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World’s oldest sperm discovered in Antarctica – 50 million years after its preservation

Scientists from Sweden have found a fossilised cocoon in Antarctica containing the world’s oldest sperm.

The discovery of the fossilised sperm found inside the walls of a 50 million-year-old worm cocoon has been branded “remarkable” by scientists.The findings, published by The Royal Society, say that the specimen is the oldest animal sperm ever found.Benjamin Bomfleur, a researcher at the Swedish Museum of Natural History, said that the discovery happened by accident. 145 more words


Living (and Breathing) Museum Research

When the museum receives donations from the community, sometimes little surprises find their way into unexpected collections. Frequently, we classify artifacts based on the donor’s description and our expectations. 674 more words

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Sperm Grown in a Lab for the First Time

In a breakthrough that could lead to a treatment for thousands of infertile men, scientists have grown human sperm cells in a laboratory for the first time. 196 more words

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Rediscovering the Birthing Chair: Delivering Life While Sitting Up

Blog by Anneliese Braunegg, student at Case Western Reserve University
Essay winner, USNA 287Q Gothic Science, SAGES 2015
Instructor: Dr. Brandy Schillace

Envision two women. Each is in labor, each is in pain, and each is accompanied by a professional caretaker who is assisting her in giving birth. 1,669 more words

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What's the deal with authenticity?

People are extremely attached to their physical possessions. I don’t mean to generalize, but suppose I were to console you upon your dearest possession being destroyed by offering you an exact replica. 319 more words


The Reproducible Wave

Today I saw this work in person at the Hammer Museum:

It was alongside other famous prints such as Dürer’s Melancholia and a work from Goya’s  357 more words


Is it possible to truly love more than one person?

I have recently separated from my long-term partner. I am accepting of the fact we both need to follow our own paths and live our own lives, and I have emotionally let go of the relationship. 414 more words