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The evolution of phenotypic plasticity under global change

Marine ecosystems are currently in a state of flux, with ocean warming and acidification occurring at unprecedented rates. Phenotypic plasticity underpins acclimatory responses by shifting the mean phenotype in a population, which may buffer the negative effects of global change. 191 more words


Reduced spore germination explains sensitivity of reef-building algae to climate change stressors

Reduced seawater pH and changes in carbonate chemistry associated with ocean acidification (OA) decrease the recruitment of crustose coralline algae (CCAcf.), an important coral-reef builder. However, it is unclear whether the observed decline in recruitment is driven by impairment of spore germination, or post-settlement processes (e.g. 195 more words


Baby born after first uterus transplant in US

The first baby born after a uterus transplant has been born in Dallas, Texas. 414 more words


The Reproductive Sublime in Anthropocenic Literature, Part III: Future Home of the Living God

Livia Arndal Woods


“I feel that, instead of the past, it is the future that haunts us now.” – Future Home of the Living God… 1,076 more words

Where’s Non-invasive prenatal testing heading?

Chris Kaposy considers the future trajectory of non-invasive prenatal testing and the implications of using this testing method to conduct prenatal whole genome sequencing. 845 more words


A Very Exclusive Club

Infertility. It’s a subject very few people like to talk about as unfortunately, there is a stigma surrounding it. No one likes to admit they can’t do something that a lot of people can do, it’s embarrassing and there are other stigmas involved. 194 more words


OOTD’s: Style Round Up November 2017

November marks a year since I began this blog as my first OOTD’s Round Up blog was in November 2016. I think my take on the vintage and pin-up style has evolved quite a bit over the past year and I’ve learnt to embrace it so that it reflects my own personality and take on the style, too.  312 more words