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Weather forecasting is a joke!

I just hate the weather forecasts. There is no such thing as objectivity, there is no such thing as a straight forward, honest forecast and oh and the way they forecast things is insane! 250 more words

Upekkha Journal Launches "Fake Monk" Reporting Form

New Service Launched.

Responding to a troubling trend of fake monks panhandling in urban areas, I’m launching a reporting form to develop a fuller picture of where fake monks congregate in New York City. 866 more words


Secret Service Preparing for Unprecedented Protection Details During Pope's Visit

By Kenneth Lipp

Yep, there’s gonna be a fence.

The announcement in the press this morning that there would be erected an 8-foot-tall fence around a 4-mile stretch of Center City during Pope Francis’s September visit prompted some of the first… 494 more words


Don't Fuck With Me, Fellas

When Michelle Goldberg got in touch with me about an article she was writing for The Nation, I was still in Brooklyn and still looking for an apartment. 140 more words

Emory University

Fatigue Science Lets Pro Sports Teams Track Their Athletes' Sleep

As wearable activity trackers get increasingly smart and complex, Fatigue Science is measuring one thing and one thing only — how we sleep.

Fatigue Science’s Readiband looks very similar to a Fitbit or Nike Fuelband. 529 more words


Colette Grail reblogged this on What's the Big Data Idea and commented:

How well did you sleep last night? The NFL wants to know. Well, actually they want to know about their players. Sleep has been understood as part of a healthy routine for some time, but now quantifying the quality is a new grade of capability. Some NFL teams want to sleep to be a game changer.

Police Union Fighting Disclosure of Officer Names

By Kenneth Lipp

The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 5, which represents Philadelphia’s police officers and Sheriff’s deputies, has filed a complaint with the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board to prevent the police department from following through on plans to… 198 more words


Wage theft among Cincinnati employers

Cincinnati employers paid $3.7 million in back wages to their employees over the last 6 years for violations of federal wage laws. 267 more words

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