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Why Virginians Should Vote Cruz

Tuesday, March 1st Virginians vote in the primary for President of the United States of America. Virginians should vote for Ted Cruz. I’ve been looking for the grassfire revolution to reclaim our government from The Establishment for a decade.  656 more words

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Take One for the Team, Ed, Just Like McCarthy

Ed Gillespie is a nice man. He is a talented, experienced lawyer, lobbyist and money raiser. He is dedicated to his Republican principles. He aspires to elected office. 643 more words

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End Proxies On State Central

This weekend, the Republican Party of Virginia State Central Committee voted on a few things including whether or not to file a legal brief that said “ignore our Party Plan,” and to hold a secret ballot to ultimately vote for a primary instead of a convention for next year’s Presidential nomination contest. 342 more words

Republican Party Of Virginia

So, I waited a couple of days...

…and Schoeneman’s sour grapes hit piece on Whitbeck, Snyder, Colgate and the RPV Grassroots Challenge success is still ridiculous. I wanted to see if he walked it back, or “put it in context”, etc. 145 more words

Republican Party Of Virginia

No Need To Compromise

On Sunday, VV published an op-ed by the chair of the Richmond City Republican Committee, Chip Muir, on why we should compromise, and grant the ‘moderate pro-business’ wing of the Republican Party of Virginia a Presidential primary in Virginia next year, in exchange for their so kindly granting us a convention to nominate statewide candidates in 2017. 403 more words

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