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A Moral Reformation

As eluded to in Virtue as a Principle and Foundation, vices had come to plague American society shortly after the American Revolution. Patrick Henry said, in 1780, that he “feared that our Body politic was dangerously sick,” as from top to bottom, society appeared to be embracing vice.  598 more words

Early Republic

Bagehot: Living in a 'Disguised Republic'

On February 3rd 1826 the businessman and journalist Walter Bagehot was born. He was author of a number of important works (including one on banking), but possibly most influential for us in the UK was… 419 more words


Welcome to Apartheid America

It’s one of the most abundant replenishable resources on planet Earth, and it is essential to the survival of every living thing. You would think that basic truth would be enough to ensure a right to clean drinking water at least in our modern, wealthy, progressive democracies that fly around the world with paternalistic visions of human rights. 479 more words


The Emergence of American Principles and Tempers

As the American Revolution approached “most Americans had become convinced that they were ‘aptly circumstanced to form the best republicks, upon the best terms that ever came to the lot of any people before us.'” Gordon Wood,  567 more words

The Revolution

Adding Insult to Injury

A quotation is “the repetition of one expression as part of another, particularly when the quoted expression is well-known or explicitly attributed by citation to its original source, and is indicated by quotation marks”. 754 more words

Monarchy And...

The Re-Privatization of Security (World Peace edition)

Sean McFate, a political scientist at National Defense University in Washington, DC, has a fascinating article in Aeon about the reemergence of mercenary and quasi-mercenary security firms throughout the world. 1,387 more words

Current Events

The republicanist drift: on José Luis Villacañas’ Populismo. (Gerardo Muñoz)

There is little doubt that populism has profoundly upset the debates on thinking politics in recent times. Indeed, Jose Luis Villacañas’ motto in his recent essay… 1,544 more words