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Report about the National Heirloom Expo

I wrote this in mid-September (ish).

I guess I’d better write these notes before I forget what I was going to say! Photos: 2016 National Heirloom Exposition… 926 more words

Note From The Editor

The age of formal documentary has come and gone. The new version of truth has become a suspension between seeing and believing. The Orwellian fallacy lurks beyond the shattered glass screens of our tapped hand-helds and vivid monitors. 207 more words

Gosh darn it, ref! or My Best Sports Photos So Far or Why some people should be see-through

My first journalism gig has included a steep learning curve. I write a weekly column (usually about nonsensical stuff like gardening, but sometimes I take a break from discussions about harvesting potatoes to criticize area schools for cutting second-language classes). 213 more words


Truvision Launched

The States of Jersey Police today released their newest weapon in combatting hate crime – Truvision, an online tool that enables anyone in the community who experiences an hate crime to report it. 344 more words


News Theory Questions 2

When should suicides be covered?

Suicides whilst all in one group do not often share the same details. They differentiate wildly as there are, in effect, summaries of lives until the point that person is no longer living. 861 more words

Ethics And News Theory

Show full names in MoneyWorks report

Software: MoneyWorks #accounting software

The analysis reports such as “Customer by Item” and “Customer Sales by Month” allow the user to print with “full name”. For example, if prints the Customer by Item report with full name, it shows the customer and product name next to the code. 67 more words