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George W. Bush’s CIA briefer admits Iraq WMD “intelligence” was a lie - Salon.com

A flurry of politicians quickly declaring their candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination has meant that the Bush administration’s Iraq War is back in the national conversation. 94 more words


Texas Governor Signs Bill That Makes Local Fracking Bans Illegal | ThinkProgress

Texas lawmakers have made it clear you don’t mess with Texas when it comes to extracting fossil fuels. Even if you’re a Texan.

On Monday, Texas governor Greg Abbott signed legislation that prohibits cities across Texas from banning hydraulic fracturing from their home turf. 187 more words


Here are the top 10 times David Letterman made right-wingers look like total idiots

It’s been hard to write or say anything about David Letterman’s impending retirement that doesn’t sound like hagiography. This is a man who was my comedy hero in first grade and remains my comedy hero to this day; a famous person who is probably more responsible for the kinds of things I find funny than anyone I’ve ever met in real life. 57 more words


Bill Gates: High taxes and high growth can co-exist | PunditFact

With a net worth in the neighborhood of $80 billion, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has no hesitation answering questions about what sort of economic policies the country should follow. 155 more words


Fox’s Chris Wallace Grills Rubio on His Iraq War ‘Flip’ | Mediaite

In perhaps the closest cable news has ever come to a genuine Abbott and Costello bit, Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace attempted to get an answer out of Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) over whether he would have invaded Iraq, and also who was on first. 49 more words


The ludicrous myth of Republican fiscal responsibility: A history lesson for the modern GOP - Salon.com

Over the past three decades, the Republican party has followed a familiar strategy — get elected to executive office by preaching fiscal responsibility, make a complete mess of things fiscally, and then, when a Democrat comes in to clean up the mess, blame them endlessly for not fixing it fast enough. 58 more words