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My Body, My Rights

Amnesty International has launched a campaign to help protect the rights all people have to their bodies. Women and girls are especially vulnerable to human rights violations regarding their sexual and reproductive health. 554 more words


How We Changed the Conversation on Safe Sex at Our High School

September 22, 2016 by Alba Alvarado

As a Latina, I have been taught that I am more likely to have a child in high school than to go off to college. 892 more words

Are community mobilizations effective?

For the past two weeks, I have been actively engaged in the #iKnowKati activations (you might have come across it if you followed UOT). Apart from salsa flash-mobs and maybe dance-related activities, I haven’t been to anything that would attract a crowd. 810 more words

The End of China's One-Child Policy Has Put Huge Pressure on the Nation's Sperm Banks

China is looking for quality sperm. Ever since the nation loosened its one-child family-planning policy earlier this year, its sperm banks have reported serious shortages as couples look for ways to expand their families. 753 more words

Why I Keep A Period Diary

Ever since I was a little girl , I always kept a diary. It was my outlet and a way of keeping a record of the little details of my life.   438 more words

Yellow Endo Flower

8 emotional stages of getting a Pap Smear using Kim Kardashian gifs

There’s no denying that Pap Smears play a super important role in preventing cervical cancer and the detection of STI’s, but no one said anything about having to like them! 630 more words


Exposing the hysteria: ‘The Pill’

Here at ‘Caring for your Cat’, we are big fans of all things that aid women in their reproductive and sexual health. This is why we are a big fan of ‘the pill’. 609 more words