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Anti-TERF as AMAB Privilege

For people born with penises (and conditioned AMAB) to demand total access to AFAB spaces is a gross assertion of unearned privilege and should be rejected, however deeply they may feel some sort of “essential” feminine identity. 150 more words


A Hawaiian Doctor & The ACLU Are Suing For Increased Access To The Abortion Pill


What would you do if you needed an abortion and you lived in place where there were no abortion clinics? That’s a real-life question faced by women living in countries where abortion still isn’t legal — but it’s also faced by American women, even today. 697 more words

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Appeals court issues stay in case of detained teen immigrant's abortion request


  • The stay stops a ruling that would have allowed the teenager to get an abortion
  • The teenager is an undocumented immigrant in detention in Texas…
541 more words

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Surrogate dispute: Biological parents and birth mother end up in court

A SURROGATE mother has been stripped of her parental rights after the baby boy’s biological parents won a court battle to erase her from the child’s life. 146 more words


Banning late-term abortions is cruel. I know because I’ve had one.

At age 40, after being blessed with three beautiful, healthy children, I was overjoyed to discover I was pregnant with a son. I began to blog about my pregnancy and post pictures from our ultrasounds. 715 more words

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Committee votes not to retain Eighth Amendment in full

Proposal made by SF, seconded by FF; McGrath, Mullen, Fitzpatrick vote against

Senator Catherine Noone, Chair of the Oireachtas Committee on the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution, speaks during session this afternoon. 398 more words

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Proposed bill would bar university staff from Planned Parenthood work

Anti-abortion advocates, and a Republican U.S. Senate candidate, clashed with University of Wisconsin medical school leaders Tuesday over a proposal that would end an arrangement allowing UW doctors to train students and perform abortions at Planned Parenthood. > Associated Press