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What's the deal with authenticity?

People are extremely attached to their physical possessions. I don’t mean to generalize, but suppose I were to console you upon your dearest possession being destroyed by offering you an exact replica. 319 more words


The Reproducible Wave

Today I saw this work in person at the Hammer Museum:

It was alongside other famous prints such as Dürer’s Melancholia and a work from Goya’s  357 more words


Is it possible to truly love more than one person?

I have recently separated from my long-term partner. I am accepting of the fact we both need to follow our own paths and live our own lives, and I have emotionally let go of the relationship. 414 more words


Why do several species of minnows breed over the same nest?

For those unaware, I was on a brief hiatus to the Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists annual meeting in Chatanooga, TN! There were numerous exciting talks, especially those pertaining to minnows, and it seems in the near future, there may be some resolution of the systematics of minnows, suckers, and loaches (see… 973 more words


Plastic bags responsible for outrageous lack of cute pink piglets

Most of us now subscribe to the idea that plastic bags are bad for the environment. Hence, droves of people turn up at their local supermarket with a sturdy jute bag in tow. 495 more words


The Return of Righty

Friday the thirteenth was not such a bad day. This morning I met with one of the REs at the practice for my post-Femara ultrasound. There were several surprises. 243 more words