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Don't fuck up your eyes today!

So… SUN glasses right? NO!!

Sunglasses won’t cut it, not even those with extra-dark glass used by alpine skiers. They still allow too much sunlight to reach your eye. 99 more words


Why I Quit Writing (About Politics)

I was pretty active on Facebook and Twitter during last year’s presidential campaign. My politics, I must state at the outset, run fairly liberal. Which, last I checked, was allowed under the tenants of our nation’s founding principles. 1,049 more words


The Flatlining of America

The first in a series –

The Republicans gain access to political aspects of a once-great country, and ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________^^^____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

– that was easy.


Happy Fucking New Year?

Season’s Greetings to everybody! We hope you’ve spent a wonderful time with your beloved ones. 264 more words

Humor Me


yep we need a revolution – plain and simple

backlash is more than just a b#tch.  its deadly

RepubliCANT party couldn’t stand a Black man as boss so they blocked any good thing he ever tried to do and the one big bill he got through (Health Care Reform) – they tried to get overturned and have vowed to repeal or reform the reform… 494 more words