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An explanation why it's taken me this long to start a blog

TLDR: I was anxious about writing in case I can’t get employed in the future because of something I say now.

I’ve met people who think that writing is good practice for a journalism student, and people who think that if you don’t write, you won’t be a good journalist. 1,214 more words


Race, or The Last Colonial Struggle in Latin America

This post is a part of our “Race and Revolution” series.

By Jason McGraw

Latin America has long captivated outsiders for its seeming absence of a black-white racial binary, fluidity in racial self-ascriptions, and racially-mixed populations.  1,636 more words


10 Greatest Speeches of All Time

That’s the topic of my latest column over at RealClearHistory. Obviously, I took a break from my World War I-themed posts to do this one. 260 more words


Reading Machiavelli's Prince, Part III

In finishing the last chapters of Machiavelli’s most famous work, The Prince, we will tie up loose ends and come to an understanding of what Machiavelli was saying in his work and what Machiavelli was not saying in his work.  2,998 more words


The Presidency is a Terrible Institution

There is nothing about the presidency of the U.S. to celebrate.  It was one of the greatest failings of the American founders, and we would be wise to reform or repeal it.   1,470 more words

Piling on lese majeste cases

Usually the military dictatorship just piles up lese majeste cases at a rate of one to two a week since 2014. However, in the case of singer and red-shirt… 376 more words

Me, Learning American Government: Federalism, Republicanism, & Liberty

Federalism and liberty are related subjects because the amount of freedom that the citizens of a country have depends on the type of government that is in control. 1,096 more words