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Could City States Be The Solution to Britain's Obsolete Constitution?

When the history of our present time is written the Iraq War may not be the most significant legacy of Tony Blair for the people of the UK itself. 443 more words

Domestic Violence and Freedom

What reasons do we have for believing that domestic violence must be eliminated? Does it matter what those reasons are? 2,159 more words

"The Problem of Democratic Prejudice," By Bruce Frohnen

For decades, now, professional students of politics have claimed that they are engaged in a science—the dispassionate, unbiased analysis of political behavior intended to test various theories about human conduct and provide the means by which we might predict it. 1,224 more words

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What sort of "Meritocracy" would a libertarian endorse, if he had to?

The first attempt to answer this question should say: “none.” Notwithstanding that this is the correct approach, we can’t help but feel uneasy about it. Libertarians have had to deal with this uncomfortable truth for so long. 3,362 more words


The Coup in Turkey

I am based in Turkey and have been at the edge of some dramatic events. Before I was in Turkey, I was in the Turkish sector of Cyprus (officially designating itself the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, but only recognised as such by Turkey), where I followed the Postmodern or Indirect Coup of 28th February 1997 when military representatives on the National Security Council were able to force the collapse of a coalition government under an Islamist Prime Minister. 1,973 more words

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19th century Irish history – help needed

I’ve been researching my family for a few years with a view to writing their story. My mother’s family were the Bolands – major figures in the Irish revolutionary movements pre-independence and government ministers in the decades afterwards. 599 more words


The Political Fury of Percy Bysshe Shelley - on openDemocracy

Click here for my openDemocracy article on the searing criticism of the British establishment by one of our greatest poets, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and its relevance in the 21st Century.