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Donald Trump's Despotic behavior, and how it will impact libertarians like this Independent Voter

Now that the Donald is our president, I will make predictions for America and for Liberty.

No, I did not bother watching the inauguration myself, I just read this linked article about it instead. 840 more words


A Reflection on the 2016 Presidential Candidates I Know About, And What Their Tax Plans Would've Done To Me

Suppose one of the other Republican or Democrat or Libertarian Party Candidates were 45th president…?

Comparing the 2016 Presidential Tax Reform Ideas, I would have to say that most of the GOP options and either of the LP options would have been a better 45th than Trump. 553 more words

Intellectual Honesty

US Military Security Needed At The Inauguration of Donald Trump!?

From seventy eight hundred National Guard soldiers to tens of thousands of town police department members!

Sounds to me like Homeland Security Department manager Johnson (speaking into mic above) is going to have to recruit some US military personnel! 683 more words

Electoral Supersition

Zealous & Candid; The Powerful Poetry of Republican Chartist Gerald Massey

Kings are but giants because we kneel, one leap and up go we!

Percy Bysshe Shelley presents the British establishment with a conundrum. While acknowledging him as one of Britain’s greatest poets his reputation must be carefully marshalled to hide the devastating commentary he delivered on political and social conditions (as Graham Henderson…

1,220 more words

Fake News; Still Damaging Our Liberty After All These Years

Fake news is often presented to us as being a new development. but in fact the phenomenon has been around for a long time (so false information about fake news!). 988 more words

More Conservatism -- So the People can be Free

A More American Conservatism

By Larry P. Arnn, Ph.D.

The astonishing political campaign of 2016 involved much debate about whether Donald Trump is a conservative. He was not always facile with the lingo of conservatism, and he pointed out once that he was seeking the nomination of the Republican, not the conservative party. 3,482 more words


Colby Cosh: Canadian republicanism is a pathology, but it won’t survive past the next coronation

On Boxing Day, polling giant Ipsos released a year-end poll for Global News surveying Canadian opinion about the monarchy. If you’re a serious monarchist you are of two minds about this sort of thing. 986 more words

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