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How not to manage infrastructure crisis risk

The best crisis management is taking planned steps to prevent a crisis from happening in the first place. But that important principle sometimes seems to take a back seat when it comes to a crisis risk involving costly, vulnerable infrastructure. 524 more words

Reputation Risk

Lessons from the Great KFC Chicken Crisis

When your whole business depends on just one key product, you’d think there would be a bulletproof contingency plan for when that product runs out. But that clearly wasn’t the case for KFC when a “new and improved” distribution system failed to deliver fresh chickens and about 750 KFC stores across Britain were forced to close. 529 more words

Reputation Risk

Tesla, Musk, and How to Skyrocket Your Reputation

In the stardust-covered wake of the Tesla Roadster, propelled into space by Elon Musk’s SpaceX, prevails an innovative triumph, a public relations boom, hints of environmental controversy, and a recently downtrodden stock. 950 more words

How well would you manage a charge of racism?

When an organisation is accused of racism – even if it was inadvertent – the risk to reputation is fierce, and the rational options are few. 537 more words

Reputation Risk

What reputation risks lurk in your supply chain?

Many organisations have major risks lurking in their supply chain – often unrecognised – like potential mines waiting to explode. But supply chain risks seem to remain a seriously under-rated source of reputational crises. 549 more words

Reputation Risk

Are you ready for your 'natural' crises?

Companies which are not properly prepared to manage a crisis sometimes say “We are small and not likely to have a crisis” or “There are so many possible crises you can’t plan for everything.” Such excuses are dangerously wrong and can lead to costly reputational and operational damage. 566 more words

Reputation Risk

Big Tobacco’s lies and the ‘Four Dog’ issue strategy

One of the most extraordinary events in recent issue management is a newly-launched advertising campaign in the US, with Big Tobacco publicly admitting they lied… 458 more words

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