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Sweet Potato Pie // Published in 4 Legs & a Tail

Sweet Potato Pie Published in 4 Legs & a Tail Winter 2014

By Samantha Bubar


When I first saw her, I had no idea what to expect. 794 more words


Reptile Emergency Kit

Cold Blooded Winter Emergency Kits Submitted for the Winter 2015 Edition of 4 Legs & a Tail

Samantha Bubar, 25- Reptile enthusiast, owner of 2 leopard geckos, a rescue bearded dragon, as well as a rescue Chihuahua. 679 more words


David Icke's reptilians vs human mafia

Recently i investigated David Icke’s allegations that the earths rulers are reptilians that look like humans. However, there is no evidence ever presented to back up what he claims to believe. 367 more words

Reptilians and the Bible


David Icke, a conspiracy theorist believes that Reptilians have infiltrated our world and are among those who control global governments. Some believe Queen Elizabeth II, President Barak Obama, and others are Reptilians in disguise. 849 more words