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Will the US Ever Become Civil?

Donald Trump has made this election nasty, but that is only the culmination of eight years of Republican racism, lies, hatred, and boycott of the democratic process. 688 more words

Political Trends

How Trump happened

By Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz

❝ As I have traveled around the world in recent weeks, I am repeatedly asked two questions: Is it conceivable that Donald Trump could win the US presidency?

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What the World Needs Now

This election sounds like a prelude to civil war, or at least martial law. Politicians speak of taming the Mideast by bombing Muslims. Trump rants, courting the NRA, villainizing everyone who isn’t white, calling for violence of all sorts. 794 more words

Equality Vs. Inequality

No Excuses Left

Donald Trump can do no harm to his campaign no matter how hard he tries – he has said he could shoot someone dead in the middle of Fifth Avenue and his poll numbers would go up, again – but it seems that… 4,463 more words

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