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Kvyat receives second reprimand of the season by the stewards

It has been announced this evening that Red Bull driver Daniil Kvyat was given a reprimand for his incident during second practice for the Belgian Grand Prix. 113 more words

Is it ever Ok to tell other people's children off?

I’m going to stick my head up above the parapet and say, “hell, yes,” – especially when their own parents can’t be bothered.

We went to a park yesterday and this is what I spent a good deal of time doing. 940 more words


She stands and shouts
She rants and raves
She reprimands
And then depraves
The innocent
No care at all
For the upset
Nor the downfall… 39 more words


Mercedes receive a reprimand over Rosberg's car cover

Just before the start of Practice 2, the Mercedes team has been reprimanded for breaching regulations by covering Nico Rosberg’s car after it was returned to the pitlane during opening British Grand Prix practice. 121 more words

Love is to reprimand properly/ Mengasihi berarti menegur dengan benar

Day 13 Love is to reprimand properly

If i am loving someone truly, then i should be able to reprimand him/her properly. With gentle and wise, not in public and focusing on the things that will be reprimanded. 70 more words


Mom's wisdom and teachings :)

I ask mom to take a picture of us (with my sister).
And here it is. :D

I told her that our faces are a bit too big in this picture, occupying a lot the picture, so I want a “Take 2”. 210 more words


GFQ: Did Baltimore Mom Go Too Far or Not Far Enough

Unless you have been living under a rock, we have all seen the image of the Baltimore Mom Toya Grahm publically reprimanding (slapping the stoop-id out of) her son when she spots him in the riots following Freddy Grey’s death. 132 more words