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I Did Not Say Not Didn't I?

Mr Trump has faced a lot of criticism for saying that there was no Russian interference in our election when the facts say otherwise. So, according to a news article today: 894 more words


Play Ball

The Baseball All-Star Game is on tonight, and while the vast majority of people couldn’t care less, most everyone at least knows it’s going to take place. 241 more words


House GOP stands by controversial finding in Russia report despite Putin's preference for Trump

Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee say they are standing by one of the key conclusions in their report on Russian election interference that questioned whether Russian President Vladimir Putin was trying to help Donald Trump get elected President. 619 more words

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Susan Collins Can’t Decide if she Loves her Country or Her Party

When Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and John McCain voted to save Obamacare, I hoped that we might be seeing three Senators who refused to leave the Republican Party and join the Trump Party. 295 more words

Donkeys and Elephants are not Opposite Sides of the Same Coin

The old saw is that Democrats and Republicans are just different sides of the same coin.  The last time I heard it, and probably the last time most of us heard it, was when a Republican was attempting to defend some atrocious thing done by another Republican: having failed to adequately defend the merits of the event or statement, resorting to the solid defense of “So are you.” 2,576 more words


Trump offers support for US intel agencies following Putin news conference

President Donald Trump voiced support Tuesday for US intelligence agencies, a day after he refused to accept their findings on Russia’s election meddling over the denials of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and vowed to take action to prevent further interference. 528 more words

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