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Attention all mind readers...

There’s a part of me I don’t want people to see. Sometimes I think my battle with writing at times is because of exactly that. If I write what I want to – which I do, this must make people (strangers and those I know too), think of me in a certain way. 109 more words

Kait King Author

One of the biggest pop culture phenomena in Asian America hit us 24 years ago; and she wore yellow all the time.

When the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (adapted from the Japanese series  702 more words


An Outsiders Insight: How The Media Represents Aboriginal People

Media commentary is reliant and intertwined with the political agendas as well as the perception of its community.  Although openly racist comments about the Aboriginal community are made by some, racism also manifests in the more subtle ways media researches and reports the ‘everyday’  821 more words


It’s Time to Stop Portraying the Lives of Disabled Children as Tragic for Parents.

It’s Time to Stop Portraying the Lives of Disabled Children as Tragic for Parents.
By Derek Newman-Stille

I just finished watching the Netflix show “Atypical”, which seeks to portray the life of a family with an 18 year old autistic boy as one of its members. 1,127 more words


…on childhood books with Indian characters

They made me perceive my own culture as exotic; little boarding school white girls in pinafores more familiar to me than the brown girls on my playground. 112 more words

Thought Bucket

Change the Narrative or Create a New One

As a writer, I naturally find myself inspired to create stories and narratives that I am hopeful will one day will be turned into feature length films and TV shows. 301 more words

Your Culture

atypical: my thoughts and ramblings (spoilers)

So I was browsing through Netflix, my sister is at work and I am bored so I stumble across a little show called Atypical and the description is like autistic spectrum (its cos they can’t say Asperger’s anymore). 1,221 more words