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Choreographed violence

we crave violence

Even when choreographed

We wait for the blood


Frontman Charles Taze Russell

                                                                                                                    Charles Taze Russell

                                                       The founder of the Watchtower Society (also known as the Jehovah’s Witnesses cult, JW, JW.org) was Charles Taze Russell

                                              “I am a Free Mason. 856 more words

The Stars Are Falling Review by Ben Fairhall

The Stars Are Falling: Reasons To Believe We Are Enslaved
By The Serpent 

by Matthew Delooze

ISBN: 978-1-9057-4703-0

Matthew’s website: www.oneballradio.com

England still awaits. David Icke, for all his faults, has at least thrown the conspiracy research field wide open for any number of young pretenders. 817 more words


Hermaphrodite Jewish lizard people created isis to harvest the blood of christians.

Hermaphrodite Jewish lizard people created isis to harvest the blood of Christians.
Dr.Richard Shelby

I have been doing some intensive research along side the tinfoil hate club and I have found some very interesting information. 254 more words

Traditionalchurch Of Satan


From lying,

Folding up, in creaks,


To be seated,


The floor seeming,

Ever further away,

Holding on,

With my feet,

Toes curled,

Yellowed nails biting the rug, 10 more words


Michael Basham urges Christians to reach out to Arizona Wilder (Alleged witness to malevolent reptilian activity)

In a recent video, Michael Basham urges people to reach out to Arizona Wilder. Basham is a Christian missionary with an extensive conspiracy research background, and I think he makes a great point when urging Christians (in particular Dan Duvall) to reach out to someone like Arizona Wilder. 1,388 more words