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Let's Break This Taboo. Period.

Menstruating is a normal and natural process that happens to 50% of the population. Yet many peoples, cultures, and countries consider it a subject to be avoided, stigmatized, and made taboo. 292 more words

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It's Not The Birds And The Bees, It's Sex! How to talk to children about sex!

My new highly anticipated book: It’s Not The Birds And The Bees, It’s Sex! How to talk to children about sex will be available for purchase beginning Aug 5th! 10 more words


Speak Out Against Defunding Planned Parenthood!

Earlier this year, the Missouri Legislature passed a budget that rejects $8 million in federal family planning dollars in an effort to keep Planned Parenthood from receiving any of those funds to provide preventive health care services like annual exams, birth control, and services to diagnose and treat sexually transmitted infections (STIs). 349 more words

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Menopause Makes Your Body Age Faster

Menopause is a milestone of aging, marking the end of a woman’s reproductive years. But researchers have always wondered whether menopause can hasten aging by triggering age-related changes or whether it’s simply a consequence of a body that’s reached a certain biological age. 515 more words

When Sex Hurts #TheKenyanEndoStory

Sex is supposed to be synonymous with pleasure. Sometimes, it is not, and pain takes the place of pleasure. Over time, it is possible for this to strain a marriage.  1,076 more words



When I was diagnosed with Endometriosis, I only knew one other woman with Endo and she was not willing to talk about her journey because of the stigma she had received. 325 more words

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Afternoon Bulletin: Four Seasons Serves Its Final Meal, Mike Pence Dines at Chili's

Last night was the last time New Yorkers could dine at the Four Seasons in the Seagram Building. The iconic restaurant served its final meal on Saturday evening, a year after it became public that its lease in on East 52nd Street would not be renewed. 510 more words

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