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John Wayne's Republicanism. On his Birthday.

It’s John Wayne’s birthday today.  I was reminded of the Duke because I few days ago, I referenced him in an academic presentation for the first and last time in my academic career.   421 more words

A short note on two types of political structures

I just came across an excellent review by Herman Belz of a book on American history recently published by Nicolas Barreyre, a French history professor. The main thrust of the book Belz is reviewing has to do with American Reconstruction, but the theoretical thrust of the book is all about state-building and political economy. 375 more words


The Republic

If I walked the dusty road to your destroyed cities, saw the burned apartment blocks, crumbling streets, would my story move anyone when I came back? 167 more words


Should Somaliland be recognized as a state by the international "community"?

I’ve gone on record here at NOL as stating that one of the big problems facing advocates of individual liberty today is the failure of the international system to recognize calls for autonomy from sub-state actors, and that one of the best ways to do this is by counterintuitively incorporating that new autonomy into the international system in some way (you can do this by admitting such regions into the UN and other IGOs, or by admitting such regions into suprastate organizations like the United States or the European Union). 203 more words

Current Events

What I want for the "What is a Republic Day?"

May 23.  Monday.

IONTAS Building Maynooth University

The day will start at 11.00 with coffee and registration.  At 11.30 we’ll hear from Margaret O’Callaghan.  We’ll ask questions of course – have a long lunch – come back for parallel sessions before we learn about a new James Connolly anthology.   371 more words

The Queen’s Birthday Celebrations; a Cynical Exercise in Corporate Branding

A few weeks ago during April (2016) I was invited to celebrate the 90th birthday of a very wealthy and privileged Londoner I knew little about, had never met and was never likely to meet.  1,092 more words


Independent Variables of American CULTURE

Happy Mother’s Day to Bisera, Donka, Else, and all our mothers. May God bless you, today and forever, Forever.

For my mom, Bisera, I have accomplished a new beginning for me to research the American culture. 1,023 more words

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