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Grey Area

After reading the dialogue from  Plato’s Republic, I have found myself disagreeing with certain aspects of Socrates’ arguments. Particularly, Socrates makes claims about people that are black and white, but in reality people tend to exist in the grey area. 344 more words

Ancient Philosophy

Down With Islamic Republic of Iran

April 25th, 2015: Iranian-Canadians joined to protest against the so-called “Islamic Regime of Iran”, in support of civil and human rights for the Iranian people in Dundas Square, downtown Toronto. 7 more words


The British Republic

I have an issue with the Royal Family. I’m sure as people they are perfectly nice, even casually racist Phil or politically-meddling organic Charlie, it’s just the institution they represent is an archaic throwback to olden times. 990 more words


Earthquakes And The Problem Of "Missing" Time (contd.....)

CONTINUATION OF “Earthquakes And The Problem Of “Missing” Time

I have also chosen to example this particular writing from almost five years ago because of the teaching theme running through it that “all is connected to all”—that you cannot separate the earthquake or volcanic activities from the other shenanigans orchestrated by your would-be kings of darkness. 331 more words


Child Abuse

 This is a baby, just a random photo of a baby I found on the Internet.

He could grow up to be a doctor or an architect, a famous artist or a bricklayer, an airline pilot or a fisherman. 197 more words

Royal Family

Monarchist posturing over ANZAC Day reeks of political opportunism

Anyone who has had the unfortunate experience of viewing posts on the ‘Australians for Constitutional Monarchy’ (ACM) Facebook page recently might be forgiven for thinking that ACM are ‘official partners’ of Saturday’s centenary ANZAC Day commemorations. 526 more words