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Congress Deserves D But my Congressman Gets an A

According to a recent poll [1] the job performance rating of Congress continues to reflect a very low 7% positive job approval score. Why is that? 928 more words



Just some notes I jotted down about his performance:

– Jeb said, “I’m not an expert on the ways of Washington.” It may very well be true, but I think the comment might have struck a false note for some people. 306 more words


Meet The Dumbest Senator In America

Meet America’s dumbest Senator Jim Inhofe (R) Oklahoma. Congrats Oklahoma, you’ve elected a real peach. Next he should throw a slice of pizza on the floor and declare that there is no starvation in the world because he’s full.


Republican Senator James Inhofe confuses weather and climate #snow=noclimatechange?

Senator James Inhofe seems completely crazy in this clip confusing weather and climate change. He seems to claim that climate change doesnt exist… ’cause snowball. It turns out that a lot of ignorant people make this same mistake, or just choose to ignore science and definitions. Examples here and here.