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The War in Afghanistan and the Media's Double Standards

Walter Russell Mead is properly scathing when it comes to his discussion of the media’s coverage of the war in Afghanistan. As he reminds us, back in 2008, candidate Obama ran on the position that Afghanistan was “the necessary war,” and that he would do whatever it took to win it. 435 more words

The U. S. Post Office, Part 1

Since the United States Post Office is under attack from Congress — and has been since 2006 — and since many Americans seems not to be aware of this, I will begin a series of opinionated articles about this assault against the Post Office and even on the U.S. 294 more words


Hancock & Kelley: Baltimore, Ferguson, and Governor Nixon's veto pen

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-Political consultants John Hancock, a Republican, and Michael Kelley, a Democrat, present opposing viewpoints on current issues every Sunday morning on FOX 2 at 8:30am. 101 more words


"Indulging The Lunatics On The Right": What So Many Republicans Do With The Crazies On Their Side

Ask a Republican about the elaborate conspiracy theories that are so popular with many on the far right, and she’s likely to respond that, sure, those people are there, but liberals have their wackos, too. 541 more words


"Why Do Political Reporters Refuse To Show Us The Money?": American Politics Revolves Around Two Mutually Reinforcing Truths

A profound sense of cognitive dissonance lies at the center of American politics: one that even our most elite journalists and pundits refuse to recognize. In virtually all of our political debate and news coverage, the competition between the two parties is treated as one of personalities and ideas. 967 more words



An Example Of Civics In Action

When we apply what we each believe to be the best principles of civics, we become political activists. That is, for example, what people who are participating in the Tea Party movement are doing. 1,054 more words


there really isn't much to add to this...

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I know it’s McCain, but take it from someone living abroad. He’s right about this.

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