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The F- Word, The Piper and The Referendum

By Elaine Feeney

I like words, this week I like kibosh. It fits this week.

I’ve also been mulling over the word . It means bundle of sticks. 1,077 more words

Your Shout

On Democracies and Republics

Democracies, or more specifically Democratic Republics, are funny things. When we think of democracy we seem to have these romanticized visions of equality and egalitarian representation. 422 more words


Shaping the Mind

I have stated before that we, as humans, are easily influenced. We are especially susceptible to influence when we are young; as Socrates stated, “You know also that the beginning is the most important part of any work, especially in the case of a young and tender thing; for that is the time at which the character is being formed and the… 172 more words


How N.Z. might become a Republic

This post is purely a hypothetical attempt at showing how New Zealand might become a Republic.

The republic debate is one that has been simmering off and own in New Zealand. 464 more words


Doggie Philosopher

While discussing which traits a good soldier must have, Socrates mentioned, “Would not he who is fitted to be a guardian, besides the spirited nature, need to have the qualities of a philosopher?” Glaucon stated what I thought myself:  “I do not apprehend your meaning.” Socrates clarified by bringing in a comparison. 144 more words