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All Things Change

I am trying to keep my anonymity when I write because the Internet is forever and my emotions are not. I realize there is some risk of this being hurtful to someone, or to my career, though that is the last thing I want to happen. 781 more words


To Yell or Not to Yell: Is That Even the Question?

For this piece I followed around a 6th grader in one of my courses for the entire day and attended all his classes with him. 1,564 more words

Reflections & Incidents



He wanted to lash out,

Being caught the reason no doubt…

Ego stung

When reactions had begun,

Out there he had no clout. 47 more words

He Sketched a mare tied to an oak, and to another, a young lad...

I hope your new year is starting well.

I won’t say much for mine.

Here’s more sketches though, and more words.

One of which, you may desire.

See you Wednesday.

Sneak Peak ;)

It was a sunny day, sun’s gaze is entirely on earth. Rajan woke up when what he thought was sun peaking through his window with only motive to wake him up but somehow he could feel nature’s warmth meanwhile a cold breeze swept him over as a blanket against sun’s gaze. 1,193 more words



Admonish: v. to warn and reprimand intensely

Being admonished for not shaving the beard in the morning can be considered to be an intense criticism or reprimand as well as an implied warning not to do it again. 80 more words

Common Sense