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the divine flame

it is my life and I desire to live it my way

where enemies of love will have no say

my heart should never get pillaged of it… 106 more words

Daily Prompt



Soul coffee breaks. a coffee break for my soul is what i’m starting to think of my time between work. and it is a reprieve from obligations and responsibilities of work that is not always productive-at least tangibly, but hopefully the work is productive in ways that matter more. 198 more words


The Garden, The Cross, The Throne

Alone, in the dark, for the task He grieved
All night my Lord prayed seeking a relieve
The weight of the cross a burden He bore… 76 more words

Daily Prompts

Be-FORE and after

To Prieve: prieve (third-person singular simple present prieves, present participle prieving, simple past and past participle prieved) (obsolete or Scotland) To prove.

NO  Reprieve

Reprieve from the usual monotony of life

Today I was daydreaming my way through yet another maths lesson when I thought it would be a good idea to take reprieve from the usual busyness (and monotony) of life. 97 more words

One-word Prompt

June 30th 2015 - Endoscopy: Reprieve


Two years ago next month, I needed to travel up to the Emerson Green Treatment Centre, in Bristol, in order to have an Upper GI Endoscopy. 831 more words

Creative Writing

Need Your Input for Books in Progress

Let’s have some fun and choosing which books to self-publish/send out on submission next… I need a little reprieve from making decisions so maybe you can help. 233 more words

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