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Trump Is Running a Hat Business, Not a Campaign

“. . . Trump’s organization spent more money in July on the now-iconic ‘Make America Great Again’ red hats, Trump T-shirts, and mugs than on the staff whose job it is to run the campaign,”  107 more words


Where the Candidates Stand on NASA and Space Exploration

(NBC) – If we’re going to send the first humans to Mars in the early 2030s, NASA is going to need the next President of the United States to be a strong supporter of space exploration. 86 more words


Denouncing the Donald: My Reasons NOT to vote for Trump (Volume 3)

Welcome to the third installment in my “Denouncing the Donald” series. Here, I will list the reasons why I refuse to vote for Donald Trump in November. 321 more words

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Hillary vs. Trump: Airwave Presence

TV attack ads are very prominent when it boils down to electing any governing official and this year’s presidential campaign is no different. The numbers may surprise you depending on who you support. 214 more words


With storm coming, Scott and elections officials urge early voting

With rain, wind and possible flooding threatening Florida by early next week, Gov. Rick Scott and state elections officials joined the chorus of local supervisors… 165 more words


'The Unholy Alliance' that wants you to spoon-feed you your leaders, not do what is best for you or this country

Faced with the two worst candidates for president in recent memory, and perhaps in U.S. history, we need to be conscious of one simple fact: 1,068 more words


Donald Trump Rebukes Racism Claims As Clinton Warns Of Radicalism

On Thursday the United States Republican presidential candidate and billionaire New York businessman Donald Trump firmly rebuked his rival Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s allegations that Trump and the millions of his supporters across the country are racist. 111 more words