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Marco Rubio’s Obamacare Alternative Signs Up 42 Whole People | FreakOutNation

We laughed and laughed when Republican said they would come up with an alternative to Obamacare, didn’t we? Well, Marco Rubio set up Florida Health Choices, which is totally putting President Obama to shame. 11 more words


AP investigation: Rep. Schock spent campaign cash on private planes, concerts | Chicago

WASHINGTON (AP) — Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock, a rising Republican star already facing an ethics inquiry, has spent taxpayer and campaign funds on flights aboard private planes owned by some of his key donors, The Associated Press has found. 31 more words


Money Makes Crazy - NYTimes.com

Monetary policy probably won’t be a major issue in the 2016 campaign, but it should be. It is, after all, extremely important, and the Republican base and many leading politicians have strong views about the Federal Reserve and its conduct. 36 more words


Could we please not forgive Sarah Palin? She is an unrepentant nightmare | Comment is free | The Guardian

No. People loved those Tina Fey/Sarah Palin sketches because Sarah Palin is a terrifying, anti-intellectual, anti-choice, gun-toting ideologue who came within a hair’s breadth of one of the most powerful political offices in the world, a dystopian potentiality that could have tangibly affected the lives of literally billions of people. 52 more words


David Stockman Interview: The Global Economy Has Entered The Crack-Up Phase | David Stockman's Contra Corner

Transcript of David Stockman’s Interview By Chris Martenson at Peak Prosperity

Chris Martenson: Welcome to this Peak Prosperity podcast. I am your host, Chris Martenson. It’s a central banker world and that world is increasingly volatile, deformed, and full of risks. 241 more words


Rand Paul caught lying about his college record - Salon.com

Ophthalmologist-turned-politician Rand Paul may have a medical degree from Duke University, but the Kentucky senator and likely 2016 presidential candidate never completed his undergraduate education at Baylor University. 28 more words