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Sister Moon

I met Jessica the spring of my junior year in high school. It was lunchtime, and we were sitting in the room of a history teacher we had in common at different times of the day. 3,919 more words



Their mother had been at home when the stroke hit. She had been traveling from the kitchen to the living room. It was early morning on a Tuesday. 5,415 more words



The stairs creak as a pair of old green slippers
walks down each slat of nailed wood.

A plaid robe stumbles into the kitchen
and sits down at a four-person table. 116 more words


On the Seventh Day of Blogging, Just Dusty Blogged for Me...

…A throwback to 20/Infinityyyyy!

The blog I used to have, 20/Infinity, was dedicated to the theme of time travel: I imagined having a time machine and the ability to travel back in time and change past events in order to adjust the present or the future; the title was a reference to infinite hindsight. 1,285 more words



Hernando’s right leg came off in a cannon shot but his brother Pedro was there to catch him as he fell. The grapeshot ripped through his bone and muscle at a high arc, fired inexpertly by the Mexicans’ own forces, and it cratered the cold December earth nearby. 3,711 more words


Pretty Reprints: Hour of Peace

Hello! Today’s reprints make the battlefield a more peaceful place.

Magic The Gathering