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Why The Republican Mid-Term Victories Are A Very Good Thing

American voters are stupid. Well, maybe 75% stupid and 25% fed up.

But the Republican Party (hereafter referred to as Repiggies) is even more stupid, in the neighborhood of 100%. 146 more words


Stupid and Irresponsible ZMapp Conspiracy Theories

I’ve written a couple of times about ZMapp, the monoclonal antibody treatment for ebola infection.  Short summary: ZMapp is a cocktail of three monoclonal antibodies, in other words, human proteins, that were genetically engineered to grow in tobacco plants.   1,008 more words


Voter-Suppression Laws Aim To Disenfranchise Black People

A new research study from University of Massachusetts Boston professors Keith G. Bentele and Erin E. O’Brien confirms what voting rights advocates have been charging for years: Voter-suppression laws are partisan measures that disproportionately target African-Americans.

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Dear Senator

I wrote two letters as soon as I heard about the disgraceful Senate vote recently. You know the one I’m talking about – the one in which 30 Senators voted against an amendment that prohibits government contracts from being issued to companies who prevent their employees from suing their employers if they have been raped or assaulted at work. 850 more words


Old White Men and Mad Hatters

Some people are born failures — others thrust it upon themselves

Way to go you delusional old farts. There’s a presidential election in 6-weeks. You’re stuck with a one per center for a candidate who has a “let them eat cake” wife, and a marked disdain for… 68 more words

Bain Capital

How is this possible? Let's ask Rick Santorum

How is it possible that almost four years after we elected Obama president, the number of Republicans who think he’s Muslim could double, and that less than half of all registered voters know what religion he professes (in a country where religion matters)?

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