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How Soy Affects Reproductive Health

Soy milk, tofu, and meat substitutes are all the rage in the vegan and vegetarian community. These products provide all essential amino acids, making soy one of the few complete plant proteins on the planet. 565 more words

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Oregon's New Abortion Access Bill Is Among The Most Pioneering Ever

You’ve probably noticed that headlines have been pretty dark for the past several weeks. Here’s something a little different: Oregon just approved a new abortion access bill that’s one of the most progressive in the country. 13 more words

Governor Kate Brown

Oregon governor expands abortion, reproductive coverage

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown on Tuesday signed into law what proponents called America’s most progressive reproductive health policy, expanding coverage on abortions and other reproductive services to thousands of Oregonians, regardless of income, citizenship status or gender identity. 11 more words


Kenya’s Giving Free Sanitary Pads To Schoolgirls Who Can’t Afford Them

Huffington Post |Eleanor Goldberg 

Published: 06/23/2017 05:37 pm ET

Up to 40 percent of girls in Kenta miss school when they have their periods because they can’t afford menstrual hygiene products. 514 more words

Texas Passes Law Significantly Limiting Coverage for Abortion Procedures

On Tuesday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed into law a bill that forbids insurance providers in the state to cover abortion procedures. Women who want coverage for an abortion will have to purchase supplemental plans, if they are available. 378 more words

Inspirational Woman Interview: Helene D. Gayle

Helene D. Gayle is the CEO of the McKinsey Social Initiative, a nonprofit organization that implements programs that bring together varied stakeholders to address complex global social challenges. 1,844 more words

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