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Harrington, Commonwealth of Oceana, and A System of Politics (Expanding the Liberty Canon): Second of Two Parts

Oceana is a long piece of ‘utopian’ political fiction writing, which does not really work as an exercise in literary fiction as far as I can see and barely keeps up the pretence. 964 more words


Harrington, Commonwealth of Oceana, and A System of Politics (Expanding the Liberty Canon): First of Two Parts

James Harrington (1611-1677) was synonymous with the idea of democracy in Britain for centuries, but is not much read now beyond the ranks of those with strong interest in seventeenth century British history or the history of republican thought. 891 more words


Official Secrets Act and Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry: Arcana Imperii and the Secrets of State

The UK regime faces a critical time as a number of public inquiries into its past behavior unfold. The undeveloped issue within these inquiries is the nature of the change they will require in the regime. 3,988 more words


Why does the American south produce so many evil* politicians?

* “Evil” being shorthand for a combination of:  Irrational/Anti-scientific/Angry/Selfish/Cynical/and/or Bigoted.

Now we know that the South has some good qualities; politeness, manners, duty, fairness; I was born there and half my family is from there, so I’m not just “whistling Dixie” with this post.   1,846 more words

An Ideal Society

Psi: The People Breathe Cultural Expressions

Whereas a behavioralist might locate issue divides in regards to the Patriot Act, my theory is that Americans share multiple core values, continuously, by which individuals accept or reject public policy along multiple value systems—even if unaware of these complex decisions. 115 more words

American Political Scientist

The Queen graciously permits democracy to take place. How nice of her!

The quaint spectacle of a prime minister asking permission of his sovereign for a parliamentary dissolution took place yesterday.   And the Queen graciously consented.

Now of course, she didn’t really have a lot of choice.   492 more words

Austerity and Sinn Fein

The strike by public sector workers in the North of Ireland on March 13 was significant because the two major parties, including Sinn Fein, were a target of the strike, whether Sinn Fein or even some of the strikers liked it or not.  1,416 more words

Northern Ireland