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Alice's Looking Glass Earrings

Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking glass is a fantastical land where everything is topsy-turvy.  The concept that all is not what it seems is apropos not only for our time period but our new jewelry design.    39 more words

Repurposed Jewelry

Points of Light Earrings

Window and doorways  – new ways of seeing and being….and the journey of Metalsmithing continues with rivets incorporated into NEC designs.  Beginning with a Galveston Texas stained glass window, the photo was edited in Adobe Photoshop, transferred and then etched into Copper (for healing energy).  32 more words

New Jewelry

Do you ever feel like there are not enough hours in the day?

My wonderful addiction of creating all things beautiful keeps my heart so full and my days really quite good!! Please if you find interest in any of my works you can visit my Etsy shop… 13 more words


Opal's Ingenuity Earrings

Comma shaped these lovely gemstones provide us a “break” much as a comma in a sentence to consider where in our lives the attributes of creativity and courage need to be enriched and nourished. 25 more words

Repurposed Jewelry

The Gothic Eye Earrings

Inspired by the painted churches of Schulenberg, Texas, our new “all-seeing eye” earrings are photo etched copper with Sterling Silver findings and handmade ear wires.  Sometimes called the “eye of providence” this symbol can be be found on the verso of the American dollar bill, in Christian symbolism, the Mexican… 19 more words

Repurposed Jewelry

The Alluring Amethyst Pendant

With a nod to Art Deco, I sought to create a minimal backdrop that enhanced the beauty of this gemstone.  Amethyst the stone of spiritual awareness and awakening includes just a pinch of Citrine ( 32 more words

Repurposed Jewelry

The Points of Light Earrings

This is one of my favorite statues of Mother Mary from Galveston, Texas. Here the contemplative Mary is reimagined with a star filled sky in photo etched Copper (for healing).   36 more words

Repurposed Jewelry