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Republican Fight Club: True Grit Versus Cheesy Grits

Ya’ll may have missed the Alabama and Mississippi primary results this week. Rick Santorum took both states although Mitt Romney is still way ahead in delegates. 758 more words

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Ohio Cat Wants Gingrich to Exit Primary Race

Today my tuxedo cat Lacy asked me why I haven’t blogged about the Mississippi and Alabama primaries that will occur tomorrow.

“Because nothing much has changed in the skies,” I replied. 472 more words

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Does Mitt Romney Truly Want to be President?

What would you do if in the middle of a presidential campaign you decided that you didn’t really want to be president, that you’d changed your mind? 1,613 more words

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Super Tuesday, Super Astrological Fun

Both Tuesday and March are ruled by Mars, the god of war. In Spanish, Tuesday is “Martes” and March is “Marzo.”

If you thought Super Tuesday was some democratic fiesta, you would be mistaken. 1,149 more words

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Republican Debate Prep Sheet-February 22

When my tuxedo cat Lacy was planning our schedule this week, she asked what we were going to do besides look out the front window at birds, look out the back window at squirrels and sleep. 629 more words

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The Republican Primaries Enter the Age of Pisces

The hippies tripping out on acid in Golden Gate Park in the late 1960s was the supposed ushering in of the Age of Aquarius. Tripping out in public is more a Pisces than an Aquarius thing to do. 1,031 more words

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Republican Fight Club: Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum

Congratulations to Rick Santorum for winning the Missouri primary and Colorado and Minnesota caucuses on the same day. And, Rick, thank you.

Thank you for several reasons: 1,188 more words

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