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Why Republicans Hate Obamacare

The reason Republicans hate Obamacare boils down to racism, as Republican positions so often do. They hate it because they think health care is a privilege, not a right. 664 more words


Making It Personal

Oscar week here in Hollywood is a pain. Down the street on Hollywood Boulevard they’re assembling the set in front of the Dolby Theater – the red carpet comes next, along with the giant fiberglass Oscars on every corner. 3,579 more words

Life In Hollywood

Republicans Totally Not Racist. Really.

I think that people who say Republicans are inherently racist are obviously overstating the facts. Don’t believe me? Just ask GOP majority Whip Steve Scalise… 76 more words


Republican Fools

I wrote after the mid-term election that the many Republican victories were good news for Hillary Clinton. Allowing the Republicans enough power to expose their foolishness and their utter disregard for the American people would guarantee a Democratic victory in the next presidential election. 200 more words

The Votes Are In: Racist and Stupid Win

By Cole

With approval for the Republican-smothered Congress standing at 14% in September, what did voters do this week? They gave Republicans an even bigger majority in the House AND handed them the Senate. 447 more words

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We’re All Wrong About Race

The perception among many whites is that blacks cause their own problems, by being criminal, by failing to get education, by being druggies, by being absent parents, and so on. 913 more words

Equality Vs. Inequality

Why Republicans Can’t “Reach Out” To Anybody

Every week or two there is a Republican effort to “reach out” to one or another “minority” group, in hopes that more of them will vote for Republicans. 1,117 more words

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