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What Trump Did To The Republican Name

Prior to Donald Trump’s campaign, you would never automatically assume a Republican is racist when they tell you their party. Though, ever since June 16th, 2015, that statement has drastically changed. 508 more words

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No Fortune 100 CEOs Back Republican Donald Trump - Wall Street Journal

If there’s one thing that rich people have in common is how well they can sniff out a con. Donald Trump is first and foremost a con man. 99 more words

2016 Election: The Introvert vs. the Extrovert

We seem to be desperate as a country this election season on who should be the next President.  Let’s ignore the media on this cycle; they have been less than helpful to supply solid information on which to judge.   808 more words

The Good News and The Bad News on Climate Change

On Friday, at my university, we were fortunate enough to have a very well know climate science researcher speak, Michael Mann.  IF the name sounds familiar it’s because he was the one that produced the famous… 1,020 more words


Vote Donald Trump 2016 Poster

Enjoy this creative poster featuring a graphic design of the 2016 republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, with a universe of stars and vote text as background. 6 more words


US Jewish donors: 84% of all contributions went to Hilllary

US Jewish Donors Mostly Avoid Trump, Favor Clinton
by JNi.Media
September 22, 2016

The website FiveThirtyEight, whose Editor in Chief Nate Silver is possibly the most trusted odds maker in North America, published a  82 more words


Ted Cruz's Endorsement of Donald Trump: Questions Answered

After over a year of battling in the name of conservatism and the GOP, Senator and Former Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz announced his official endorsement of Donald Trump on Friday. 658 more words

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