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GOP Takes One Hell of a Swing at Planned Parenthood—and Misses

Testimony began last week in the House Judiciary Committee’s investigation into Planned Parenthood in the wake of nearly a dozen highly edited videos by the anti-abortion group Centers For Medical Progress (though Center For Medical Regression would be a more appropriate name). 384 more words

A God of Love or Hatred?

They claim that
their Father Above who dwells in Heaven
is a God of love
that he truly cares for you and me wants
to save our souls… 76 more words


Crisis Management: The House GOP and Speaker of the House

Today (October 8, 2015) Republican Kevin McCarthy just dropped out of the race to be the nominee as potential Speaker of the House. After former Speaker of the House John Boehner resigned from his post, McCarthy stepped forward for the position and vote of congress to accept him. 380 more words


Strangulation by tie

Chuck Todd now hosts a Meet the Press daily show on MSNBC (MTP Daily). I really like Chuck Todd because he is not afraid to ask the difficult questions to the politicians….and during this chapter of my life, I find myself buried in the political BS. 219 more words


We elected a Republican House and Senate, and they won’t fight for us. That is the refrain that we hear from many of our friends. Well over half of the electorate thinks that Washington is broken (ok, I’ll go along with that) and more than a majority of Republicans are supporting Presidential candidates who have no political experience. 1,829 more words

The Newspaper Revolution

Newspapers are a source that many turn to even now for getting their news. The craze for newspapers in America began in the early years of the Republic, with the proliferation of newspapers to nearly every town in the country. 318 more words

Early Republic

You Don't Know Kevin McCarthy and You Never Will.

Kevin McCarthy was supposed to be the new Speaker of the House.  He’s not and now he never will be.   What happened?  Was he indicted for corruption?   684 more words