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Violet Counsels People on How Not to Kill Themselves (she's an expert), 3/9/17 Thurs. 11:45am

I don’t think there are enough antidepressants in the world to lift me out of what I’m going through.

Maybe I’m not going through anything. Maybe this is just who I am. 2,137 more words

The Right Kind of Wrong by P.J. Trebelhorn

A lot of times if the romance genre we see a lot of the same plot devices recycled. You’ve read the I’m in love with my best friend but won’t/can’t tell her many, many times. 301 more words

Lesbian Romance

Because Dreams and Emotions Happened

“I’m in love with you. I always have been. I thought you were the unfair one, but it was unfair of me not to say it. 805 more words

My "rescuer" complex.

I was waiting to post about this until I talked to my therapist about it tonight and I’m glad I waited because of what I found out about myself. 1,077 more words

Anger and rudeness that everyone else can see but that I can't even feel.

Returning to work after my vacation wasn’t that bad, except for one thing.
A customer complained about me, saying I was rude to them. Of course I was hurt by this, but when I thought back to my exchange with this customer, which was about three weeks ago, I couldn’t think of anything I had said or done that was rude. 605 more words


I need to grieve over what I have lost. I need to mourn the self I could have been and am finally discovering after so many years of being lost to BPD and C-PTSD. 151 more words