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Ocean acidification exerts negative effects during warming conditions in a developing Antarctic fish

Anthropogenic CO2 is rapidly causing oceans to become warmer and more acidic, challenging marine ectotherms to respond to simultaneous changes in their environment. While recent work has highlighted that marine fishes, particularly during early development, can be vulnerable to ocean acidification, we lack an understanding of how life-history strategies, ecosystems and concurrent ocean warming interplay with interspecific susceptibility. 278 more words


Surrogacy has been labeled "reproductive tourism" by a Swiss court

In 2011, two Swiss men who lived in the US registered their partnership. Two months later, they had a child through a surrogate mother in California, and according to the law were both recognized as fathers of the baby. 374 more words

Every 28 Days

Menstruation is a woman’s monthly bleeding. It is also called menses, menstrual period, or period. When a woman has her period, she is menstruating. The average menstrual cycle is 28 days. 149 more words


Some thoughts on Abortion

On the subject of abortion, which seems to stir up a lot of emotion regardless of the side you sit on, I think I’ll weigh-in. Firstly what is ‘abortion’? 743 more words


And that's why I'm afraid of thinking.

Is there any such thing as fear of thinking? Thinkophobia? ‘Cause lately all I do is flee. From my thoughts, from myself. I turn my back on responsibility. 623 more words


Reproductive Regulation and the Abortion Debate

Abortion is a highly controversial topic, both in the United States and internationally. Within the country, abortion politics are yet another means for controlling a woman’s sexuality. 491 more words

Regulation Through Immigration Control

Through immigrant restriction and exclusion, border control has demonstrated a historical trend of attempting to control women’s sexuality as a way to preserve a constructed American identity. 346 more words