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November 18, 2014: "Reptilian Me"

“We just wanted the option to take advantage of that particular avenue,” says a non-descript white girl, with her forgettable face and flat tits. “Now that we see the cost of our choice, it pains me to say that our allegiance can no longer be afforded by the communal pot of wealth we call our soul. 505 more words

The Philosophy/ Psychology of Rick and Morty

I am a sell out, I’ll admit it, mainly because the idea for this blog post was generated out of my page analytics for the website. 1,568 more words

CLEAR Evidence Illuminati is Possessed by Demons

The first few minutes of this video show the only available version of the ‘Reptilian G.H.W.Bush interview’ video, for the first time in sharpened video quality, now you can observe it without any kind of added effects and with the actual sound recording. 8 more words

Illuminati Videos

Ufo flies over capital Washington dc

A UFO has been captured on a live Fox News broadcast, as it flew over the United States Capitol building in Washington. A witness from Rolling Meadows, Illinois, reported the sighting to UFOlogist group ‘OpenMinds’, who are currently investigating.

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Occult Tower

Sanitizing Sanity, A Vain Attempt? In Vanity?

Nasal congestion,


Doctors suggestion,

Sprays and anti-acid.

Flat screens, digital LCD,

Acid tripping on LSD.

1 part X 2 parts Y 3 parts Z, 2,272 more words

Food for Thought


We were just intercepting and reading all of our current/past students’ emails, as we always do, (for security purposes) and we came across yours. Any message containing over 1000 characters is automatically and immediately flagged for our review. 5,124 more words