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Renowned annals of history, make believe monsters that never saw the light of day. Cannot look behind me too much or things start to get a little too real. 1,575 more words

Week 2.06: Reprieve

Not much to report this week. Things were pretty quiet. I don’t even have notes from Wednesday’s class, since we presented the first part of our case study project. 275 more words


Catching Up

We’ve got some catching up to do. Hopefully, we can effortlessly pick up from where we previously left off. Like catching up with an old high school chum you haven’t seen in ages. 725 more words


I feel irritated and can’t tell why;

My temper looms but I keep it on standby.

Maybe it’s the circumstances I find myself in,

Always piled with work and no one on who to depend. 201 more words

reconciling the hormones #56

They’re in a lull …

Think it’s a short lull …

Like a brief reprieve kinda lull.

Whatever …

Thank the goddesses for the lull ay!


New Reprieve

New beginnings promise hope

Bygones wayside lie

Start afresh, no looking back

No wond’ring how or why

Facing Forward, Day By Day

Not one sole day’s resolve, 154 more words


Reprieve, gratitude and TMI

Update first:  bless my friend who has been sheltering me:  she obtained a week’s extension for us here, so I’m safe.  :)  Thanks be!

New check out is for this coming Sunday. 989 more words