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Edward VIII Abdication - New York Times Front Page Reprint

Edward VIII Abdication – New York Times Front Page Reprint

After only 11 months on the throne, he said he could not carry on « without the help and support of the woman I love, » the American socialite Wallis Simpson. 17 more words

Jett Covets When Next We Love by Heather Graham

I came across this one because it’s been released in large print — there aren’t enough large print books, I don’t think. There should be more! 144 more words

Rock Fiction Coveting

Donald Trump Issues Perfect Statement On Death Of Fidel Castro

Posted at 12:00 pm on November 26, 2016 by Andrea Ruth of RedState

In the interest of giving credit where credit is due, President-elect Donald Trump issued a perfect first response on Twitter this morning and followed it up with a statement more apt and honest, and with little lamentations over the death of Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro. 283 more words


Less than a week away!

The countdown continues!

I enjoy looking back on prior seasons as I get ready to raid for this second half of the fourth season. Today, I’m checking out Season Three and it’s hard to find my favorite episode as I look over the discussions… 209 more words


I am thankful for . . . VIKINGS

Sorry for not being here yesterday. It was a day in which I typed nothing. All better now, though. :)

I am continuing my Favorite Episodes of History Channel’s… 179 more words


One More Week 'til VIKINGS returns

Heillir, warriors and shieldmaidens, pilgrims and nobility. History Channel’s epic show, VIKINGS, returns next Wednesday at 9p. Eastern/8p. Central.

As a warm up before we find ourselves in Kattegat, possibly embroiled in succession issues—or on a longship with Floki bound for the Mediterranean—I thought I’d share some of the commentary/discussion posts author… 227 more words


Pretty Reprints: Planeswalkers 2

Hello! Today i bring you a couple more planeswalkers drawn by the same artist.

Magic The Gathering