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United States in 2019

An old, orange, bald and ignorant President,

Who does not think, know or have empathy for anyone,

He clings on to his presidency

As he fails, cheats and realizes he will lose all real power soon; 67 more words

The French Revolution (4/22-4/24)

Another gift from the Left!

What now?  Just that the Left is on record saying that felons should be able to vote — possibly even the Boston Marathon Bomber.  Source: … 352 more words


Want Trump Out? Defeat Not Impeach

The entire Russia conspiracy theory has shown us one important thing: democrats entered into a pack with the devil when they joined forces with never Trumper neo-con Bush thugs like David Frum, while at the same time relying almost religiously on Bob Mueller–one of the big sellers of the WMD lies that led us to waste billions in Iraq. 464 more words


The start of the end?

Perhaps, but one single event doesn’t create a mass change.

Iowa state Rep. Andy McKean announced Tuesday he is leaving the Republican Party and becoming a Democrat due to his misgivings over President Trump.  185 more words


The Mueller Report and Impeachment

The Mueller Report has finally landed. This document is a fair and well documented report on the goings on between the Russians and the trump campaign. 661 more words

The View's Meghan McCain Purposely Misrepresented Kamala Harris' Opinion of Voting Right's for Prisoners

The View’s Meghan McCain misrepresented presidential candidate Kamala Harris’s opinion on voting rights for prisoners this morning. The conversation was over a town hall debate that took place on… 318 more words


The black guy they don’t like said something they could take out of context

By: TDF Editorial

Did you hear about the Easter worshippers? Those victims of the Sri Lankan terror attacks that were killed and injured while WORSHIPPING on EASTER? 93 more words

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