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Review: Reptilian - Perennial Void Traverse

Norwegian death metal appears to have entered a bit of a renaissance recently, and I’ve been hearing good things coming from a country more known for its notorious black metal past. 195 more words


Episode 3 - The Death (Metal) of 2016

Welcome to the third installment of the Celtic Frosty Podcast. In this episode, I share tracks from some of the best and most unique death metal albums of the year so far. 245 more words

Death Metal

Exopolitics » Reptilian Aliens Helped Nazi Germany Build Secret Space Program in Antarctica

In the run up to World War II, German secret societies and the Nazi SS were guided to three large caverns in Antarctica by Reptilian extraterrestrials, according to former U.S.

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"Perennial Void Traverse" by Reptilian

Utterly twisted, insidious and fever-dreaming death metal from norwegian entity Reptilian. Awaiting for the arrival of their debut “Perennial Void Traverse”, which will be released from ghastly… 16 more words

Death Metal

Is Alison Rapp an MK Ultra sex kitten?

A PR person for Nintendo, Alison Rapp, fairly recently earned notoriety for her promotion of pedophilia on Twitter. Then last month she was fired from Nintendo, not for promotion of pedophilia, but for having another job. 549 more words


What ITC Groups Could Learn From the Ancients (8.1)

This article explores some of the earliest known writings on subjects like…

  • the creation of the universe,
  • gods and titans walking the Earth long ago,
  • 1,710 more words