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Reptilian and Mantis Hybrid

Damian was and is famous hybrid to the awakened audiences and was conducting Skype consultations most days as everyone wanted to share their stories and find some sort of answers which he claimed he had. 610 more words

Fossilized Reptilian Alien Head Found on Mars

The key is looking at the details and seeing the bigger picture. The evidence is right in front of us if we look close enough. How ancient are the civilization or civilizations that lived on Mars? 69 more words



Infestus: La Xtreem Music aha annunciato la ri pubblicazione del demo Unnatural Legacy della death metal spagnola Infestus, insieme agli altri due demo mai rilasciati risalenti al 1994 e 2015. 896 more words


Benighted Premiere “Reptilian” Music Video

Benighted have premiered a new video for their new song “Reptilian.” This song is from their new album “Necrobreed,” which will be released on February 24.


LISA RENEE (Energetic Synthesis): "Reeducation of Human Values"

“Each person must decide if they are willing to be aligned to their purposes of spiritual growth, by accepting the challenges they face which help them to build increasing competencies within themselves.

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Rezzy Christmas!

Staying with winter and Christmas theme I’m sharing some special commission I did for  long-term coworker K. Lisowska (and now also a friend) who is the author of… 163 more words