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Crisis lessons from a lead contamination scare

A high profile product safety scare in Australia has some important lessons in terms of crisis communication and standing firm in the face of risk allegations. 435 more words

Reputation Risk

Crisis Proofing, by Tony Jaques

Whey protein concentrate (‘WPC 80’) may not be the best known or sexiest product, but it is certainly big business. 584 more words

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How safe is your online information?

Cybercriminals and hackers get most of the attention. Think no further than the WannaCry and Petya viruses. But private information is equally at risk when trusted organisations carelessly mishandle sensitive data, jeopardising reputations and confidentiality. 524 more words

Reputation Risk

Whistleblowers and the risk to reputation

Whistleblowers are a well-recognised possibility in most organisations. But how the organisation responds to a whistleblower can help determine whether the problem raised becomes a reputational crisis. 533 more words

Reputation Risk

Bean counters are vital for crisis prevention

Why are accountants and other money managers not always included as core players in crisis planning and preparedness? Why are they sometimes seen simply as tactical contributors, maybe concerned more with business continuity and system recovery? 535 more words

Reputation Risk

Don't be misled by United’s crisis survival

It could be very easy to draw the wrong lessons from the United Airlines “customer re-accommodation” crisis. United will survive the forced removal of a law-abiding passenger being dragged off their plane and, within a very short time, the “scream heard around the world” will probably be forgotten . 500 more words

Reputation Risk