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Relinquishment Coercion is a Reproductive Justice Issue

I posted earlier today about a father whose daughter was taken from him for adoption despite his refusal to consent to the adoption. I now want to focus on the baby’s mother.   452 more words


Putative Father Registries are a Reproductive Justice Issue

I woke this morning to a heart wrenching post on Facebook. Another baby placed for adoption without the father’s consent. Another father denied an opportunity to parent his child because of the lack of awareness about (and existence of) putative father registries. 558 more words


NARAL and New Voices — A podcast on Reproductive Justice

NARAL’s The Morning After is on iTunes! Find our Podcast here: http://bit.ly/naralpodcast

This week, Randi talked with La’Tasha Mayes and  Jasmine Burnett of New Voices Pittsburgh… 216 more words


Study: Up to 240,000 Texas Women Tried to Self-Induce Abortions and GOP Lawmakers Are to Blame

Women who found it difficult to obtain reproductive services is one group mostly likely to attempt a self-induced abortion.

By David Edwards / Raw Story… 404 more words

Why I Provide Abortions


IN public health, you go where the crisis is. If there is an outbreak and you have the ability to relieve suffering, you rush to the site of the need. 901 more words

FHS student organizes forum to discuss rape culture, attitude changes for schools

FREDERICTON – One year after dozens of students walked out of class at Fredericton High School protesting their dress code, student-led forum concentrated on how to improve their own schools will be held Thursday. 506 more words