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Three Reasons Why Politics Make Me Crazy

November is coming. Election advertisements take up about 70 percent of the commercial airtime on television. No sense pretending the radio is all that different. Do people even read the newspaper anymore? 736 more words


Why Trump's Best Shot In The Rust Belt Remains Pennsylvania

Predictably, national polls have shown the Presidential race tighten as voter models and screens have been firmed up. For the first time in months the President actually took the lead in the RCP average in Florida. 974 more words


What's Wrong with Joe Biden

Joe is not on the campaign trail today, again. It seems that after not going out to campaign at the beginning, other than from his basement, now he has started campaigning part time. 314 more words

US Elections 2020: Donald Trump Shares Biden’s Votes In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania – Trump carrying 24% of Philly.

If President Trump carries 24%+ of Philadelphia voters, barring massive fraud, he will win PA easily.https://t.co/IoDfKJ8VEp pic.twitter.com/IkKltDUcT3…

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Broken SIlence

You don’t have to be an avid CNN or Fox News viewer to see what has been going on with the United States election. I have to admit, I have not really been too heavily involved with any of it at all. 2,211 more words

10. Down the Wire - Election Final

Down to the Wire (Issue #10 – Pre-Election Final Edition)

By David S. Kerr (a product of Morningside Communications)

Has early voting already decided the outcome? 882 more words