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We Didn't Start the Fire

Social Media is on fire with concerned posts of Donald Trump and his pickings for several positions supporting him. But are they true and correct? 430 more words

Donald Trump

The Fits and Screams of a Dying Nation

It isn’t difficult to find deafening vitriol in American politics today.  Comment sections of political, social, and religious websites are littered with poisonous diatribes, insults, and threats. 448 more words

This Week's Photo Challenge: New Horizon, and Liberty

I am at the stage in my life (age 67) where New Years resolutions don’t fit.  This year, I have something wonderful to look forward to for the next few years-Liberty!   211 more words


Benghazi! House Rs cut Funding for Embassy Security ! This still hasn't been addressed!

Oct 2012 by     CNN

Just a reminder …

Rep. Chaffetz defends his criticism of the handling of Libyan consulate security despite voting to cut embassy funding. 25 more words

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Hillary Didn't Lose Because of Fake News

The mantra of fake news serves no other purpose than to obfuscate the true failures of Hillary Clinton and the Progressive agenda witnessed throughout the Presidential campaign. 468 more words


Momentum on The Hill: 'Electoral College has to go'

From The Hill contributor Mark Weston gets it right and lays out a plan to get rid of the Electoral College. The Hill

Andrew Puzder FYI

Hardees, Carl’s Jr., Burger Chef, Red Burrito, Green Burrito are all owned, privately held and twice turned by private equity funds in the past 5 years to be exact, by CKE Restaurant Holdings, Inc. 96 more words