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Epidemiology of Maternal Mortality in Malawi

Eveline Geubbel’s article, “Epidemiology of Maternal Mortality in Malawi”, written for the Malawi Medical Journal, looks at the different ways to measure maternal mortality rates in Malawi and its different determinants and causes. 80 more words


Don't fear the Pap Smear

 Here is the story of my first Pap Smear, and why they’re nothing to fear.

Many people would consider women’s sexual health to be taboo, but honestly it’s something that needs more attention. 468 more words


Getting an IUD

I want to start this off by saying everything in this post is my personal experience and that it could be different for everyone! So, recently I decided to get an IUD. 1,061 more words


MY GWSLP STORY: When last minute works for you

“Hmmmm she means business”. I said to myself after reading the second email from Joyce Rene Dzanie which read “Edith and Lilly, last warning, apply for the program! 541 more words

It's time to take charge of your Reproductive and Digestive Health!

Genevieve is teaching a very important class…

It’s time to take charge of your reproductive and digestive health with SELF CARE and SELF LOVE!

Come join us in this Arvigo® SELF CARE Loveshop – 613 more words

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Trump Attacked our Reproductive Freedom, Now is Our Chance to Fight Back

By issuing an individual mandate last month, Trump rescinded reproductive freedoms promised to us by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The new rule makes it so that employers can use religious or moral beliefs to block employee access to copay-free birth control. 292 more words