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Does the United Kingdom have the rule of law?

‘Wherever law ends, tyranny begins’. –John Locke

The question seems odd, almost quixotic. In a country that prides itself on Magna Carta with a long history of common law, it seems a question that need not be asked. 3,796 more words


Cost of monarchy soars again — Indy Celts

Monarchist lies over the true cost of the monarchy have been blown away by the Independent recently with the 56 pennies per tax payer coming under scrutiny for being less than half of the real figure.

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Remembering the Rising part 4 - revolution and counter-revolution?

In the last post I stated the view of the Irish establishment that the 1916 Rising was the foundational act of the formation of the current Irish State.  3,158 more words


Jamaica May Become A Republic

As a part of his party’s programme for government, Jamaican Prime Minister Andre Holness has announced that the country will seek to become a republic. Holness was keen to emphasise that Jamaica will maintain its links with the Commonwealth, but it would seem that the residual influence of Britain in other countries is finally declining. 532 more words

Who elected the Queen?

A woman turned 90 today.

That’s not unremarkable, around 1 in 5 people will live to see their 90th birthday.  It should be noted that her maw reached 101, making her part of what was, for her generation, the 1%. 908 more words

Someone's Birthday

Elizabeth Windsor, Queen of the United  Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, is 90 years old today. She is the oldest Monarch ever to lead this land, and she has been Monarch longer than any other Head of State who has ruled us. 1,016 more words



Regiphilius:  (waving banner) God save Her Madge!

Pandemocratis: You don’t even believe in God.

Reg:  That’s not the point.

Pan: She’s just a woman. An old woman, at that. 1,033 more words