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"Alternative" Lyrics 206

Topic: Donald J. Trump; Republicans; Republican Party; Donald J. Trump’s Base; Immigrants; Rape Victims

Auxiliary Topic: Resistance

“All These Lives” by Daughtry

Doesn’t come down when she calls… 383 more words


Dear NFL Owners,

The republican President Donald J. Trump’s recent racist actions towards the migrant refugees seeking asylum in our once great country, the USA, was not his first foray into throwing fuel into the culture war fires blazing around all of us. 766 more words

Republican Party

"Alternative" Lyrics 205

Topic: Donald J. Trump; Republicans; Republican Party; Donald J. Trump’s Base
Auxiliary Topic: Donald J. Trump; Resistance
Tertiary Topic: Donald J. Trump; Republicans; Republican Party; Immigrants… 305 more words


"Alternative" Lyrics 203

Topic: Donald J. Trump; Donald J. Trump’s Administration; Donald J. Trump’s Lawyers; Republicans; Republican Party; Donald J. Trump’s Policies
“John Brown’s Baby” by Various

John Brown’s baby had a cold upon his chest… 100 more words


This is NSFW. And Trump is a POS.

So I wrote a blog, 2000 words, about how I’m unhappy with the way things are going because some things are going well, and I don’t want Trump to get credit for that because he isn’t the reason things are going well, but if we give him credit, we may end up with more people like him doing the things he’s done, because they’ll point at Trump as a success story. 2,851 more words

I Want To Understand My Country.

Minn. GOP Chair Says She Faced Racism Within Party

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Minnesota Republican Party Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan says she has been the target of racist and sexist attacks from fellow Republicans.

Carnahan posted on her personal Facebook page on Friday that some GOP leaders around the state have called her “a stupid Asian not even born in America” and used racial slurs, the Star Tribune reported. 238 more words


Trump Leaves GOP Leaders Out To Dry On Immigration

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and other Republican leaders thought President Donald Trump could be the magic bullet for accomplishing the elusive GOP goal of passing an immigration bill. 99 more words