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Artix now has a new primary repository - thanks to @Nadir

UPDATE April 18th 2018

Thanks everyone for their help. A primary mirror has been setup by @Nadir and the secondary ones should resume sync’ing soon. Matej has contacted the administrator of an academic network, who’s agreed to setup a mirror too.
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How can I see what changed between two commits?

git show with a commit ID shows the changes made in a particular commit. To see the changes betweentwo commits, you can use git diff ID1..ID2… 99 more words


What is Git's equivalent of a relative path?

A hash is like an absolute path: it identifies a specific commit. Another way to identify a commit is to use the equivalent of a relative path. 273 more words


In celebration of British Science Week: the research of IMRI at the University of Bolton

We’re a little closer to home today as British Science Week continues by bringing you some home-grown research, that of the University of Bolton’s very own Institute for Materials Research and Innovation (IMRI). 59 more words


Fuchsia Friday: Amber keeps Fuchsia up to date and secure

(Source: 9to5google.com)

If something isn’t growing, it’s dying. With the slew of neglected devices not receiving Android Oreo, it could be argued that the update system is one of Android’s fatal flaws. 696 more words


Artix new repository structure for testing [gremlins]

The new repository structure for testing in artix follows the pattern of arch and substituting labels to avoid confusion.

Gremlins is the term for what Arch calls… 335 more words


Cool COPR projects - Fedora Magazine

These are very cool COPR projects that were posted recently in Fedora Magazine.  In case you don’t know, COPR is a system of privately maintained repositories, similar to AUR in Arch, that offer programmes that aren’t mature or stable enough to be included in official repositories yet good to have. 49 more words