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Politicians and the Press, Part I

The biggest stories of the primary season have revolved around one topic: Donald Trump.

Mostly, they are variations on a theme: What can explain Donald Trump’s unprecedented popularity? 308 more words

And About Ted Cruz.....

While I have trouble understanding the appeal of Donald Trump, I have less trouble when it comes to Ted Cruz, who has just established his bona fides as a top GOP presidential candidate by winning the Iowa Caucus. 650 more words

Current Events

Donald Trump Has Been Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Donald Trump may have lost the Iowa Caucuses last week, but now he’s up for an even more elusive win—the Nobel Peace Prize.

Someone has nominated the Republican presidential hopeful for the award, which has been won by luminaries including Martin Luther King, Jr., and Nelson Mandela, and… 129 more words


Republican nomination: which State Cruz, Trump and Rubio need to win

John Wood (ABC Economics) – In the aftermath of the  Iowa caucuses, The New York Times gave insight into the race for the Republican nomination. “To win, the three leading candidates must build diverse coalitions of voters and capitalize on states where they have natural strengths”, the New York Times correspondent observed. 39 more words


“What does he believe? He believes in Donald Trump and, beyond that, not much at all.” – Author Michael D’Antonio discusses Never Enough: Donald Trump and the Pursuit of Success

“Over time he has learned to exploit his environment and shape it more than it shapes him. Unfettered by modesty or empathy, he crashes about in the pursuit of ego gratification. 1,633 more words

2016 General Election Predictions

I think this race could be the year we have a choice other than voting for the lesser of two evils for president. Of course every presidential race is different and there are always people who are genuinely inspired by the Republican or Democratic party’s candidate. 1,520 more words

It's Official: Palin is Backing Trump

In a move that could help shore up his support among both evangelicals and Tea Party voters, Donald Trump has gotten the endorsement of the only person in the Republican party who is perhaps more enigmatic than him — former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. 309 more words