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US GOP Rep. William Hurd, Former CIA Officer Describes President Trump As A Russian Asset

There is one republican US Congressional representative from the State of Texas who has come forward as a “Profile in Courage” to call out the republican President Donald Trump’s troublesome behaviors he exhibited at the 7/16/18 Trump-Putin Helsinki summit. 978 more words

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Help! Democrats Roll Out An Old Tired Message For 2018 Nov. Elections: "A Better Deal"

Does the Democratic Party truly want to become the majority party in the US Congress after the elections in November 2018? I bet everyone who hears the words of “A Better Deal” doesn’t get its meaning without a lengthy explanation, as in comparison to the republicans’ slogan of MAGA, “Make America Great Again.” Would most folks figure out that this is the election of our times, the one that could determine the future, most of us want for the USA? 596 more words

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The FBI And DOJ Obviously Are Stonewalling The Investigations In Hopes Of Republicans Losing The Midterm Elections

The hardest thing that I have had to explain to people through the years because they just dont get it or just dont want to accept it is the fact that this is not a Republican-Democrat thing, but it’s tyranny. 592 more words

The Blunder - Notes on Trump 27

Ok, with Newt Gingrich and the like demanding and getting an immediate retreat we can assume Helsinki was just a blunder.

Certainly not the biggest (not after appointing Flynn as National Security Adviser despite him being as deranged as Obama’s CIA head now raving about treason). 661 more words

Half Baked Articles (Arthur Dent)

Can You Believe Most Republicans Approved Of President's Performance At 7/16/18 Helsinki Summit?

The following news is important to digest. The propaganda/ gas-lighting loop on the republicans delivered to them by the republican President Donald Trump’s lies backed up by FOX TV and other right wing pundits repeating them, along with the echo chamber of the Russian bots has been extremely effective. 280 more words

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Did Trump Give OK To Putin For Russia To Interview Former US Ambassador And Others?

Somebody like the republican US President Donald Trump needs to explain to the Russian President Vladimir Putin that the USA is not Russia and that President Trump does not represent the thinking of the vast majority of Americans. 947 more words

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We Have Met the Enemy...

The beginning of the famous line from the cartoon Pogo which concludes, “and he is us.” We have been looking at the condition of American politics in the Trump age from the wrong vantage point. 1,013 more words

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