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1949 – The Republic of Ireland withdraws from the British Commonwealth.

The twenty-six counties of Ireland withdrawal from the British Commonwealth is recognised officially by Britain becomes the independent Republic of Ireland. The Ireland Act 1949 passed by the House of Commons recognised the withdrawal. 13 more words

Irish History

1941 – Belfast suffers major damage on night of 15/16 April as Nazi bombers rain death on the city.

Belfast had been struck in a smaller raid less than a month earlier, which mainly targeted docks and a factory. This prior raid had killed thirteen, and the Luftwaffe crews reported that Belfast’s defenses were poor. 178 more words

Irish History

McDonald's customer punched policeman then got naked in cell and smeared himself with poo

James Marry said he was ‘ashamed and embarrassed’ as he was jailed today.

And you would be if you’d done what he did.

Marry punched a cop in McDonald’s before getting naked in his police cell and smearing himself in poo. 158 more words


Pipe-puffing dog is giving up smoking with his owner

It’s always tough to give up smoking, but a man is facing an unlikely ally in his quest to ditch the nicotine – his pipe puffing dog. 379 more words


19th century brothel tunnel causes traffic chaos in Dublin

A tunnel used by 19th century Irish politicians to visit prostitutes created a large sink-hole in central Dublin.

The six-foot deep hole stopped road users on the busy Dame street while council engineers tried to assess the situation. 159 more words


All home nations to play at France 2016?

As the European Championships in France in 2016 has expanded to 24 teams, instead of the usual 16, a lot of nations are looking at it as a chance of qualifying for a tournament they never usually have a chance of reaching. 440 more words