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The UK constitutional crisis: the death of liberal democracy

The United Kingdom faces a constitutional crisis created by the vote to leave the EU. The referendum outcome had many causes. For some, a quasi-Marxist view explains the outcome as caused by the recent financial crisis and the austerity that followed. 2,127 more words


Thai republicanism

In a post at New Mandala, academic Patrick Jory writes of the history if Thai republicanism. Much that he mentions will be known to those who study Thailand’s modern history. 43 more words

America's Roots: The Revolutionary War

Before delving into the state of affairs of today’s United States of America, perhaps it would serve us well to first analyze the foundation that our nation has rested upon for the past 240 years. 1,336 more words


How I Avoided The First Day Of The Republican Convention....

I was distracted by something more interesting… No, it wasn’t Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift… (but you should look into that if you don’t know what I’m saying right now…) 746 more words

Republican Soul

No, Donald Trump is not "Hitler"

With Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropping out of the race for the GOP nomination, it appears the party of Conservatism has rolled over and died. 511 more words

Donald Trump

Donald Trump and the Death of the GOP

The Republican Party was founded on March 20th, 1854. Throughout its 162 years of existence, the GOP has seen many Presidents come to power under its banner. 1,502 more words

Donald Trump

21st Century Problems - 21st Century Solutions

Over the past few days the Republican National Committee has been meeting to address the GOP Platform. To be honest, it has been disappointing. As a millennial I am proud to be a republican. 680 more words