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The Final Presidential Debate

Joe Raedle/Pool via AP

The final presidential debate was held last night and it was easily both candidates best debate. Looking at each segment of the debate, we’re going to breakdown the biggest hits and misses, who won each segment, and talk about what the performances mean going forward. 818 more words


WikiLeaks: Hillary Clinton, Hacking Problems Are Not Limited

Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton on Tuesday said hacking is a broad threat to U.S. security and business that often comes from other countries such as China and Iran, and the federal government has not done enough to protect U.S. 75 more words


WikiLeaks: Hillary, On Aug. 16, 2012 Ambassador Stevens from Benghazi Sent a Warning, Why Didn't you React?

On Aug. 16, 2012, Ambassador Chris Stevens warned State of dangerous security problems in Benghazi, Libya, saying U.S. facilities there could not survive a ‘coordinated attack.’ Top administration officials Leon Panetta and Martin Dempsey testified that they knew about the Stevens warning. 11 more words


Creepy Clown Sighting At Presidential Debate

LAS VEGAS – (CT&P) –┬áThe reports to the police have one thing in common with the circus act involving an improbable number of clowns emerging from a small car. 280 more words


Is Trump Projecting?

Sigmund Freud determined that Psychological Projection, also known as blame shifting, is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against unpleasant impulses by denying their existence in themselves, while attributing them to others. 326 more words


Speak Life

I was scared and I was dying. I was in the first trimester of pregnancy, in the emergency room of a Sacramento hospital at 1:00am. The surgeon on staff was nowhere to be found as my stomach continued to fill with fluid and my abdomen grew. 650 more words