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Is "IT glitch" becoming the new "dog ate my homework"?

Organisations are constantly looking for ways to justify their latest issue or crisis.  And “IT glitch” seems to be emerging as the new all-purpose excuse. 483 more words

Reputation Risk

Equifax's Reputation Falls 14 Points to "Sub-Prime" Level

As a follow-up to a blog that was posted a few days ago, we decided to go back into the field to measure Equifax’s reputation among the US general public. 710 more words

Unprecedented is a poor excuse for unprepared

Organisations which get caught out being obviously unprepared to deal with an issue or a crisis find it all too easy to claim the situation was “unprecedented.” But it’s a poor excuse and not very convincing. 481 more words

Reputation Risk

How a casino got dragged into a divisive social issue

Organisations sometimes find themselves unwittingly caught up in controversy they had no part in. But the reputational damage can still be just as great, especially if they don’t act quickly and firmly. 483 more words

Reputation Risk

Reputation Risk Bots…The Next Level

Michael D. Moberly August 18, 2017 m.moberly@kpstrat.com ‘A business intangible asset blog where attention span really matters’! Part III

It’s perfectly conceivable now that newly designed (algorithmic) bots, of sorts, are in their early operational stages insofar as having capabilities for detecting, foiling, and countering bogus (video based) company – key personnel reputation risks initiated by ideological, economic, and/or competitive advantage adversaries at the earliest stages of their materialization. 745 more words

Reputation Risk.

Crisis lessons from a lead contamination scare

A high profile product safety scare in Australia has some important lessons in terms of crisis communication and standing firm in the face of risk allegations. 435 more words

Reputation Risk

Crisis Proofing, by Tony Jaques

Whey protein concentrate (‘WPC 80’) may not be the best known or sexiest product, but it is certainly big business. Deriving from cow’s milk, and a by-product of cheese production, it is used in baby formula, beverages, and a host of food supplements, including for bodybuilders. 565 more words