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Underwater footage of humpback whales reveals penis extrusion

What is a “comp pod”? If you have been on a whalewatch you may have heard this term before. It is short for “competition pod” and it is something commonly witnessed in the humpback whale breeding grounds, such as Hawai`i. 383 more words


Did you know?

Did you know?

Did you know that growth promoting technologies used in beef production increase growth rate by up to 30%, improve feed efficiency by up to 40%, and carcass weights by 10% increasing the food production per animal, reducing resources needed for food production, and reducing the environmental impact of beef production.

Beef Cattle

Notes for a utopian society

O.M-R. – I have been wondering for some time, how would a society structured around reproduction and recycling instead of the production and consumption of new goods look like? 1,080 more words


We made something
You and me
We created
And when I see new eyes
Looking back at mine
It is not your eyes I see… 8 more words


On Procreation

It’s absolutely great that people have children. The more the better, really. Reproducing is just a natural part of life! Children are wonderful! Children are so cute! 1,646 more words

Reproduction for One, Please

Imagine you’re casually going about your day, when you get a phone call from your best friend out of the blue. “He broke up with me, AGAIN! 964 more words