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The Flawed and Corrupted Genius of American Republicanism

Trump as President makes us think as never before about viability of the American version of constitutional democracy, that is, the ‘republic’ that Ben Franklin promised the people at the time of Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. 919 more words


Socialist Strategy - reply to a critic 3

In a 1 June article Socialist Democracy (SD) wrote that “a popular slogan by People before Profit (PbP) candidates – “we are neither Orange or Green, but Socialist!” – is a form of neutrality that draws an equals sign between Irish republicanism, with its revolutionary and what Lenin called “generally democratic” content and the utterly reactionary and counter-revolutionary politics of Unionism.” 1,144 more words


Socialist Strategy - reply to a critic 2

The second point I want to respond to in the response to my initial posts is what Socialist Democracy have to say about the nature of Sinn Fein (SF), which in my view is once again confused. 2,135 more words

Northern Ireland

Machiavelli and the Modern World

Machiavelli is generally seen as the first modern philosopher and political philosopher.  In his two famous works: The Prince and the Discourses on Livy, there are 14 uses of the word “Form” and 51 uses of the word “Matter.”  14 and 51 are numerological derivations of 7 and 17 respectively.  1,521 more words


Balanced Elimination Voting, Version _n+1_

This version revises the triggering rule for ranks mentioning more than one candidate.

I propose the following form of balanced elimination voting for single-winner elections, unless the political forces favoring the elimination of single-winner elections prevail. 251 more words

Regime Change

The Last Night of the Proms; A Dash of Ancient Feet, Religious Dissent and Republicanism

Opinion over the BBC’s Last Night of the Proms becomes ever more polarised. Increasingly, you either revel the naive jingoism of the second half of the event or it repels you. 416 more words

'Infernal Machines' in London

As a historian working primarily on the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries I don’t expect my daily newspapers to regularly publish articles that directly reflect my research. 839 more words