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How to use custom thumbnails with Mobile Reports in SQL Server 2016

Happy Sunday folks!

In the new Reporting Services web portal, you see thumbnails for each of the mobile reports you’ve published to the server.  Well, here’s a neat hack that allows you to update your… 457 more words

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How to pass multi value parameter in Oracle and SSRS

I have an SSRS report with a parameter named Responsible Department, that allows for multiple selection of values. For example: electrical, mechanical, shutdown.  These values  need to be split into  as individual records in one column as shown below. 211 more words

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Power Query and SSRS Metadata (Remix)

After spending some quality time with Power Query, we now have a new and improved version of our Excel ‘SSRS Metadata’ solution.

For some background information, and to see more on how to get started with Power Query and ‘SSRS Metadata’, please see our earlier post: … 271 more words

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SSRS Subscription Failure sending mail: The user or group name 'domain\user' is not recognized.Mail will not be resent.

When you’re getting the error above is because the user is no longer valid for Reporting Services.
Quick Fix –> Re-create the subscription.
Best Fix –> Reassign the subscriptions to a Service Account. 668 more words

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Major SSRS gotcha - Report Builder - The permissions granted to user 'domain\user' are insufficient for performing this operation

Environment: SQL Server 2012 SSRS

Resulting in dialogues like this or similar message

And even though you have assigned all the right permissions on the site and additionally just to be sure on the folder but still… 79 more words


Generate SSRS Subscription E-Mail Address Lists from AD with PowerShell

It takes a lot of time to create SSRS e-mail subscription recipient lists when there are a large number of recipients, and all you have are the recipients’ human names. 1,852 more words


The Future of Power View and Comparing Data Refresh Options in Power BI

Oh Power View, we hardly knew you.

From Microsoft support:

“The Power View button in the Reports group has been removed from the ribbon in Excel 2016 for Windows. 743 more words

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