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Reclaiming a Positive Idea of Patriotism

Some time ago I came across a wonderful definition of patriotism which defined it as a vibrant celebration of community.  I must confess that I cannot recall just who said it; I’m pretty sure he was a poet and if anyone out there is reading this post and can remind ne I’d be very grateful.!  386 more words

Martin McGuinness, personification of republicanism

On October 24 1990, a Derry man Patsy Gillespie was abducted by the IRA, tied to the driver’s seat of a van and told to drive the van packed with explosives to a British Army checkpoint on the border with Donegal.  1,290 more words

Sinn Fein

Republicanism and Democracy; Two Ideas Not To Be Confused

Politicians are fond of throwing aeound the word ‘democracy’ as though it is a talisman, warding off tyranny in the same way as a clove of garlic drives back Count Dracula.  558 more words

Giuseppe Mazzini on Divine Ideal in Republicanism

Giuseppe Mazzini on the Republican Spirit tied to the Common Good:

“The Republic, as I at least understand it, means association, of which liberty is only an element, a necessary antecedent.

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Quotes & Letters

James Madison Federalist Papers No. 55: Divine Ideal in American Republicanism

American republicanism as admitting higher qualities in us to which we aspire, i.e., built on spiritual Ideal. Read the Theosophical Principles, archaic Natural Philosophy and the psychology of the Greek Gnosis we have pointed to. 140 more words


Balanced Elimination Voting

This is similar to other proposals I have made in different places. I probably intend this version to supersede such similar proposals.

This proposes a form of election for a single winner. 1,251 more words

Regime Change

And now lese majeste

One of the things we should have predicted about the “weapons seizure” said to involve junta critic and renegade red shirt Wuthipong Kachathamakul or Ko Tee was further lese majeste charges. 247 more words