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Lèse-majesté around the World

Living in Britain all my life has made me acutely aware of the continued existence of royalty. I am in a minority when it comes to be critical of the monarchy of the Royal Family or the actual concept of venerating vacuous rich people based on the vagina through which they entered the world. 1,350 more words

Connolly Conference 2015

This years Connolly Conference takes place in Edinburgh on Saturday 10th October. This is a great opportunity for political activists to come together to discuss strategy and debate events. 90 more words

James Connolly Society

The politics of murder in Belfast

The murder of Kevin McGuigan on 12 August in East Belfast is widely seen as revenge for the former’s claimed involvement in the earlier murder of Provisional IRA leader Gerard ‘Jock’ Davison. 1,007 more words

Northern Ireland

The Invisible Hand of God: Evangelical Economics

It is no secret that evangelical Christianity has played a significant role in uniting poor and middle class white Americans with big business to form what is called the… 1,475 more words


Advice Myths of Harmony Race and Republicanism during the

From specific economic level, the overall unemployment rate in latin America from 8.2% in 2009 down to around the end of 2010 to 7.8%, per capita GDP will rise 3.7%. 296 more words

The Case for Anationalism - Northern Ireland

The political divide in Northern Ireland often reminds me of a tug of war. Back and forth between two sides incessantly with no end in sight.  1,215 more words

Identifying the Enemy

The working class has become like an army of foot soldiers for the international elite. Vastly arrayed and looking all shiny in their uniforms, rising almost at the same time and finishing at the same time. 816 more words

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