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Perturbing Plato

This post continues on from my last two about Plato’s The Republic, which were about the problems I had with reading the book, and the things I liked. 1,009 more words

August 25, 2016 Resources: Suicide of the Republic; How We Got Our Bible; Sound Preaching

One highly misunderstood (and under-understood) area is how we got the 27 books of our New Testament. Michael Kruger, who has written what looks to be… 238 more words


Books, Poems and Billycan Bombs

Yes, so I’m sure you’ve heard of the poet Joseph Mary Plunkett who was executed after the Easter Rising of 1916 but did you know that he had a brother called George who was also involved. 621 more words


All We Need To Do Is Make Sure We Keep Talking

Nicole and I were walking in my town of Bazar-Korgon. We were walking along the main road, heading into center. Along the way we came across three boys, ages 6-8. 840 more words


The Pros of Plato

Throughout Time: the Republic by Plato, part 2
How obtained: free kindle version (Amazon, Project Gutenberg)

As well as the little quips between characters in between the arguments, there were a few quotes and concepts that I really liked. 719 more words