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Liberalism Defined | Small Government

This will be the first in a series about liberalism, to perhaps help end the besmirching of its name. 806 more words


This Cowardice Cannot Stand

There is no better encapsulation of the difference between the two American political parties than this: Republicans start from the presumption that “treason” and “spying” will be prosecuted without evidence, while Democrats start from the presumption that only once they have seen all the evidence of everything ever, they might conclude that some further investigation is warranted. 621 more words


Wendell Potter: Medical Insurance Companies Can Decide Who Lives and Dies, Parts 1-7

Dandelion Salad

Trump and Pelosi Both Cater to Private Health Insurance – RAI with Wendell Potter (1/7)

TheRealNews on Apr 4, 2019

Trump’s “great healthcare plan” and opposition to Medicare for All’s “socialism” and Pelosi’s defense of the ACA and opposition to single-payer are both aimed at garnering support from the private insurance industry.

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"Alternative" Lyrics 375

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Auxiliary Topic: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; Democrats; Democratic Party; Donald J. 382 more words


Romancing The Stone . . . er, The Tom

Getting under the hood

My son, Byron, and I went turkey hunting a few weeks ago in central Nebraska a couple of miles west of the little town of… 1,232 more words

Off the trail: Tourists

Noelle here:

In between looking at campers, we visited the Ronald Regan Presidential Library. What a great way to spend an afternoon!

The drive up is lined with flags of presidents. 145 more words

Opinion: Trump Voters Love Their Shiny, Beefy Boy And It's Not Changing.

These articles seem to pop up every few months, in various forms. I’m speaking of course about the scorned Trump voter. Every few shitty news cycles some outlet will inevitably run a piece, printed or a three minute video featuring a gamut of boomers, from working breakfast eaters to retired breakfast eaters, giving reasons why they won’t vote for their big wet boy a second time. 489 more words