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Pregnant women won't lose the paid leave they had planned

A small amount of common sense has prevailed over the Government’s proposed Paid Parental Leave (PPL) changes, with a 1 January start date now looking unlikely — meaning women who’re currently (and in many cases heavily) pregnant now can still access to up to $12,000 in paid leave. 9 more words

Wednesday watch: Samantha Bee on Catholic hospitals

With reproductive rights under attack everywhere you turn, from Congress trying to defund Planned Parenthood to state legislatures mandating fetus funerals, there’s a stealth threat that hasn’t gotten as much attention but also poses a huge danger to women’s health. 55 more words


When the truth isn’t truthy enough

The Phil Scott and Sue Minter campaigns are in full froth over alleged negative advertising. Each accuses the other of willful distortion: Team Scott is upset over ads questioning his pro-choice credentials; the Scott campaign, meanwhile, is slammed for tying Minter to a proposed carbon tax. 478 more words

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Polish women don black once again as protests erupt over new attempt at outlawing abortion

Massive protests erupted in Poland on Monday, as women in cities across the country donned black in protest of a proposal to ban abortions in cases where fetuses were severely deformed or unable to survive after birth. 274 more words

Activism And Protest

Why the Zeal to Kill Children?

Sadly, when a young mother shares her anxiety and trepidation about an unplanned pregnancy, many around her will immediately leap to the option of killing her son or daughter. 95 more words


Question and Answer

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I don’t understand how you’re so unable to accept facts. I understand your views and respect that you believe in something however when it’s no longer a blissful ignorance but rather a blatant disregard of facts it kind of irritates me. 490 more words