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Yet another abuse of power?

Barr Is Investigating The Investigators: Will He Find Wrongdoing Or Political Fuel? – https://www.npr.org/726593232

Probably the greatest abuse yet, and a gelded Congress does nothing.

When Victories Don't Deserve Victory Parties, IV

In my professional life, clients still want creativity—probably more than ever before. They just don’t want to pay for it.

I haven’t written a new post under this theme line in a while. 583 more words

Legislative Filibuster in U.S. Senate Could Be Erased

Will the Senate Turn into a Majority Rule Chamber?

By: Dejon Virgo

The United States Senate has the ability to attempt to block a vote on a bill through an extended debate. 659 more words


D. Raja To Step Down As Chair Of Allegheny Co. Republican Committee

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — There’s a major shake-up in local Republican politics.

D. Raja announced Friday that he is stepping down as chair of the Allegheny County Republican Committee. 138 more words


Liberalism Defined | Small Government

This will be the first in a series about liberalism, to perhaps help end the besmirching of its name. 806 more words


This Cowardice Cannot Stand

There is no better encapsulation of the difference between the two American political parties than this: Republicans start from the presumption that “treason” and “spying” will be prosecuted without evidence, while Democrats start from the presumption that only once they have seen all the evidence of everything ever, they might conclude that some further investigation is warranted. 621 more words