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‘Déjà Vu All Over Again’? The Upper Canadian Election of 1836 and the Canadian Federal Election of 2015

Denis McKim

Disappointing economic growth, especially in comparison to the United States; controversy surrounding immigration from a strife-plagued land; and a communications strategy designed to benefit conservative forces while discrediting their progressive rivals.  1,534 more words

1837-38 Rebellions

The Continuity IRA

On Thursday, Chris Harper-Mercer stormed Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon and shot dead 9 innocent people. The 26 year old’s social media accounts showed that he had a morbid interest in the activities of the Continuity IRA (CIRA) and terrorist groups alike. 1,011 more words


Compulsory Oaths, Seventeenth-Century Quakers and Twenty-First Century Legislators

The leader of the British opposition is a republican.  He does not revere the hereditary principle.  Everybody knows this.

Recent debate has concerned whether or not he is bound to go through various forms of words in order to serve in various official capacities. 531 more words

La Serenissima: a Study in Non-Transparency


In a fine-grained account of terrestrial civilization — leaving aside the broadest taxonomies that subsume multiple civilizations — we can identify a distinct Venetian civilization, … 1,197 more words


John McDonnell's IRA apology

If you relied on the mainstream media to know what was happening in the world you would be mightily confused.  Some bearded, deluded and dishevelled guy has just become leader of the Labour Party.  1,575 more words

Northern Ireland

The refreshing candour of John McDonnell

“What I tried to do for both sides is to give them a way out with some form of dignity otherwise they wouldn’t lay their arms down. 126 more words

Jim D

Try Researching "Multiple Traditions" and, aha, umm...

**THIS IS FROM MY CONCEPTUAIZATION, MOSTLY, FROM MAY, 2013… didn’t make the cut, but essentially the same ideas.

In 1955 Louis Hartz contended all American political discourse was liberal. 656 more words

American Political Scientist