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Republicanism means 50 years in prison

Talking or posting about a republic or republicanism is considered and act of lese majeste. Governments for sometime, including the ultra-royalist military dictatorship, once “defended” lese majeste by saying that it was just like defamation but for royals. 277 more words

Equality is Evil II

I’ve spoken before about the concept of “equality” as the desired end state for a system, whether it be in a school or human society as a whole. 197 more words


Monarchy: follow the money?

I saw an interesting argument shared, a few days earlier, about the monarchy and the money it costs. Calvin Hodgson, a politics student from Chester, argued that it is morals, not wallets, we should be convincing, when talking about republicanism. 520 more words


Who owns the Duchy of Lancaster?

The Duchy of Lancaster, unlike the Crown Estate, is legally owned by the reigning monarch as part of the job. This means that if they were to abdicate or the institution of the monarchy were abolished, it would no longer be their property. 813 more words


Trump, May, and Autocratic Libertarianism - on Bright Green

Click here for my Bright Green article on the origins of the ideology persued by Donald Trump and Theresa May. The roots go back a long way, right back to the 17th Century and present a real danger to our present day freedoms.

'Twelve' Is Celebration Of Sectarianism

As the Day of Hate (12th July) moves closer, I wonder how many stop to think about why that particular day is chosen as an official holiday. 704 more words


Comic's Take On Flegs In OSC

This joker has offered up a simplistic solution to the problem of flags, or flegs, in the Occupied Six Counties (OSC). The short piece does illustrate the variety of symbols to be found in the OSC, and how easy it is to get bogged down in the argument. 108 more words