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Repurposed jewelry

Looking forward to the upcoming art show season.  Here’s a taste of a few pieces I’ve come up with that will be available at City Flea, Cincinnati on May 16!

The Allure and Lore of Vintage Pins

Some of the earliest if not the earliest form of jewelry was a brooch for the practical purposes of holding fabric together. Whether it is the colorful enamel Byzantines brooches, the Roman fibulae or Early Christians who added symbols to their pins the interest in collecting, displaying and wearing pins to continues to this day. 75 more words

New Jewelry

La Primavera Mosaic Necklace

In ancient Rome molded glass mosaics were used to adorn homes and places of worship.  By the 8th-Century Venetian trade with the Orient and the allure of blown glass changed the perception of the isle of Murano where the glass was created. 53 more words

New Jewelry

Butterfly and Pearl Victorian Necklace

As I was designing new jewelry this pretty seemed just the ticket to celebrate Spring, and the Victorian’s penchant for nature and symbolism. The centerpiece is a repurposed Victorian or Edwardian MOP, Mother of Pearl pin.   53 more words

New Jewelry

The Lady in Red

In the era of Art Deco the term “Cubism” would be applied beyond the confines of the canvas to the 3D forms of dance, architecture and jewelry as a new era of angles, and geometric lines dominated these designs. 56 more words

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