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​What is Love?

Peggy Black and the ‘team’

“We are here, honored once again to have this opportunity to share our energy with you.  We offer our appreciation as we recognize your determination          and service to truly make a difference.  24 more words

Everyday Kundalini: Divine Energy, Divine Light


A few years ago, my son asked me what was wrong.

“Nothing much,” I replied. 1,366 more words


Forgiveness Transcends the Ego

I awoke at 4:45 AM to turn off the crock pot dish that had been cooking overnight and to initially go back to sleep. Normally, I can hop right back into my warm bed and dive into the dream state; this time, however, I just could not sink into my normal slumber. 660 more words

The best thing that ever happened to me

It’s 18 degrees with a 1 degree wind chill here in Maryland this morning, and I’m thinking my planned haircut will have to wait.

What I’m doing in this moment, though, aside from writing this post, is listening to Gladys Knight’s ‘ 425 more words

Personal Development

I Double Dare You

Someone ever tell you to let something go that was in the past, and yet … you can’t?

Past experiences that stay with us, the ones we remember, have an emotional charge to them.   321 more words

Aria E. Appleford Blogs

Macho Hype

I am a walking textbook definition of macho hype.

Macho… hype — the art of keeping up an invulnerable persona regardless of surrounding circumstances. It is a practice of self-distraction and being able to block out and compartmentalize certain thoughts; or simply put, repressed emotions. 627 more words

Perspective: The Way I See It

The Game Changer

It was a fair fight until then, until the bomb.

The two sides traded blows, the sparring tongues of lovers.
Playful exchanges like scraps between brothers. 56 more words