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Learn to Mute

It pains me to bring up toxic players once more but I thought this could be useful to all of us. When you’re in a match and a troll shows up, it can be the difference between a great game and a terrible one. 419 more words

Heroes Of The Storm

Vultures Have to Eat Too

For the decades that that the world has been captivated by mass media, news outlets have expanded their means to get the highest readership. One way this has happened is a transition from journalism of verification to journalism of assertion. 518 more words


Gerri Lynn Mackey - Baptized by Fire

This year, CHMR-FM has been hosting a Media Workshop Series, bringing in experienced journalists and broadcasters from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences to share their insights and experience with our student and community volunteers. 1,776 more words


For-profit vs. not-for-profit: Compare and contrast financial reporting goals

As the term suggests, for-profit companies are driven primarily by one goal — to maximize profits for their owners. Nonprofits, on the other hand, are generally motivated by a charitable purpose. 427 more words

Atchley And Associates

What Happened Onboard the 'Nautilus'?

For journalist May Jeong, Kim Wall was more than a colleague, she was a friend, a compatriot; she was on the frontlines of the great battle for stories, for freelance assignments, for respect as a reporter. 312 more words


Response rate: the elephant in the room

“What’s the sample size?”, you might get asked. Or sometimes (wrongly), “What proportion of customers did you speak to?”. Or even “What’s your margin of error?”. 482 more words


Sitecore 9 - Reporting not working after install [SOLVED]

Couple days ago, I was installing a new Sitecore 9 XP1 topology and during my post-installations tests I received the following error while accessing the  288 more words