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Macho Hype

I am a walking textbook definition of macho hype.

Macho… hype — the art of keeping up an invulnerable persona regardless of surrounding circumstances. It is a practice of self-distraction and being able to block out and compartmentalize certain thoughts; or simply put, repressed emotions. 627 more words

Perspective: The Way I See It

The Game Changer

It was a fair fight until then, until the bomb.

The two sides traded blows, the sparring tongues of lovers.
Playful exchanges like scraps between brothers. 56 more words

Flash Fiction

How to stop being a sociopath

Sociopath: a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.

The Internet and social media are a wonderful thing. 1,129 more words

Theology And Philosophy For The Post Modern Age

Addictions, Expectations, Anger

Where there is anger…anything from slight annoyance to rage…there is an emotional addiction not being met.

Where there is an emotional addiction…such as a need for approval, praise, agreement or coddling…there are expectations, even demands, being placed on those around us. 424 more words


Tight hamstrings and unexpressed emotions

I ordered my yoga teacher training books from Amazon, and even though our sessions don’t start until late March, I started reading them this week. There will be a lot going on in my life between March 28th and May 30th, what with my teacher training program and the Half Marathon I impulsively signed up for, and for once I wanted to make sure I got a head start on what I needed to do. 485 more words

Random Acts Of Yoga

Knowing Whether To Speak Your Truth Or Not ...

I saw an example yesterday with my son of how emotions can become repressed and beliefs formed around experiences we have at a young age. My son came home from school upset and saying everyone hated him. 491 more words

Reflections on reactivity following a hurt

I wrote this blog a few weeks ago.  Injury has made me much more present to the here and now.  I am undergoing physio to work with the injury and maximise my healing.  2,285 more words