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A Breakdown of Who's Running for President in 2016!

“BW” sent this link! Thanks BW for the information. It gives an analysis of who is, or will announce, they are running for president in 2016. 34 more words

Jeb Bush Doesn't Have an Aura of Inevitability. And that's Fine.

Nicholas Confessore–who in the past, has written for non-right wing rags like Salon, Washington Monthly, and The American Prospect, and who therefore may not be the most unbiased soul in the world when it comes to writing about Republicans–co-authored… 646 more words

"Religion Won't Save Cruz's White House Bid": Evangelical Appeal Only Takes You So Far

Given that Ted Cruz formally announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination in the most overtly religious way possible, pollsters, pundits, and the public will quickly begin to speculate about the role of faith in the 2016 GOP nominating contest. 786 more words


“And he is Us?”

Yes, that’s right, your fellow Americans are the enemy that we have met. Thanks to Pogo for the words to describe how we oppose us. When Republicans talk about taxpayers, and raising taxes and how Americans are taxed enough already (TEA), perhaps we should stop to ask what do they mean by Americans, as if we are all the same economically? 348 more words



If you felt it was in your best interest to have those around you trail the nation in education wouldn’t you see to it that your public education system is underfunded because “There’s gold in them thar hills”? 154 more words


LD Poll: Deportations Have Alienated Young Latinos From Dems

I hate to say “I told you so,” but…

Latino Decisions just released some poll data
on how the Obama Administration’s deportation policy is affecting young Latino attitudes toward the Democratic Party. 535 more words