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Meiospore development of the kelps Macrocystis pyrifera and Undaria pinnatifida under ocean acidification and ocean warming: independent effects are more important than their interaction

Anthropogenic atmospheric emissions of CO2 are responsible for simultaneous ocean warming (OW) and ocean acidification (OA). These global events can have important impacts on marine fleshy macroalgae and coastal ecosystems. 234 more words


Female Reproduction Symbolism

More Symbolism of Female Reproductive Organ by Mankind:

Ever wonder about the simulation, shape and color of the Game of Foot-ball?

O’Heru 49 more words


In situ developmental responses of tropical sea urchin larvae to ocean acidification conditions at naturally elevated pCO2 vent sites

Laboratory experiments suggest that calcifying developmental stages of marine invertebrates may be the most ocean acidification (OA)-sensitive life-history stage and represent a life-history bottleneck. To better extrapolate laboratory findings to future OA conditions, developmental responses in sea urchin embryos/larvae were compared under ecologically relevant in situ exposures on vent-elevated pCO2 and ambient pCO2 coral reefs in Papua New Guinea. 223 more words


Why Choose Open Embryo Donation?

Angela Krueger explains some of the benefits of choosing open embryo donation as compared with anonymous embryo donation. 753 more words

Assisted Reproduction

Steven Pinker on Emotions and Genes

Steven Pinker’s How the Mind Works might well be subtitled “And the emotions too.” I think it’s one terrific book. It comes at you with a barrage of insights and connections about humans and evolution that can feel intoxicating. 671 more words

Surviving And Thriving

The Very First One Ever

Everyone in my age group wants to be special. And hey, who doesn’t?

On Tumblr, there seems to be this ongoing debate on the number of genders and new genders are invented every day to describe how someone approaches their sexuality. 382 more words