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the strength to reproduce

Becoming puppy parents has brought a keener focus on the idea of being human parents.

Over recent weeks we’ve adapted and realised what it is to be a parent of sorts, to have responsibilities, to have a cute little dependant, to no longer be quite so free. 679 more words

Random Guff

Seed Dispersal

Make a wish! Ah, do you remember blowing the parachute-shaped seeds, closing your eyes and hoping, getting in trouble for spreading weeds? If you have, then you have helped disperse seeds. 45 more words

Ocean acidification effects on Atlantic cod larval survival and recruitment to the fished population

How fisheries will be impacted by climate change is far from understood. While some fish populations may be able to escape global warming via range shifts, they cannot escape ocean acidification (OA), an inevitable consequence of the dissolution of anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in marine waters. 214 more words


Growing Up Fisher

Over the last few months, many of the female fishers on Stirling have been busy raising their litters, and as such, we have been busy trying to keep track of them.  469 more words