary

The possibility of democratic learning

The epistemic quality of democratic decisions is undermined in capitalism by the blinding light of influence. Once that is stripped away, a communal discourse can occur that enhances knowledge, understanding, and law. 94 more words

Reporting And Commentary