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Sarah Palin's Smarter Brother

Dumb Ass and Even Dumber Ass

The greatest thing about America is how it allows absolutely terrible people to run for president.  With Terrible Ted Cruz… 676 more words


Jeb Bush Returns to Iowa for First Time in Three Years

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is back in Iowa Friday, March 6, 2015. The former Republican governor is considering a run for president in 2016. 144 more words


The New, "Moderate" Republicans

The Conservative Political Action Committee just finished its annual convention of the far right wing of the Republican Party, and anybody who is anybody,  like the entire roster of future Republican presidential candidates and continuing wing nuts like Sarah Palin and Donald Trump, spent time on the dias. 69 more words


Giuliani doubles down on questioning whether Obama 'loves America'

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats on Thursday assailed former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani for questioning President Barack Obama’s love of country, and urged the potential field of Republican presidential candidates to rebuke him for his comments. 730 more words


Considering Running for President? So is Everyone Else, Apparently

In a further effort to turn the 2016 election into as much of a spectacle as possible, it seems that many politicians have made references to considering running for the presidency without actually saying outright whether they will or they won’t. 455 more words

Jeb and Mitt Really Love The Wall Street Journal

Probable Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush and former (and possibly future) candidate Mitt Romney agree on at least one thing. They both really, really love The Wall Street Journal, … 243 more words