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How to delete a tag from local and remote

To delete a tag from the local git use the following command

git tag -d <tag version>


mw@mw:~/home/mprojects/mewanthawrite2$ git tag -d 2.0.9
Deleted tag '2.0.9' (was 72e8b6b) 76 more words

Centos 7 repository tersedia di kavalinux

Mengikuti RHEL 7 akhirnya Centos melakukan upgrade versi menjadi Centos 7, untuk saat ini baru versi x86_64 saja yang di rilis. Berikut beberapa perubahan yang menurut saya cukup menarik di hati :) 204 more words


Building a Solaris 11 repository without network connection

Solaris 11 has been released and is a fantastic new iteration of Oracle’s rock solid, enterprise operating system.  One of the great new features is the repository based  336 more words


Various topics from software architecture part 2: the Repository pattern


In the previous post we looked at the RequestResponse messaging pattern. This pattern is often used in Service Oriented Architecture projects to simplify the communication between the service and its client. 1,025 more words



Figshare – is an online digital repository where researchers can preserve and share their research outputs, including figures, datasets, images, and videos


Create local maven repository from existing jar files

I wrote a small bash script, which creates a maven repository from existing jar files using maven-deploy-plugin. I use the version from the MANIFEST.MF. The basename is the name of the jar file. 91 more words


Publish project to github.com repository

Steps to Publish project to github.com repository can be found here:


Complement and notice:
1 Before you implement the steps above, first you have to make a local repository by Git Gui. 240 more words