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Sorry but I'm Gonna Talk Politics...

I know this isn’t what I typically talk about. But this is the hot topic and I’d like to participate.

Okay we all know what’s been happening with the recent abortion laws. 944 more words


An Open Letter to my Pro-Life Loved Ones

With everything going on concerning reproductive rights in this country, I find myself in a weird place. I was raised in a Christian household and a church that was staunchly pro-life.  401 more words

How One State Has Become a Model for Protecting Abortion Rights From Supreme Court Conservatives

Vermont’s Republican governor told Rewire.News he would not stand in the way of protecting abortion rights amid the looming threat to Roe v. Wade 1,236 more words
Abortion Information

Perhaps a Silver Lining?

Boy oh boy, am I ever reluctant to wade into the abortion debate, yessir, you bet I am. For one thing I’m male, which alone often seems about enough to get me lynched, or at least banished forever from polite company, should I ever express a view. 3,006 more words


Alabama Abortion Law: A Reflection

As some of you may know, earlier this year I moved to the
United States for an adventure. Before
moving here, I kept myself informed about the social climate and news in the US. 422 more words

Activists, Bay Area Leaders Rally To Protect Reproductive Rights

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Activists and political leaders in the Bay Area joined thousands across the country Tuesday to organize against restrictive nationwide changes to abortion law and gender-based services. 410 more words


The American Uterus And Collective Healing

Struggling Empath

I write this post full moon and in a full blown lupus flare up, undoubtedly brought on by the increasingly present weight and stress of reproductive rights in the US. 1,885 more words