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Common Sense 2015

The hypocrisy of the Conservatives is amazing. For years they have berated, belittled, and ridiculed those that sought Obama bona fides be investigated. Unless as a conservative ostrich with your head in the sand, you know this is a fact. 2,073 more words


Why I Don't Want To Belong To A Political Party

I was recently a guest on Hot 97 FM. I was on a panel discussing race relations and law enforcement. When these folks found out that I am a registered Republican, they were floored. 1,028 more words

I Am Not a Liberal Socialist

I believe or rather know that the Social Liberal Democrats are ruining our nation. I think that Hillary Clinton will be forced out of the Presidential race. 19 more words


Too late to save session, Scott seeks answer from feds on hospital funding

Although it looks too late to save lawmakers from hurtling into overtime, Gov. Rick Scott’s administration Monday  sent its latest proposal to federal officials for Florida to continue drawing almost $2.2 billion in hospital funding. 392 more words


Denying Climate Change, Fighting Popular Public Policy, and Bullying

It is nice to see that organizations are not letting ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) bully them. It would seem that as a lobbying organization the promotes specific legislation and has repeatedly denied that climate change is real and is man made would be able to stand proud of their accomplishments. 44 more words

Conservative Politics

Democrats Hope to Catch Their White Whale (They Won't)

Democrats have a problem.  No, it’s not an electoral vote problem?  No, it’s not a diversity problem.  It’s that the white working class, particularly white working class men, have turned away from the party in droves.   707 more words


The Desire to Kill: Blood Fantasy, Guns, & the Song of the Week (4/20/2015)

A while back, I was watching a discussion about gun control on Facebook. One commenter identified himself as a gun owner and said, “If anyone comes into my home without invitation they aren’t coming out alive.” 379 more words