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Republican Men Are Toadies

I wonder if the “Duke” (John Wayne) was alive today, whether he would still be a Republican. Maybe you don’t know what “Toadie” is so I will tell you up front. 412 more words


God (please) Help America!

Trump and Politicians are IDIOTS!

I say it that way because Trump is NOT a politician.

Trump is a LIAR, and an ASSHOLE, a DUMBSHIT, a MORON and lots of other unflattering things, but Trump is NOT a politician. 891 more words


Crowdsourcing: Political Opinion - 2020 Election Support

part one of two

I did a short crowdsourcing experiment of political opinion, particularly focusing on the 2020 Democratic candidates. I used Instagram’s story feature, as it provides a good format for polls and short responses. 295 more words

Watching political debates, but why?

I’ve made a habit of watching the Democratic debates from back when there were 194 candidates on stage to the more recent with just a handful of hopefuls arguing about climate change, healthcare, and removing Donald Trump from office. 319 more words


Bernie and the Trump Playbook

First, I am one who will vote blue no matter who. Our country can’t take four more years of Trump and survive as a Democracy. Hopefully, all of you who want to keep the United States in the framework envisioned by the Founding Fathers will do the same. 327 more words


Weld denied spot on New Mexico primary ballot

Candidates not receiving the nomination of the committee may file petitions for placement on the primary ballot. Candidates submitting petitions for the office of president of the United States must have the consent of the candidate’s political party to file.

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