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Conspiracy Theory: Reptilians

The Reptilian theory states that aliens are working behind the scenes, infiltrating and controlling human society by presenting themselves in human form as world leaders, politicians and celebrities, with an agenda to take over the World. 478 more words


The Royal Reptile

The Royal Reptile


Never smile at a crocodile

Though they may seem rather fragile,

Or of royal guile

‘cause they most certainly are reptile… 93 more words


Humans Mimicking Reptilians

Reptilians and other entities which people are combating daily and sometimes without even realizing, as they are slightly out of our vision, have far less power once we become aware that they are there. 971 more words

Detaching Reptilians And Other Entities

My first experience detaching a reptilian from a person was actually my own son who was only 4 years old at the time. I had noticed his behaviour and changed. 445 more words