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No Need To Compromise

On Sunday, VV published an op-ed by the chair of the Richmond City Republican Committee, Chip Muir, on why we should compromise, and grant the ‘moderate pro-business’ wing of the Republican Party of Virginia a Presidential primary in Virginia next year, in exchange for their so kindly granting us a convention to nominate statewide candidates in 2017. 403 more words

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Everyone needs to lay off John Whitbeck... and Shaun Kenney. Now.

It’s been only since Monday, when the news broke that Shaun Kenney was leaving as Executive Director of the Republican Party of Virginia. Since that time, folks have both castigated Shaun for RPV being broke, and… 218 more words

Republican Party Of Virginia

Vote No on Con Con, Virginia

Vote No on the Con Con

February 4th, 2015 the Virginia General Assembly votes on the Constitutional Convention of States. Please tell your representatives in the House and Senate, who are supposed to represent You – the Sovereign of Virginia, to vote “No.” 483 more words

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The Battle Rages On... But There Is Hope

So Jon Berkley is finally out as the chair of the Republican Party of Virginia’s 5th Congressional District, and none too soon. He presents the unvarnished “what are you gonna do about it anyway” face of consultants and political profiteers in RPV. 288 more words

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Time to Remove Berkley

Republican Party of Virginia’s State Central Committee met last week at the Advance in Chantilly. Among the items they discussed was the removal of Jon Berkley from the 5th District chairmanship. 1,121 more words

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