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Social Media Interview

Bryan Rogers is a reporter for Glide magazine who has personally seen the positive influence that social media has had on his viewership.  When Bryan first started writing concert reviews and music related pieces for his blog he was hesitant to “bombard” the readers with social media links and sharing buttons. 204 more words


Incidence of Life-Threat:

{copy of briefing, report}{As Submitted to the “Library Services Manager” Palo Alto and the: “police chief menlo park” }


I am a no living wage worker in the Bay Area. 339 more words

X2: Event-Based Writing

If your first piece for this course centered on remembering, I’d like this second piece to be based on observing. Spend some time observing (or reading about) a group, event, or place; take some notes on what you see, hear,or read; write an essay (or part of an essay) in which you re-present what you’ve noticed. 184 more words


Helping NPSP Handle Anonymous Gifts

Problem: Some of our donors give anonymously, and we need to know who they are but need to make sure we don’t accidentally list them in our annual report. 239 more words


Trump’s belief that the media has ganged up on him isn’t entirely misplaced

By Swapan Dasgupta , Source : Times of India

Trump  has become an allergy to Western intellectual elites accustomed to certifying right and wrong. The media should certainly reflect the turbulence over the changes, but it must not become a player in the game. 899 more words

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