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Tribal Siphoning of State Funds?

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This article focuses on House Bill 375, sponsored and introduced by representative Greg Hertz on 02/02/2017, and titled: 941 more words


Electoral College has roots in slavery


Did you know the Electoral College has its roots in slavery? When crafting the Constitution, northern states wanted direct representation elections based on majority vote (white, adult male landowners). 433 more words


The Portraitist, the Sitter, and the Viewer

(terrible quality photo courtesy of me)

From “Nasty women unite,” “Hands too small to build a wall!,” and “Hands off my healthcare” to “Blood coming out of my wherever,” “El Diablo,” “Dump Trump!,” “NOT MY PRESIDENT” and “Don’t let a greedy dickasaurus make human rights extinct,” the Women’s March in New York featured many innovative signs as the people marched from East 47th Street to 56th and Fifth Avenue by Trump Tower. 352 more words


Exploring Groups of Ones at Disney's Wilderness Lodge

In order to develop good number sense, children need opportunities to to make sense of, and reason about, numbers. At the beginning of the school year in Second Grade, students have varied opportunities to count sets of objects by ones. 455 more words


A Time for Celebration and Concern: Television’s Current Depiction of the LGBTQ Community

Note: This is actually, by all means, an academic contextual analysis I recently wrote. I’m keeping it the way it was when I submitted it because I feel the direct quotes and work cited are valuable for exploring the representation at hand. 3,672 more words


april and astrid excerpt

If I had a therapist, and that’s a funny thought in and of itself as I would never get one, they would probably tell me I have mommy issues. 825 more words

Women in Politics Roundtable Round-Up

The Women’s Center’s Spring Roundtable series has begun! On February 14th, we hosted the first of our three-part roundtable “Underrepresentation of Women in…” series. This roundtable was on “Women in Politics” and focused on the lack of women in the political sphere and the establishment. 688 more words