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40 days until Election 2020

I have started a 40 days of prayer for this coming election. It is the most important election we’ve ever had in this country. I’m focusing on dark money that is infiltrating our election process. 103 more words

US 2020: Donald Trump Urged to Consecrate America To Immaculate Heart of Mary

PETITION: President Trump, nominate Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court! Sign the petition here.

September 23, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – A Catholic priest in Baltimore has invited President Donald Trump to consecrate the United States to the Blessed Virgin Mary. 613 more words


Trump Supreme Court Reality Show: The Big Reveal

President Donald Trump, commited opportunist, has pledged to nominate a new Supreme Court Justice this week, six weeks before the presidential election. He expects the Republican toadies of the Senate to… 250 more words


A different kind of prepping

Another Wordy Wednesday for me.

My Pinterest feed has been popping up a lot of “prepping” articles lately, leading me to believe that a lot of people are very pessimistic right now. 704 more words

The 2020 Election Is A Coin Flip

Over at CNN, Harry Enten wrote “Why it could be a Biden blowout in November.” The article checked all the boxes for evidence to back up the assertion along with the required caveat. 761 more words


Politics, Religion, And The Dire Need For Christ

The American presidential election is less than two months away with tensions between the radically polarized parties rising to ever greater heights. This election may just be the most profound election in American history with freedom set at the center stage; one party representing a nationalistic approach that centers its underlying philosophy on that of smaller government, and the other party representing a globalized approach that centers its underlying philosophy on that of a large governmental role in the lives of individuals. 1,733 more words