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The Weather

You didn’t know
until you saw him
describe the weather,
and watched closely;
when it was hot,
his long hands sweated;
cold, his toes became ice; 101 more words


Poem of the Day on Autumn Sky Poetry

Christine Klocek-Lim chose my poem “Preface to Casanova’s Histoire de ma vie” as the poem of the day on her daily poem journal,   12 more words


If you lost it

yelling at your mother
that you hate her,
before you leave her house,
moving in with a musician
on his way to addiction,
coming down from speed… 347 more words


Zero Point

The end. Of everything.

What else is there to say? After the final annihilation of consciousness. After the Big Bang in reverse. After the last hint of freedom is snuffed out. 1,253 more words


The Opening Salvo

Can’t be stopped. Won’t be stopped. Shall not be encumbered along the path toward transcendent evolutionary enlightenment.

Nothing can slow down the steamboat intensity of a reckless abandon once all the marbles have been intricately placed in the same basket alongside a nest full of painted eggs. 1,302 more words


Tri-Polar Homeostasis

All rolled into one, the paradigms of yesterday become the evolved fresh perspective of a new present moment awareness. A cascading vision of truth shimmering upon the lake’s surface as the pristine water of the River Tao flows flawlessly along in the gentle current. 873 more words


Fluffy Fever Dream Symphony

Contrarian values escalated to the highest peak. Uppercased and placed on a silver pedestal. Superhuman friction fundamentals scratch against the metal spike, working out all the rough edge elementals. 897 more words