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QotD: "US feminist Susan Brownmiller on why her groundbreaking book on rape is still relevant"

The idea for the book [Against Our Will] grew out of Brownmiller’s activism, specifically, the consciousness-raising group to which she belonged in the early 70s, the New York Radical Feminists.

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Here’s How Pro-Choice Activists Worked to Keep an Ohio Abortion Clinic Open

Local activists spent years trying to stop Toledo’s last abortion clinic from closing. This week, they may have won.

“The prospect of losing this fight was heartbreaking.” 1,285 more words

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The Call Gets Louder to Fire the Trump Official Denying Abortion Care to Immigrants

“It shocks the conscience that this administration sees young immigrants’ lives as simply another battlefield upon which to wage its ideological war against reproductive health care.” 1,261 more words

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As Anti-Choice Violence Erupted in US, Abortion Clinic Escort Maintained Records About Protesters

Anti-choice protest tactics are on trial in New York amid a marked uptick in violence against abortion providers and clinics.

Planned Parenthood and other clinics that provide abortion counseling and other health-care services have long dealt with anti-abortion activist activity that have ranged from smear campaigns to bomb threats. 1,057 more words

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i don't want to have kids and that is okay

I don’t want to have biological kids. I don’t find it appealing. No, I don’t want to have a mini-me walking around on this earth. No, I don’t care about creating a new life. 437 more words

Q & A: Why are mentally disturbed women allowed to have children?

I’m Bipolar I in addition to having Asperger’s and a few other things. Years ago I made the decision to never have children. It was a more merciful decision than putting them through what I’ve endured. 253 more words


Ohio Abortion Clinic Meets GOP’s Unnecessary Requirement in Hopes of Staying Open

“If Capital Care closes, patients would be forced to travel out-of-state or to cities like Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland,” said Kristin Hady, a Capital Care volunteer clinic escort coordinator. 598 more words

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