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Dr. Seuss captures the midterm election results

I wrote this article while enduring one of my most bizarre headaches. It wasn’t so much painful as it was an enduring fog. A thin slate of ice between by mind and my tasks. 709 more words

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Barely Passing Our Attention Test: Whittaker and Khashoggi

America seems to be passing, just barely, the test of our ability to hold a single issue in our collective attention long enough to determine its significance and whether it requires action. 237 more words

The Mid-Terms -- DEMS, You Did Well But You Must Do Better in 2020

In the 2018 Mid-Terms, the Democrats did not shoot themselves in the foot. They did not suffer from an ill-timed FBI foo-pah. Nor were they side-swiped by a foreign government hack or email dump. 670 more words


Diversity Elects

In this clip, we discuss a recent tweet Washington Post reporter Erica Werner when she shared a picture of the House Republicans-elect and the House Democrats-elect and the difference in variety is glaring. 19 more words


Pelosi Has To Go

Democrats across the country ran on change. Ran on a break from the old ways of Washington. Democrats promised a shift from the past and that’s the message that carried them to historic gains across the country on November 6th. 543 more words

Scot-free? Brenda Snipes Illegalities and Shenanigans (LIST)

Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes is a prime example of public officials being above the law. Instead of being punished by law, they are remunerated with high salaries and lifetime pensions paid by taxpayers. 462 more words