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Culture of Controllers

Culture of  Controllers

by Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis

June 23, 2015

The head Controller Ego Archetype is based upon the Draconian hierarchal belief system originating in Orion, which is the False King of Tyranny. 1,850 more words


Pure Evil was born...

Born under alike cosmic alignments, today is the birthday of pure evil.

George Bush Sr. and his NWO partner David Rockefeller. 91 and 100, yet when on the Moon they look like they’re in their 50’s… 8 more words


My skin is dry and scaly,

It’s something you can’t fake,

I’m concerned that I’m reptilian,

Perhaps I am a snake.


The Ethics Of… Old Bastards (in defense of conservatives)

As anyone who’s spent any time at all on this website could tell you, I am not a politically conservative person. I care about issues as broad as the environment, political accountability, gay rights, and even dry stuff like the pitfalls of capitalism. 1,977 more words

The 7.000 Year-Old Ubaid Lizardmen Statuettes

Most of the statuettes were uncovered from an archaeological site called Tell Al’Ubaid, a small settlement mound in southern Iraq. It predates the construction of the nearby Sumerian city-state of Ur by more than a thousand years. 209 more words


Kilrathi cats from space are real! OMG!!!!11

I watched a lecture, The Alien Agenda, by someone called Simon Parkes. His website describes him as follows: “Simon Parkes is a life long experiencer of aliens, shadow people, elementals and ufo’s, these include Mantid (Mantis) beings, Draconis Reptilian, Feline, small and tall Grey creatures, Crystalline beings and other creatures that can’t be identified.   327 more words