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A Thought on Harvey Weinstein's Inevitable Acquital

With any luck, Harvey Weinstein’s acquittal (which I’m fairly sure will happen) will teach the first world, particularly the women in it, that sexual harassment must, MUST, be reported as soon as is humanly possible regardless of the discomfort or perceived-shame of reporting it (1). 227 more words


The life and strangely sexual death of Nelson Rockfeller - Eugene S. Robinson

Brobdingnagian, a word penned by Jonathan Swift in Gulliver’s Travels, comes closest to describing politician Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller’s peregrinations on this planet as a man of both towering intellect and colossal blind spots. 850 more words



I feel like I’m mainly voting against people and their agendas, but I’m definitely voting FOR people, too. I mean, I’d go to Mars…

Here are a few disgusting priorities of candidates in California that I hope will inspire you to vote for someone great, or at the very least to vote against the morons who prioritize this bullshit: 

Following the script

Politicians fight, say mean things, complain about the other side of the aisle and take quotes out of context to make each other look like racist, sexist, aliens from another planet.  122 more words


Clinton: Democrats can win with bold ideas, core principals

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y.  — Democrats can win elections and stand up to Washington Republicans by sticking to their core principals when it comes to education, health care, equality and the environment, Hillary Clinton told a friendly crowd at the New York state Democratic convention on Wednesday. 523 more words