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From lying,

Folding up, in creaks,


To be seated,


The floor seeming,

Ever further away,

Holding on,

With my feet,

Toes curled,

Yellowed nails biting the rug, 10 more words


Michael Basham urges Christians to reach out to Arizona Wilder (Alleged witness to malevolent reptilian activity)

In a recent video, Michael Basham urges people to reach out to Arizona Wilder. Basham is a Christian missionary with an extensive conspiracy research background, and I think he makes a great point when urging Christians (in particular Dan Duvall) to reach out to someone like Arizona Wilder. 1,388 more words


Culture of Controllers

Culture of  Controllers

by Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis

June 23, 2015

The head Controller Ego Archetype is based upon the Draconian hierarchal belief system originating in Orion, which is the False King of Tyranny. 1,850 more words


Pure Evil was born...

Born under alike cosmic alignments, today is the birthday of pure evil.

George Bush Sr. and his NWO partner David Rockefeller. 91 and 100, yet when on the Moon they look like they’re in their 50’s… 8 more words


My skin is dry and scaly,

It’s something you can’t fake,

I’m concerned that I’m reptilian,

Perhaps I am a snake.