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Bipartisan Scum by Ted Rall

Normally at odds over everything, Congressional Republicans cooperated with President Obama. Again. Once more, it was a jobs-killing free trade ageeement, the TPP. Why is it that the only time the two parties get anything done is in order to screw us over? 6 more words


Saddam vs. Clown Car by Ted Rall

There are 28 declared and likely-to-declare Republican presidential candidates, a dozen of whom might be viable. On the Democratic side, there are 3, of whom only one, Hillary Clinton, stands a chance. 38 more words


Death of Wisconsin Transparency

Republicans on the Wisconsin Legislature’s powerful budget committee who approved sweeping changes to the state’s open records laws that would severely restrict access to the once-public records of elected officials refused to identify their colleague or colleagues who proposed the measure. 1,148 more words

In Amongst the Enemy

Today I was surrounded by hundreds of Republicans as I visited the library of their sanctified hero, Ronald Wilson Reagan, 40th President of the United States. 253 more words

Southern California

Bill Whittle Examines the Racist History of the Democratic Party

I wrote about this video at Legal Insurrection today, you can read the full post here.

At least watch the video. It’s full of facts that you never ever hear from our totally objective media. 15 more words


"Lesser" Evil BULL****

You know it’s campaign season when the Democrat apologists start proclaiming their “grudging” support for their party’s nominee and trot out all the usual excuses for why we should all sit down, shut up, and take our political ass-raping like good little voters. 784 more words