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Copper + Jade Earring Giveaway!

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So excited to be able to offer this latest giveaway!  Fresh off the bench are Handmade and antiqued copper (for healing energy) diamonds joining Jade, (which blesses whatever it touches) handmade Sterling Silver (feminine energy) findings and 1950s Czech glass.   16 more words

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Luna's Sterling Silver Hoops

In mythology Artemis is the the moon goddess, and during this weeks full moon our glimmering orb has certainly put on a show for us! In honor or Luna, Latin for moon these handmade and finished Sterling Silver (for feminine energy) hoops are reminiscent of the moon’s surface itself.   8 more words

Repurposed Jewelry

Sterling's Deco Diamond Earrings

In homage to Art Deco are new NanEdwardsCollection earrings.  Streamlined handmade Sterling silver “diamonds,” are the backdrop for English Deco glass – with hues of smokey blue, green and gold joining vintage Czech Amethyst glass on hand made Sterling Silver ear wires.   8 more words

Repurposed Jewelry

Spiraling Up Earrings!

The spiral is a symbol of expansion and the peacock a symbol of beauty and inspiration and both can be found in numerous cultures across the globe.   31 more words

Repurposed Jewelry

Meander and Magnolia Memori Bracelets

Welcome to two new NanEdwardsCollection Memori copper (for healing energy) bracelets where geometric architecture meets organic fleeting beauty.  The Meander is an ancient Greek symbol of infinity or the eternal flow of things while the  26 more words

Repurposed Jewelry

Looking for Larimar Necklace

Purportedly from Atlantis,  Larimar, nicknamed the dolphin stone represents peace, communication and clarity.  Found only in the Dominican Republic, this lovely gem is Sterling Silver set and joins a vintage Mid-century Rhinestone finding, Sterling Silver Chain and clasp. 11 more words

Repurposed Jewelry

Luck of the Labradorite to you!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Our new handmade NanEdwardsCollection necklace is sure to please! Labradorite for transformation and magic is Sterling Silver Set.  And adding a touch of sparkle is a mid-century Rhinestone finding, Sterling Silver Chain and clasp.   12 more words

Repurposed Jewelry