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Ways to Enable the Absolutely Essential Republican Reformation

The Grand Old Party is a catastrophic mess. Republicans are more faithful to their party than they are to the country. If it is to once again become a worthy opponent to the Democratic Party, real Republicans must begin at once to take charge and formulate ways the party can shed its current disgraceful reputation. 812 more words

Political Trends

The Tweeter

Things are getting strange out there. Everyone running for president is out there shaking hands and making speeches, and granting interviews to every cable news show that will have them, and doing radio interviews in small markets with obscure and eccentric hosts, and doing their best in the periodic party debates. 2,811 more words

Take Care

Donald Trump opened his campaign for the Republican nomination by saying that Mexicans were pouring across our border and they were awful people – drug dealers and rapists and murderers. 3,337 more words

The Unthinkable

The political rancor should subside as Christmas approaches. All the iterations of Scrooge on television, from Alastair Sim to Bill Murray, playing in a continual loop, should shame those running for president into publicly embracing something like peace on earth and goodwill toward men. 3,131 more words

Republican Culpability

Today, it seems that I have a number of things that have been ruminating in my mind for some few days. Perhaps these things will fit together somewhat. 864 more words

Top Two GOP Planks Expose Mindset

At any gathering of Republicans it quickly becomes clear what they consider important. The top two issues are abortion and voting. Both positions are divorced from reality and based on racism. 853 more words

Political Trends