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On secular values six weeks after the Charlie Hebdo massacre

Not sure what to think about secular values in France?  How about admiration?  Instead of suggesting that France should be more like other countries where religion has been allowed to creep into the public sphere (or is welcomed with open arms into the public sphere as in the USA), I suggest we celebrate the freedom allowed by la laïcité, especially in schools. 414 more words

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Dickinson's Letter 12: A Call for Virtue and Liberty

Yesterday, I had the great privilege of lecturing on John Dickinson’s response to the Townshend Acts of 1767.  His response, to my mind, offers the perfect American patriotic understanding of two of the most fundamental of western concepts: virtue and free will.   184 more words

Now's the Time to Discuss Disestablishing the Church of England

As someone who identifies as a Libertarian, I have viewed the disestablishment of Church of England much like I have viewed the end of the United Kingdom’s monarchy. 807 more words


Sheriffs and the Constitution

As United States marshals recently attempted to forcibly evict the occupants of a Carlsbad home and subsequently confiscate that property for punitive auction, Eddy County Sheriff Scott London directly intervened on the owner’s/occupant’s behalf… 822 more words

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Is it treason to advocate for a republic?

Under the Treason Felony Act (1848), it is treason felony to “compass, imagine, invent, devise, or intend”:

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James Connolly on nationalism

The below quote from the Irish republican socialist James Connolly (1868 – 1916) sums up the core values of the Free North Campaign. The struggle for self-government is virtually worthless unless it based on a clear commitment to radically extending democracy and maximising social and economic justice for the majority of citizens.

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Standing up for a British Presidency

Standing up for a British Presidency

Zachary Adam Barker

Mentioning the possibility of Britain becoming a republic and one day having a president to someone can often provoke a surprised and somewhat dumbfounded response.  1,495 more words

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