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Dear Trump Supporters . . .

Dear Trump Supporters,

I’d like to express my condolences for the horrific policies that have emanated from the person you elected president. I realize that you really didn’t know what you were buying into when you cast your vote. 530 more words

Rising Rural Resistance

At last, rural folks are discovering they too can protest, can make their voices heard, just like the big cities on the coasts. While there may not be thousands of people as in Los Angeles or New York City, it has meaning. 166 more words


House Republicans Show Their Hand on ACA -- and It's Not Good

LATE LAST WEEK, Politico released a leaked 105-page draft bill defining the House Republican plan to repeal/replace/repair/re-whatever the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare. The draft legislation was dated February 10, so likely it’s already out of date, though it is the best indication yet of their rapidly evolving intentions and fits with many of their prior recent proposals. 768 more words

Health Policy

Will republican treatment of Garland hurt Gorsuch?

With 18 months left in his term, then President Barack Obama nominated Marrick Gaarland to the Supreme Court, filling the vacancy after Justice Antoni Sacilla’s death. 313 more words

GOP Deserved this Win after Putting up with Obama

The 2016 race for the white house was a pivotal election with 45 taking the biggest electoral college victory since this election! In addition the President would have taken a sweeping popular vote victory if it wasn’t for ill eagles voting illegally. 236 more words



“A new poll gauging the public’s feelings on the ongoing battle over healthcare finds continued displeasure with the current policy direction, but near record positive impressions of the Affordable Care Act.” 11 more words


Words Matter - Indian Man Shot in Kansas

If you thought that words don’t matter, then this is proof that they do. The rhetoric spewing forth from Trump’s mouth has consequences. People thought that after the elections, Trump would go back to his NY penthouse, nursing his wounds and the toxic campaign would be a bad memory. 417 more words