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Unmasking Crisis Pregnancy/Pregnancy Resource Centers

Part 2:

Many advocates who are in support of the operation and tactics used by crisis pregnancy centers claim that abortions are a severe threat to a person’s health, so therefore the existence of these centers can only be for the greater good. 738 more words


Maryland Governor Takes Atypical GOP Approach to Reproductive Rights

Note: Originally published on Rewire News.

Maryland recently became the first state to pass a law reimbursing its Planned Parenthood clinics if Republicans in Congress cuts their funding. 798 more words

Maureen Shaw

Unmasking Crisis Pregnancy/Pregnancy Resource Centers

Part 1:

Through my experience as an employee at SCSU’s Women’s Center, I have become much more aware of issues that meddle with women’s (and folks of other genders’) rights all over the nation. 842 more words


Soapbox Feminist Camp

When: June 26-30
Where: Seattle
Cost: $1,100; info and registration here

Tired of people asking you “what are you going to do with that women and gender studies degree”? 140 more words


Defend Our Prenatal Daughters

Today’s ‘feminism’ has turned its back on the millions of little girls awaiting their turn at birth, even to the point of defending sex selection abortion. 83 more words


Your Location Doesn't Determine Your Humanity

Human rights must begin when humans begin. Your value must never depend on what others think of you.


Are You Tolerating This Holocaust?

hol-o-caust  [hol–uh-kawst]


: any mass slaughter or reckless destruction of life.

Source: Dictionary.com