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The Right-Wing is one Huge Conspiracy Theory

Think about it; the entire right-wing exists on lies and misdirection. When the truth is revealed, they hide; they can not explain away their efforts to make fools of the American people. 389 more words

Giuliani continues bid to dig dirt on Trump political rivals in Kiev

Rudy Giuliani on Friday continued a series of meetings in Kiev as part of a bid to keep digging for dirt on President Donald Trump’s political rivals, even as House Democrats are… 785 more words

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Do you hate the president?

Maybe you caught this yesterday, James Rosen from the ultra-conservative Sinclair Broadcast Group, the same James Rosen who left Fox News last year as their top D. 855 more words

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1877, 1972, and 2016: Our Ongoing Low-Grade Civil War

The political rhetoric of the Trump Era is as overheated and shoddy as Penn Station during afternoon rush hour, so it’s hard to know where the hyperbole ends and the truth begins. 1,665 more words


Two Facts That Will Never Change: Read 'Em and Weep, Jim Jordan

Republican attack dog Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) shouts at witnesses during impeachment hearings that there are “four facts” that “prove” Donald J. Trump and his cadre of criminals should not be tossed out of the White House. 1,032 more words

Trump impeachment to go ahead, says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ...



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Trump impeachment to go ahead, says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi … 1,237 more words


Trump, the Senate, and Impeachment

Photo Credit: From a Google Image Search – The Senate by The Atlantic

Will the Senate of the United States of America let Trump micromanage his own impeachment trial? 624 more words

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