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"Deaf, Dumb And Blind": Trump’s Convention Was The Whitest Thing On TV — His Electorate Will Be, Too

This year’s Republican National Convention was the whitest event on TV. While Donald Trump made sure to line up some minority speakers who could attest that he’s not a racist, despite his multiple attacks against minorities, the ethnic composition and themes of the convention attendees undermined that effort in a big way. 973 more words


Day 11: Ida B. Wells... and a history we should know

Ida B. Wells (7/16/1862 – 3/25) was an amazing woman.

She was:

An early leader in the Civil Rights Movement

A Journalist

A Newspaper Editor…

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That Speech (R Con 6)

This morning I was awakened at 4:46 by a woman screaming, somewhere in the last, fading dark. Not a dream. She screamed three times. I still feel shaken inside. 827 more words

Only he alone he can fix our problems?

I was intending to write this yesterday.  I had a nice long recap of the events of the convention along with passive aggressive headings for each day.   549 more words


Defense Spending is Republican’s “Sacred Cow”

Nearly one-half of the Pentagon’s budget each year goes to waste, but Republicans continue to seek increases. They want to cut or eliminate all social programs, and defund Planned Parenthood, an organization which has aided low-income and poor women for decades, but continue to allow our military to be inefficient and wasteful. 537 more words