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US Millennials: A Neolibertarian People?

Roughly Six in Ten Millennials Seem to fall right in line with Pro-American, Pro-Defense Libertarianism.

Two years ago, Reason Magazine and Cato Institute did polling opinion of American Millennials in regard to respectively domestic policy and foreign policy. 609 more words


Time For A Republic

Thailand’s king, Bhumibol Adulyadej, has breathed his last. As the longest reigning monarch in the world there shall undoubtedly be a period of mourning observed across Thailand, but the death of a hereditary head of state raises one important question: should he be replaced? 633 more words

Suits, Poetry and Megaphones; My Experience with Shelley at #TakeBackBrum 2016

In previous posts and articles I have described some of the ways in which the works of the great philosopher and poet Percy Bysshe Shelley have stood the test of time. 1,020 more words

The Chief Russell Means Speaks

I miss this soul . He is so passionate about his beliefs


Not Rigged--Made to WIN!

Nothing will be “rigged” in the 2016 presidential election. Well, without early voting, same day registration, short lines, and paper ballots; it will be a little off “normal.” But not rigged–as in “stolen.” Not at all. 265 more words


A Libertarian Case For Loving, And Wanting To Improve, America

America is a monstrously beautiful country, but I think it could be a lot more beautiful than it is.

The United States of America has severe flaws that need to be addressed pragmatically, I agree. 647 more words


British Republicanism Must Stop Defining Itself By What It Is Not

In an earlier post I pointed to the fact that in popular consciousness at least modern British Republicanism has a habit of defining itself in terms of… 674 more words