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Age Of Aquarius

As a gentle guide
She shows you the truth
The innocence you had
In your youth

The place that exists
Beyond the fear
The time before… 57 more words


Killer Staple Remover

This is a piece that I made during my last year of high school that demonstrated how an inanimate object could come to life. I decided to create a living staple remover because I’ve heard people say that the metal parts look almost like fangs. 31 more words


Hotel View - Reptilian Stare by mpn

Hotel View – Reptilian Stare by mpn

digital art

The 'Hidden' Intelligence of Reptiles

A little Facebook blurb I thought I’d add here: This New York Times  piece is an older article (2013), but re-reading it reminded me of the fascinating… 491 more words


The Lizards and the Jews

This is the amazing documentary The Lizards And The Jews – Documentary on David Icke which among other things shows how false accusations of hate crimes (especially antisemitism) are used against people like David Icke who are exposing the power hungry globalist elite and thus preventing all of us to hear alternative views on global events. 172 more words