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Adding a Little More Functionality to our Spring Boot Application (SPEED ROUND)

Alright people, so we’re almost getting ready to begin developing a basic iOS application that will aim to consume the APIs we’ve been working on. Before doing so, I wanted to add a little more functionality to the (Spring Boot) backend that we have developed so far.   1,294 more words

Spring Boot

How to get the Git URL of a local Git repository?

We can get the URL of a local Git repository from which it was originally cloned from via using the below command-

git config --get remote.origin.url


git remote show origin

Querying a Database From Your Spring Boot Application

Last tutorial we managed to configure our Hibernate and database properties within our application to allow for us to create tables using Java objects annotated with… 1,190 more words

Spring Boot

Reusing Dialog in AEM (cqinclude)

AEM has provided a noble functionality using which one can reuse the Fields and Tabs in the dialog.

Consider an example where, you want to create 5 different components. 414 more words


Top 12 Repositories on github 'to me' (september 2017)

  1. ncase / trust
    An interactive guide to the game theory of cooperation

  2. jeromeetienne / AR.js
    Efficient Augmented Reality for the Web – 60fps on mobile!

  3. 98 more words