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Final hearing for the Royal Commission into child sex abuse

Today the commission into child abuse in Australian institutions closes with its final report given to the Governor General and released to the public tomorrow. Announced by Jullia Gillard in 2012, the commission spanned five years with 57 public hearings, 1300 witness statements, and 8000 personal accounts from private hearings. 253 more words


Full-time Job of a WMU RA

By Emilye Martin

Ashleigh Blair fast-walked down the long halls of her building, poking her head in and out of lounges and open rooms. She was checking in on residents and chatting with them about classes and work. 385 more words

New Hires Facilitate New Approaches at Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety

By Emilye Martin

Nineteen Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety officers up for retirement in the next three years will help facilitate the transition by the department to new policing methods and approaches — including how WMU parties are managed. 461 more words

The EU Parliament opens the way for a Defence Commissioner and pushes states to find €76 bn for weapons

The European Parliament will adopt next week in Strasbourg a resolution asking for a radical bureaucratic boost on defence matters. The draft resolution “on the implementation of the Common Security and Defence Policy” that has already been approved by the Committee on Foreign Affairs (voted by EPP, Liberals/ALDE and Social Democrats), is a major step towards further militarisation. 842 more words


Greece Faces a Rerun of Its Refugee Winter of Discontent

THE SHELTER OFFERED to Amira since she got to Europe amounts to a plastic sheet she has slept under for the past ten days. The Syrian mother of three was taken to Vathy, a camp on the Greek island of Samos where nearly 3,000 people are spilling out of a facility built for 700. 1,210 more words


Out of the Pond: Researchers warn of grass carp’s potential to disrupt Lake Erie ecosystem

By Luke Furman

The grass carp, one of four Asian carp that pose an ecological threat to Lake Erie, is no stranger to North America. In fact, it’s been used here for more than five decades. 950 more words