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Obama's Reptilian Alien Secret Service Agent

Is one of Barack Obama’s bodyguards an reptilian shape-shifter?

The above screenshot was taken and captured from news video clip recently.

The original footage can be seen in the video below discussing Obama’s upcoming trip to Israel while showing “Obama AIPAC 2012 speech”. 142 more words


Dream Log ...the Alien test

I was at a place that looked like a football field kind of…I sat on a picnic table with my husband on my right and our friend on my left. 475 more words

Dream Diary

Wikileaks Have Already Disclosed NASA’s Secret – ALIENS ARE REAL

Isn’t it hard to believe that as little as only two years ago, WikiLeaks released secret cables that actually disclosed information about ETs in our solar system and hardly anybody battered an eyelid! 815 more words


Reptilian caught on film? A reptilian shapeshifter appears on the popular Dr Phil TV show!

It seems as though a reptilian shapeshifter has appeared on the popular Dr Phil TV show. I don’t see how anyone can debunk this one. This is definitely not a fake and it’s clear this woman has reptilian eyes as she does not have pupils but reptilian slits in her eyes. 256 more words


Draconian speaks

After a brief pondering the thought of taking a different species as a love interest or bed partner one that’s lower in species from my draconian reptilian race, I thought no I shall not, why sink to the lower cess pool of dishonor to my race…. 87 more words

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