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Video: How to talk to a conservative about politics

Rob Willer is a professor of sociology at Stanford.

Robb Willer studies the forces that unite and divide us. As a social psychologist, he researches how moral values — typically a source of division — can also be used to bring people together. 44 more words

Opinion Leaders


In light of the “digitally enhanced” (read; phony)video purporting to show CNN reporter Jim Acosta placing his hands on a young woman at a press conference, and the fact that the piece of shit in the oval has so far gotten away with all the outrageous lies that come out of his pie hole. 493 more words


Trump turns it up to 11 over the weekend : MSNBC

As Democrats continue to pick up House seats in the midterms, President Trump continues denying the Republican Party suffered losses during the elections.

Source: Trump turns it up to 11 over the weekend : MSNBC


How Fast do Political Parties Change?


In discussing political topics, I find it enjoyable when I get to discuss the speed that different political parties change. What I mean by “change” when discussing political parties is the different views that political parties put into their platforms, and how those opinions develop between elections. 527 more words


If and When Mueller Is Fired Will Be the Ultimate Test of GOP Integrity

Republicans say special counsel won’t be terminated; But what if he is?

In July 2017, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham spoke to reporters about President Donald Trump’s latest public trashing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions that led many to believe his firing was imminent. 965 more words

Democrats will control the House of Representatives – Now What?

It was definitely a Blue wave in Orange County California.

That county immediately south of Los Angeles was the bastion of the Republican Party.  It was a mostly middle class (Anaheim and Santa Ana) to the ultra rich (Laguna Beach and Newport Beach).  218 more words