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Caricature-Cartoon Jeb Bush: US Presidential Election 2016

While Hillary Clinton has still not confirmed her intention of running for the President in 2016, Jeb Bush has made it amply clear that he would. 376 more words

Political Caricatures

The government we can only hope for – Team America

Without a doubt, Gov. Scott Walker, Sen. Ted Cruz, Rep. Trey Gowdy, Sen. Marco Rubio, and Col. Allen West have done more to advance conservatism and stop the liberal agenda that is destroying America than any other Americans.   447 more words

Conservatism Vs. Liberalism

Huckabee: Gay marriage offends Christians the same way Muslims think dogs are unclean

During an interview on CNN today,  Mike Huckabee argued that Christians with “gay friends” should still oppose marriage equality out of respect for the Bible. 270 more words


Former GOP nominee Romney will not run for president in '16

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will not run for president in 2016.

Three weeks after unexpectedly saying he was considering a third campaign for the White House, the former Massachusetts governor told members of his staff during a Friday conference call that he is out of race. 95 more words


Americans don’t need Republicans who work with Democrats

America may be facing a choice of electing the first female president to follow the first black president, and the choices among Democrats; Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Michelle Obama, are all far left liberal ideologues who will carry on Obama’s legacy of tearing down America. 709 more words

Conservatism Vs. Liberalism

Republican and Democratic Presidential Candidate predictions

I predict Scott Walker will be the Republican nominee for President. He has eliminated public employee unions in his state greatly reducing their deficit. He and the legislature had to hide out in Wisconsin for fear of their public safety. 307 more words