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Waking Up

What is this waking up people talk about. A huge majority of people think it is consuming truthful knowledge about how the establishment abuses you. 94 more words


Christ, his Sword and the Ego

All people will be judged by Christ’s sword. No, I don’t mean the Christian lord will come down and mow us all down with a cleaver. 47 more words



Each time I come to doubt what I do here, I say to myself “get behind me”. Doubt and confidence are side-effects of the Ego. 116 more words



Once we’ve transcended Ego, how do we know if others haven’t yet woken? Simple, they keep hitting “Like/Follow/Join”. It isn’t insulting. It just shows how attached you are to your point of view. 46 more words



The caption should read “Obama speaks about reptilian brain” known as the r-complex. It is the seat of greed, vanity, hate, desire and above all,  135 more words


Benighted Premiere “Reptilian” Music Video

Benighted have premiered a new video for their new song “Reptilian.” This song is from their new album “Necrobreed,” which will be released on February 24.


LISA RENEE (Energetic Synthesis): "Reeducation of Human Values"

“Each person must decide if they are willing to be aligned to their purposes of spiritual growth, by accepting the challenges they face which help them to build increasing competencies within themselves.

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