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Researchers Confirm Labor Pain Anesthesia Can be Administered in Low-Resource Settings

At most hospitals in low-resource settings it is very unlikely that women would receive pain medication during labor. This is a problem, however, when women must receive emergency C-sections. 309 more words


Healthy Happy Hormones: All About PCOS - Part 1

So Aunt Flo doesn’t always visit… and although you hardly ever miss her, her sporadic visits or lack-of can get downright annoying and worrisome after a while. 724 more words


Body language

I’m going to get right into the nitty gritty of this blog post:


There, I said it. Is everyone okay? Did anyone’s ears start bleeding? 1,489 more words

Germany: Woman aged 65 gives birth to quadruplets

We’d rather leave this news uncommented and restrict us to the facts.

Mrs. Annegret R., a retired teacher, has given birth to quadruplets earlier this week. 90 more words


This week I'll be reading ....

When I started this blog, I planned to pen a short post every Friday about the books I’d read or the novels I’d be reading. So today, let me just say that MSF’s… 203 more words


First baby using controversial new IVF treatment born last month

A baby born recently in Toronto is the world’s first to be conceived with a new in-vitro fertilization treatment for parents who have had no luck with IVF in the past. 595 more words