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30-Day Slump

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Today – Presidents’ Day – is the 30th day that President Lump has been in office. It’s the end of our free trial, our money back warranty period; now we can’t return the product any more. 2,445 more words

I Want To Understand My Country.

A Resistance Post: Is anyone else scared?

From people displaying memes of the character Jean Luke Picard from Star Trek the Next Generation that reads “Every morning I wake up, I’m like ‘Damage report'” to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s epic Trump burn saying if he were president, maybe most Americans can once again sleep at night.  2,227 more words


Milo Yiannopoulos Book Deal Canceled, Disinvited from CPAC, Amidst Accusations of Statements Justifying Pedophilia in Newly Surfaced Video (My Thoughts)

It’s been a tough week so far for Milo Yiannopoulos. Yesterday, some old videos of Milo surfaced that has seems to show him justifying pedophilia. His comments are indeed disturbing. 513 more words


Time for Republicans to Pull the Plug on Border-Adjustable Tax Scheme

As part of an otherwise very good tax reform plan, House Republicans have proposed to modify the corporate income tax so that it becomes a “destination-based cash-flow tax.” 1,003 more words


Why Republicans are Wrong About Immigration: McCain Gets Part of it Right

Almost every opposition Republicans have to finding a legal pathway for almost twelve million undocumented workers is based on lies. The most egregious lie is that they will take jobs away from natural born citizens. 708 more words

I expect

I expect him to be a conservative, but I also expect him to be competent.

I expect him to be a rookie, but I also expect him to be respectful of the office. 167 more words