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Study suggests contraceptive pill could defend against cancer

Cancer is a devastating disease that affects millions of people worldwide. A recent study by the University of Aberdeen has found that taking the contraceptive pill could decrease cancer risk in women. 772 more words


To My Sons On Their 5th and 3rd Birthdays


Happy be-lated 5th birthday my first born!  You are so peculiar in your interests, but that’s what makes you, you (and more interesting, as your mommy would say).  749 more words




  1.  a copy from an original: an imitation or reproduction (such as an impression of a seal)
  2. a. something in the world of external reality as distinguished from its eternal and ideal archetype or prototype …
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Factors affecting coral recruitment and calcium carbonate accretion rates on a Central Pacific coral reef

Coral recruitment and calcium carbonate (CaCO3) accretion are fundamental processes that help maintain coral reefs. Many reefs worldwide have experienced degradation, including a decrease in coral cover and biodiversity. 492 more words


Growing Pains

So God Made a Farmer

Today is National Agriculture Day.

It’s a good time to celebrate Ag Day. Calving and lambing is underway and planting will soon begin. 770 more words


Ancient Roman Villa

Wealthy Romans who lived in the city had villas that were, in some respects, very different than modern homes–a little inside-out. Actually, outside-in. The garden was inside the house walls and the roof was open to allow the rain in. 357 more words