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Natural Wonders

“The most impressive aspect of the living world is its diversity. No two individuals in sexually reproducing populations are the same, nor are any two populations, species, or higher taxa . 398 more words

Surviving And Thriving

Effects of elevated carbon dioxide and temperature on survival and morphology of Japanese whiting Sillago japonica

The objective of the present study was to examine the effect of elevated CO2 and temperature on survival and morphology of Sillago japonica yolk sac larvae under the Institute for East China Sea Research(ECSER) Nagasaki, Japan. 271 more words


The Human Clitoris is An Object of Beauty, Pleasure and Intrigue

It seems remarkable to me that well into the twenty-first century we still have so much to learn about many parts of the human body. 919 more words

Human Evolution

How Do You Know the Bible is True?

With so much in doubt these days of what is true and who we can trust, it is of great significance to know if there actually is an objective standard of truth by which we can make sense of the world.   1,208 more words


De-cystifying Poly cystic ovary syndrome...

In the past I have written about the clinical picture of PCOS and why it happens and all the pathophysiology of it. I’ve written about treatments and management and the psychological impact. 421 more words

Staying Healthy

Assignment for Thursday 9/29

Hi people! Please print, read, and annotate Theodore Roosevelt’s “On American Motherhood” for Thursday.

For your post, please answer the following question? What is sustainability in this reading? 42 more words

To conceive the world’s first three-parent baby using a controversial new technique, scientists went to Mexico where “there are no rules"

An American scientist, two Jordanian parents, and an anonymous donor walked into a hospital in Mexico.

That’s not the premise of a joke; those are the characters and the setting for a striking innovation in in-vitro fertilization techniques.  648 more words