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Superannuation and dog racing: Policy back-flip or 'responding to stakeholders'?

One of the challenges for policy makers and managers everywhere is how best to communicate a major change of mind. Will it be negatively perceived as a back-flip by a weak leader, or recognised as a positive outcome resulting from flexible consultation with stakeholders? 513 more words

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When big business intervenes in social issues

When Australian Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison chastised superannuation funds for selecting investments for “political reasons” rather than financial return he was flying in the face of a growing trend in issue management. 533 more words

Reputation Risk

Global CAEs Seeing Regulatory Convergence

Frederick Magliozzi, Managing Director
Internal Audit and Financial Advisory

At The Institute of Internal Auditors International Conference in New York this July, I had the privilege of moderating a panel of CAEs on global audit issues, emerging risks and challenges in the financial services industry. 479 more words

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Data security - the crisis risk elephant in the room

If you’re ever tempted to doubt the impact of a data breach, just think about the hackers who leaked emails immediately before the US Democratic National Convention, which exposed the party machine’s bias against election hopeful Bernie Sanders. 520 more words

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An issue management lesson from Lady Gaga?

Picking a fight with China can be dangerous. But singer Lady Gaga has shown how it can be done without creating fresh reputational risks for yourself, your organisation or your sponsors. 487 more words

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Organisations dropped the ball on McGuire football gaffe

It was no surprise to see broadcaster and football personality Eddie McGuire fumbling to disentangle himself from yet another self-inflicted disaster. But the case highlights the reputational risk to associated organisations when individuals overstep the mark, and their failure to effectively manage the issue. 481 more words

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Is reputation really like a bank account?

Just about every communication professional has used or heard the expression that reputation is like a bank account.  You build it up in good times and draw from it when things go wrong. 502 more words

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