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Gifts for a Two-Year-Old PrincessĀ 

I am so thankful for my community. We are among five families with children around the same age, with new babies coming every so often (our turn is next!) The fun part for me is making gifts for all the littles. 110 more words


Another Tablecloth PieceĀ 

Last week I finished repurposing a mustard, lace tablecloth into a gorgeous dress. Check it out here. Today I wore my fave tablecloth skirt. … 140 more words

Recycled Clothing


I’m a fan of repurposing – it’s creative and it’s cheap! That’s provided that one is repurposing what one already has. One does this often but one also buys other things to repurpose, but I digress. 121 more words

Recycled Clothing

Repurposing an Abandoned Brooder

For the last few weeks our only hen has been setting. Today, on our way into town we stopped to check on her. She had set up a nest under an old trailer gate propped against a retaining wall just in front of where we park. 527 more words

Don't Toss It, Re-Purpose & Re-Design It! Celebrating Earth Day, Everyday.

White Owl Markets mission from the beginning was to re-purpose and up-cycle items for your home so not to add another footprint on Mother Earth. One of our all-time favorite ways to bring elements into your home that have purpose and meaning is with up-cycling, a.k.a. 348 more words


Published in OBVIOUS Magazine

A couple of photos taken by my favorite photographers in the world, Silvers and Bynes, showed up in OBVIOUS Magazine.Pretty sweet! Thanks to everyone who made me look good. 17 more words

Artist For Hire

Don't Throw It, Fix It! Step Stool

Sometime last year during my travels, I spotted a metal frame on the side of the road waiting to be collected by the garbage man. On closer inspection, I saw that it was what used to be a step ladder of some kind… it was just missing the top step. 120 more words