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Can abortion ever be banned, while maintaining female rights?

Madblog recently wrote a series of posts. (Recent relative to when I wrote this, anyway.) Her posts were about abortion, the two pertinent points being this: abortion is a genocide, just like the Nazi extermination of the Jews; and, in response to the indignation she subsequently received, to set the challenge for atheists (because, as everyone knows, “pro-choice” is just code for “atheist”) to explain how abortion and genocide were objectively and inherently morally different. 1,346 more words

Women in Northern Ireland surrender to police for accepting abortion pills in the mail

Three women in Northern Ireland surrendered to police on Monday evening for breaking the country’s strict abortion laws in the hopes that they might make a statement about the “unworkability” of the laws. 208 more words

Sexuality And Reproductive Issues

Appeal for Indiana woman convicted for having an abortion

05/23/16 09:15 AM

By Irin Carmon

Purvi Patel was bleeding through her layers of clothing when she arrived, alone, at the emergency room in Mishawaka, Indiana on the night of July 13, 2013. 1,935 more words

QotD: "Gender is internal to patriarchy. There is no meaningful continuation of gender outside of patriarchy"

you aren’t a marxist leftist if you don’t believe in sex oppression and reproductive exploitation of the female. marx was a fuckin terf, engels was a fuckin terf, you loons.

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Democrats stand for the little people?

The Democratic Party is responsible for more dead American children than all other causes combined. Reject the barbaric practice of human abortion. Stand in defense of the defenseless and vote for an America inclusive of all her people.

Vote for LIFE!