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My Plumber Repository

So, this is going to be a directory of plumbers. I hope to get time for this project in May 2017

CentOS / Red Hat Local Repository

If you have many Linux machines that needs to updated or install some packages they would use Internet connection to get required data, but as many as you have machines it will consume more bandwidth and money , So it is recommended to have Local Repository to serve all other machines , we will do it for centOS/RedHat but the concept is the same for other distributions , Let’s go.. 320 more words


how to install a package from a directory

If you have access to the packages directory but your machine is not registered you can use the command to install the package, remember to have dependencies resolved. 19 more words


Git add file name with space

Your project may contain some files or folders which contain space in filename. By default, you can not use git add for those files. However, adding single quotes can resolve this problem. 12 more words


eDB360 meets eAdam 3.0 - when two heads are better than one!

Version v1711 of eDB360 invitesĀ eAdam 3.0 to the party. What does it mean? We recently learned that eDB360 v1706 introduced the eDB360 repository, which materialized the content of 26 core DBA_HIST views into a staging repository made of heap tables. 1,439 more words


How to Create a Branch in Git Repository

In this articles, I will try how to create a branch in Git repository. This time, I will give you an example and an explanation of what it git. 22 more words

Membuat Server Repository Local di ubuntu

Kalau di Windows, anda mencari software biasanya membutuhkan effort yang luar biasa, harus mencari di google, di Glodok, di toko CD dll. Berbeda dengan Windows, di Linux biasanya semua software / apps yang ada sudah terkumpul menjadi satu dalam sebuah server siap di instalasi. 604 more words