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Tonight on the brand new Case Sports Podcast, we talk about why everything happening in these screenshot is the best and worst moments of American history.

Hedge Fund Basher Donald Trump Just Hired a Hedge Fund CEO as His Finance Chair

Donald Trump made no secret in the Republican primary of his distaste for hedge funds — claiming at one point that “hedge fund guys” were “getting away with murder” and were “paying nothing” in taxes. 200 more words


Trump and Clinton: Both U.S. Candidates Have "High Negatives"


NEW YORK (AFP) – It’s the paradox of the 2016 US presidential elections: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are virtually assured of facing off against each other in November, and yet both are widely unpopular. 796 more words

Donald Trump Wins the GOP Nomination!

As most people are now aware, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is now the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party after a huge victory in Indiana yesterday. 1,496 more words

Poll: Who Do You Think Should Be Trump's Vice President?

With Trump being the Republican nominee for President, it is time to vote on who you believe he should pick to be his Vice President. If you think someone else should be, comment below and their name will be added.

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Donald Trump

Why Australian's (and everyone else for that matter) should care about the outcome of the American presidential race.

Watching the presidential race reminds me of feeding goldfish. The goldfish are hiding away in their tank all day (even though you’ve only tapped on the glass like a million times to get their attention) and then it’s time to feed them. 818 more words


Ted Cruz ends bid for Republican nomination

WASHINGTON (AP) – Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is ending his presidential campaign, eliminating the biggest impediment to Donald Trump’s march to the Republican nomination.

Cruz’s campaign said he plans to drop out of the race Tuesday following his loss in Indiana’s Republican primary to Trump. 43 more words

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