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How to create and publish npm modules for Nodejs applications

This tutorial is mainly catered for Windows users. If you’re feeling lazy and you just want a code example, visit my Github repository

For creating and publishing an npm module, you will need two things: 436 more words


Growth of Fedora Repository Has Almost Stalled

I went across statistics from Fedora Package Database and what caught my attention is that the increase of number of packages in the official Fedora repository has almost stalled: 391 more words


Repercussions of Amassed Data

I had the pleasure of meeting Mél Hogan while she was doing her postdoctoral work at CU Boulder. I think her research area is vital, though it’s difficult to summarize. 383 more words


Starting a Django project and deploying quickly to the production server

Nowadays I’ve been working on a series of personal projects running over Python on Django. So, the first step was to start with the basic tutorial… 1,330 more words


Long time, no write

Well not on this blog anyway. The main reason for this is that I was on maternity leave from January 2014 until February this year, so not much happened library-wise during that time. 237 more words

Catch Up

Getting to know FRDM-K64F and more!! :)

I believe waiting makes you feel more impatient. So here I am, waiting for my NeoMatrix 8×8 – 64 RGB LED Pixel Matrix to arrive, so that we can begin working on our cool project. 343 more words

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Move Bitbucket branch into a new repository while conserving history

First move into your local git copy

cd local_git_copy

Make sure you have checked out the master branch

git checkout master

Now reset to the new repository… 59 more words