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Single Payer Savior? *Open Thread*

That is what Democrats are now claiming in response to the Republicans’ attempts to deal with the monstrosity that is Obamacare, which just lost yet another insurer, Aetna… 1,106 more words

No War On Women? Look at what Republicans Did Thursday

The Party of Destruction has waged a ruthless war on women for more than two decades. These mostly old, white men, deny women their human rights, choosing instead to violate the Constitution and support a single religion based on fantasy. 411 more words

Why Complaining About the "Two Party System" Is a Waste of Time

It is not useful for the purposes of this article to speculate on the roots of this phenomenon but, whatever the reason, it is undeniably common nowadays to complain about the “two-party system.” The “two-party system” is everyone’s favorite bogeyman, everyone’s kneejerk justification for delegitimization. 3,627 more words