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In a raging sea of flame.

I smell blood rising from the water.
Red steam wavering, platinum surface.
Limbo place, a gray that suffocates.
Emerging from thick clay mud,
I peer crocodile style above the lip of liquid. 312 more words


The Justin Bieber Reptilian Shapeshifting Controversy

Recently there has been a massive controversy about allegations being made against pop singer Justin Bieber. According to reports a number of witnesses observed Justin Bieber shapeshift into a reptilian. 380 more words


Theory, or Tall Tale

So I was browsing the feeds this morning and came across an aside on a blog I have been enjoying recently, In Saner Thought. The subject was “conspiracy theories” and whether they are plausible and worth considering. 356 more words

Will Ted Cruz take a DNA test to prove he's not reptilian?

❝ Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was asked an unexpected question Tuesday by a woman. The video of his reply has gone viral.

❝ The video uploader, who identified herself as Tammy Talpas, first explained that she was really worried about missing out on healthcare benefits because she had seven pre-existing conditions.

60 more words

I'm so f*cking male - 03

I’m so f*cking male – Part 2

Before we go on to read this part, some disclaiming:

  1. On the quest of discovering the intimate corners of my gender/sexuality I stumble upon strange creatures.
  2. 1,692 more words

Paul Bonacci and The Alien/Star Wars Mind Control Program

As stated in previous articles, Paul Bonacci has exceptional credibility. He was awarded 1 million dollars in court for being the victim of ongoing Satanic Ritual Abuse, and a district court judge endorsed him as a person who tells the truth. 757 more words