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Do 'reputation campaigns' actually improve reputation?

No-one loves the banks. And their generally poor reputation is pretty much universal. But is the glossy reputation campaign just launched by the Bankers Association the right answer? 495 more words

Reputation Risk

Have charities thought enough about reputation issues?

Everyone working for a charity is acutely aware of the reputational issues the sector has faced over the last couple of years.

So I thought it would be worth mentioning an insight I’ve come across in a book I’m reading, … 364 more words

Why Government cyber crises matter

Cyber crises are hardly unusual. But when government computer systems fail, the social, political and financial impacts are wider than ever.

That’s a lesson the Australian Government has learned over recent months with a litany of IT problems which have plagued the public service. 509 more words

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Should you blame a crisis on a rogue employee or the system?

Blaming a rogue employee or system failure is a pretty popular crisis strategy. But one of the most notorious cases of blaming a rogue employee for a crisis has just been turned on its head, with a court deciding the management system rather than the perpetrator was mainly at fault. 514 more words

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How to explain illegally bulldozing an historic building

PR is sometimes cynically described as trying to put the best possible complexion on a given set of facts. Of course it’s much, much more than that. 509 more words

Reputation Risk

Iceland voted. The world watches - what's lost in translations?

Following Iceland’s parliamentary elections on 29th October , the amount of international attention, support and scrutiny this event has been achieving is stunning. Far more, it seems, than the early presidential election was attracting, which took place on 25th June this year, in the midst of Iceland’s UEFA Euro 2016 success. 926 more words


Superannuation and dog racing: Policy back-flip or 'responding to stakeholders'?

One of the challenges for policy makers and managers everywhere is how best to communicate a major change of mind. Will it be negatively perceived as a back-flip by a weak leader, or recognised as a positive outcome resulting from flexible consultation with stakeholders? 513 more words

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